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GETTING STARTED in Save the World | *UPDATED VERSION* Fortnite pve guide 2019 - GuideMod - 25 Mar 2019

GETTING STARTED in Save the World | *UPDATED VERSION* Fortnite pve guide 2019

Andrew spoke about Tillerson Alma time listen to this is fortnite save the world. Told us that they stop sending to play numbers is actually growing and growing and growing. I know some people send it to leave in the game still getting balled up some people sit all ways to grind it. But you know what the game is still growing and with all the improvements to begin to know what the new Frost Knight campaign we get in the hero reworks soon about some new Heroes coming to the game dishes twins going off in save the world so we can have interest which is Berlin to the game. Hopefully this guy's going to do that for you. If you have time machine and you could go back in time and give yourself. Once it when you start out in fortnite save the world. What would it be because it might help someone with a new player right now.The mistake of the mistakes the wheel metals that what they won players that play the game from really on it Again release. But anyway, I digress was jumping and show you guys the best way of getting started in fortnite save the world. Okay. The first thing to know is that in the weapons called be repaired. It will deteriorate the mold that use them but you will need to craft another one that you can get weapons of friends. You can get weapons of people that drop them to know someone's helping you out. What is high-level a lot of the time in a why do it to drop your weapon the weapons will progressively we're down over time that you come to Patty's what you will actually have to do it yourself. Another one. I see play this game you going to go to schematic and bound to your account? So you always going to have these as long as you don't throw them away or recycle them. You're always going to have these so that you can build others and you can level these open a leveling guide which I will talk about it later on. We have two separate leveling guide which Link in the description down below but you level these are these are the weapons that are going to be yours throughout your journey in fortnite. Save the world go to the Crofton over here. I just crossed yourself a new one of using at this point here. If you want to know what the actual material to use it to lease a Oneonta also tell he was well what he can get an item from so quartz crystal. Crafting ingredients used to make many call it weapons occasionally found in caves and mountains. Two mixed up when is got season of Grey's not including the tennis at The Outlander use all the shock Towers at the out on the shoes as well the base of the construction in the actual game to start with the grace what using them if you actually go to the main menu, so if we just go over to hear and you go to command an upgrade you catch a level these Opanas you going through the game works best for you and then leveled out. The rest of the way when you get rid of the most popular ones at the minute all the adrenaline rush The Hobbit and also the supply drops great for new place as well cuz she can get materials from the every few minutes so you can focus on winning the game still most of the heroes these days of northwave play on the group that you ain't going to have some wave player. So you're not really going to need me. If you know what I mean? Don't know that it that I'll go if he has learned all the levels in areas of recently put a leveling guide epic games of time. Do I have to even put it on that fortnite official page, which is great neck Community YouTube page, which is fantastic great to It quotes about this morning. Thanks to everyone is Coming to Town. By the way to level up Heroes. You got to level up weapons. You going to level up your home base, you know, this is just so much to get your head around in this game. So what in the actual levels in that and following that leveling guys actually going to really help you in the game videos on a Shore thing is 10-12 minutes something that you don't just mean that you understand what you're actually doing and wet to plow Your Parts in the game so that you don't waste in the mail Leon. Another tip that I was about to do your daily Quest what you'll have on here is one Quest. I've got three every time you don't do a quest. It'll stock go up to three questions sold. All three of us. So there would be no question that until tomorrow where we get another one question a day after the day you want to do it and then so on and so me and you can just do them each day, but the great thing about these as you can see the actual Avenue V bucks, you can see from that you could have a minimum of about fifty bucks a day, which is 1500 V bucks a month to spend those about Royal you go over to the item shop by race. If you want to do in the game all you could jump over to the other game the other version of the game, whatever. Maybe I can you can chili get skins and all the other stuff that you have about realize what you really really useful to Epic Games actually combined to be so you can use them in both modes of the game. Don't know the report know as well as that you can actually cross Boys in Game of some people don't know that if you hold down I don't know what it is on the actual. I don't know what is on the council. But whatever you reload button is it was actually do a crocodile Dimension so that you can actually then make bullets while you're on the Fly Now you kind of go into this menu here if you don't see a backpack in the actual main menu you, crumpled is this way so you can just Pitbull it's like this and you can probably stop eating game. Okay. Now this is the most important part of the guy de Leon and this is the bit where a lot of people go wrong or a lot of people lose out on a lot of XP for old different things. But what you want to be doing when you're in Plankton, you cannot start getting rid of your great weapons. Are you great items in your green items. There's not going to be using mostly Blues. Doesn't mean green. I am still in usable. They still absolutely Canal start getting rid of now when you get rid of them don't just recycle everything that you don't want what you want to do. First of all these transform to see if you can transform their to then see if it can be collection boat. And then recycled. Are you calling Trump's phone thing straight away you have to unlock transforming and it comes as a quest. I think later on the game's changed a lot and used to be that used to research tier 2 abilities in the skill tree, but the skill trees gone now, so if I don't know if this is based in Plankton or not, but when you do get transformed is something that you going to have to get to grips with The main thing to remember is that for Cummins make an uncommon than 5 Cummins make rare and so on and it just kind of scales are really easy, but it turned out the amount of Survivor XP hero XP and weapon XP that you're going to get and trust me later in the game. You're going to have a ton more resources than somebody who's not doing this because it's also really important to list if you recycle hero, you're only going to get a little bit of XP Bach was put into the collection book. Then what you going to do is get you some huge wall Denise Caleb massively as you progress through the game. I got you didn't do very much opposed to didn't really understand how it works. So when I was a low-level it took me a while to get my head around this to what many guide God's how many people explaining what the collection book did but one of the things upon a time machine to go back. She's one of the things that I would absolutely change. I would definitely put more things into the collection book not don't put things into the country, but you need cuz it's tricky getting them out. Ndsf. Actually, I don't want it to get him back. I can just look in the mirror. I click on sloth and I paid 20 bucks to get him out. Okay, I would also as well try not to recycle craft in Maxwell Street in Bloomington. I'm not very much of them some of the most important that you going to need some bolts. You don't need herbes. I'm you going to need plants that you can shorten materials are certain things. You can get rid of that you not going to need as much but before you do the what do you regularly see what you need from me and try and gather those it is which volume as you possibly can I don't understand the things that you need and you don't need it more and more and more. I don't use anymore. But in the game usually if you play this on your own then you a lot of the time you don't need to hold on to that stuff so you can get rid of it, but definitely try to hold on to things about we just said to know some balls the planks a really really important power cells also can be in pain as well even flowers for send things quotes building and crafting mass is never a bad thing. That pretty quickly with the crafting that I do but just try and work out what you need and what you don't eat. And if I don't know what I'm going to do when a link in the description below a link to a cycle Storm Shield one and what I'll do is actually show you what mission rewards you going to get from each area. So long to the Mount LeConte chili, look at all the different Mission areas that are in there so we can look at you know, what gives is pure drops of rain will get Survivor XP. I'm so far that it's just a really good way to focus on the exact things that you want so you can get the best from emissions and you can get the best out of your time as well. Okay, you want to finance it? Okay, let's do this with Plankton on Stonewood. Don't worry too much about your SSD. I'm not saying don't do them. You definitely need to do them. So, you know what the mission tells you. It's definitely need to do the one thing about your assistance. You still practicing when you're in Langston and where you install would help me with the people. He's actually gives you a lot of gold to get a lot of gold that you can spend in the spine is all the high-level plays watch the drop-down and they'll come help me with the Iced Teas. That doesn't mean you're going to build it for you by any means you should definitely should have the build already done, but don't sweat too much about going with a plankton ssds you going to get things wrong in that my Stonewood SSD. It looks terrific. However, it did the job YouTube David Dean. What is a lot of these solo Genoa. It makes such good Builds on that actually can do them on his own without a group, but everyone's different know how they want to play the game. If you want to be more social I'm playing a grouping of people doing it. If you want a real challenge in you want to be able to do it solo at davido's it down to Eugenia play play this game in your place. That was the best bit of advice I can give you. Okay, so just a quick to summarize then weapons called be repaired. So don't forget you got to actually cross new ones live all the gadgets to which you can find by going to come out and on upgrades make sure that you do when you do the quest to maximize your feet books in Game of from the menu and then also remember which transforms then recycled. Try not to recycle bolts head planks. Make sure you take a look out for those and then finally make sure that you using something like Storm Shield one. So you can talk at specific missions talk at things like Evolution nights specific experience of weapon experience hero experience Survivor experience and you not going to go far wrong in this game in the little white letter. I don't have in that is something that I explain to you the collection book Something that explains Survivor squads in there as well cuz they're going to be me and you going to have to learn I also do I talk to you about the leveling guide as well. So I'll put the leveling guide in there to explain all the power levels weapon levels hero levels and all the extra stuff that you need to know. I just didn't want to overwhelm you guys all in one God. So if you want just got Festival get them things down so that you know how to play the game then use the i in the top right-hand corner get familiar with those videos. And you going to do well well on your way to the queen of fortnite save the world messed up because Messi Messi, thanks for watching. I am loving these new player entry level guides. I'm going to turn the phone with them and they're all being spoken of your questions. If you got specific questions on this make sure you ask him to come in my bills every single light on a reply to a lot of you guys around the video or in the comments were often. I'm sure most of you got some point a reply from me at some point or try to be as interactively YouTuber as well as can be so make sure you come down below so that I can help out with any sort questions for the community can help as well. next video friends Oh my God.