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FORTNITE - How To Report Scammers, Leechers, And AFK's In Save The World

FORTNITE - How To Report Scammers, Leechers, And AFK's In Save The World

For today's video. I'm going to show you how to properly report players for scamming leaching and going AFK for those who didn't notice there was an update which introduced player reporting before I explain how to do it. Exactly. There are a couple of things. I should probably point out. Basically what was released is the first phase of player reporting and during this phase. They're going to be monitoring reports closely so they can rule out any false positives or abuse of the system and it's going to help him get a better understanding of what players are being reported for so that sums it up for this first phase in the next phase the punishment for bad player Behavior will be giving out and they're going to be giving out punishment for bad player Behavior after the first week of collecting reports. So although they won't be punishing players during this first phase. They will be collecting data from this first phase and using it to punish the appropriate players and they also mentioned that in future phases, they'll improve the system incrementally including automating the process using what they've learned.From these first couple of phases. So that's where we're currently at when it comes to reporting players. We're just in the first phase of using this new feature as for now the different possible reasons, you can report somebody is for communication abuse. You can also report them if they have inoffensive name PSN gamertag your ID. You can also report AFK players. You can also reportedly teachers or those who are playing or just ignoring the objective. You not to report players who are harassing you you can also report players who are exploiting glitches and you can also report scammers. So these are all of the different reasons you can report players and save the world. Honestly. I'm kind of surprised they added this trade scam reason I kind of figured they were introduced a new feature that allows you to trade safely but instead they added this trade scam two-player reporting so that was sort of a surprise but these are all of the possible reasons for reporting players and save the world nephew playing in the mission where somebody does one ofWho sings I all you have to do is just press start and go to report player either during the mission or after and what you go to report player. It's going to bring up a list of players that you were just playing with or currently playing with all you have to do at this point. It's like the person who was showing bad behavior and what you select that person again, you can have to select one of the reasons why you're reporting them and what you select that reason they'll give you an option to add additional info on the report and this is optional so you don't have to actually add this additional information. Once you finish this portion. All you have to do is just send the report and that's how you report players in save the world again. It is just in the first phase. So players are going to be punished at least for the next week. But once they collect more information and figure out a way to rule out or false reports, they're going to start punishing players who have bad behavior. Just wanted to explain how this new player reporting feature works as well as when you can expect punishment to be given out for you. Let me know what you think about this new feature in the comments below.I hope you found it useful and thanks for watching.


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