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how do i use admin commands??
i know how to exec commands like rcon admin_command admin_bury <name> rcon admin_command admin_slay <name> ,,ect but i have to type them in console to get them to work ,,now i have HLSW but i have to leave game to use it ,,then when i come back on i lose sound question is ,,is there a way i can exec these's command w
in cs you have a console and you can login as admin there? if you use rcon you can write: rcon_password **** and then rcon_admin_command... ect hav you try that?
i know that,,your not getting my question ,,im trying to exec admin commands w
ohh sry.. i dont remember, it was a long time ago i used admin with rcon.. sry, try ask in http:
ask somebody you know and ask him how, lol
Quote: Originally posted by windsurf ask somebody you know and ask him how, lol windsurf this is why your a n00b ,, [email protected] nice avatar why do you think i posted this thread ?? ,,duh!!

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