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C-D Help
Well..i have a little problem... I play in a server whom it demands that I possess the C-D 4.27.2 and the cheats do not function for that reason. It would like to know if it exists some program that blocks the action of C-D 4.27.2 Gratz ^^
You need a CD Proof hack. I'm not too sure what a CD proof cheat is, and I don't know where to get one. I've also never heard of a program that blocks the action of C-D.
Cheating Death's Death blocks it.. its a hexed version of CD that disables the detecting methods, yet replies with the correct version data when the C-D server pings it... There are numerous things like this such as.. Cheating Life, etc. Unfortunately these all need to be updated every C-D update... None currently work You can get C-D cheats however, here is one... It should work but I can't garentee since I don't cheat on C-D servers... Also this cheat will not work next update... So yah.. And be sure to read the readme because C-D cheats have different methods of injection to avoid C-D detection... Here's a link http:

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