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How to check your fortnite stats on Nintendo switch what are my Nintendo switch fortnite stats? Does Nintendo switch have fortnite leaderboards. Another one of my videos are Kenzie you today. Hope you guys are having a great day. And yeah, we're back again with another video. All right. So before I get started, I don't know if you guys can see little pieces of paper behind me. But if we can hit fifty or a hundred likes on this video, I'll turn around and be the papers and we'll see what's behind them. But if not, that's alright. We'll just I'll get by doing it until we get a hundred 50 likes. I don't know. I like to do these little challenges in my videos because I used to having a Migo General and now I guess I'll play the background is the new Happy Birthday fortnite update with towards the middle some crazy action with the P90. I got to give you guys a hand the end of this gameplay. I was using the P90 and it was very close.So you can meet you guys think you mean for the whole video and so you guys don't miss out on that. You guys are not going to want to miss this game. Play video tonight is exactly the same across all platforms Xbox One Touch a limbo PC Playstation Xbox Nintendo switch and mobile night is exactly the same throughout all these platforms except for Nintendo and mobile with these two things replays. So Nintendo switch does not have replaced. Neither does mobile they don't have reflux and the only one more thing fortnite leaderboards and that's we're going to be talking about today. I have no idea why for Nate doesn't add this only two things. That's crazy. But the rest is actually exactly the same if you play fortnite across all platforms you had the same exact experience with skins backpacks challenges game modes exactly the same thing same experience.What teams do the big question, can you check your stats using your switch or your mobile device on fortnite can you track them I seen a couple video saying that you can and you going to be certain websites and then you can pull up your stats that's all clickbait you really can't check your stance to using your Nintendo switch or your phone but if you have Xbox or PC a tracks and I'm there and you're all good. So yeah at this point, I'm sorry to say to you guys if you guys cannot do it, but I have a couple solutions for you guys buy some check this out. So this is what I've been doing in the meantime. So look at this. So if you go like this, I take screenshots of all my dubs in fortnite and that's how we just keep track of them do them for you guys.So yeah, so why I've been doing is I've been taking screenshots with the Nintendo switch to track all my dubs and you guys don't know how to do that basic internal switch sources little button right here on the corner and usually when I take a dog, I just click it boom screenshot or if you hold it if you hold it down a report the video. So yeah, that's his little boat Escape. I've seen some common saying like how you recording intendo switch. So if you guys don't have like a recording software like I do you guys can just hold this little button right there and boom you're recording. So you're good and real quick for my phone guys. This is how you do it. If you guys don't know if you guys haven't I phone you just click the power button and then you click the little home button at the same time.And it takes to screenshot. So in the meantime while for a night gets this sorted out so it's not even working on fixing this problem. Let's get into that. So right now I'm 50/50 if they're working on this if you look in the forums, there's really not that much stuff. They haven't really said anything. They haven't said. Oh, yeah, we're working on this or if you're so release date you really haven't said that so I don't think they're actually even working on it. I have a link Down Below in the description. If you guys want to go check out that form. It is actually from the fortnight's official website. So you guys know it's legit and people basically just post their questions on there and their other concerns and there's a lot of people saying why are there no of fortnite stats on there. So maybe I'll look at it after this video. It's actually pretty cool and maybe you guys can leave all comment on the form if you guys wanted to as well, so they're really haven't responded or anything. Hopefully this when I'm guessing hopefully they're busy and they just haven't seen it, but I know they would haveScenic this is like a big part of the game and I'm surprised they haven't commented or said anything about it. Another reason why I don't think they're going to be adding this to the game is because of the players and now this is a big reason for me. So the bottom line is it you're really good at the game playing on your switching your phone. You're going to be taking dubs every other game. That's just the bottom line. If you have the Nintendo switch hooked up to your TV with the Pro Controller is is like literally like an Xbox console and he'll be like waiting easier answer the phone. I guess they were just good at building. You just good then you'll be taking dubs on there as well. I feel like they're not going to add it because if he did literally the solos on the people who were good or going to be like 500 wins like 500 solo. Easy within a few months and I'm not saying that they're not going to add it. I'm just saying I want them to add it but I'm just saying I think this is why were the reasons why there are they don't want to add it and if they did at it, I think a lot more people would want to play on the switch. I think some people that don't want toSwitch is because he doesn't check like her snatch. That's almost the reason why I didn't want to buy the switch. But oh my God, I just want to get it for the portability and just because the players are a lot more easier on there. And I and I feel like since the Xbox and the PlayStation and the PC fortnite people are lot more competitive. I feel like as a small YouTuber making videos on Nintendo switch I can build and use your audience. So yeah, he was a little bit more informative for you guys currently right now wrapping this up. Now. You cannot check your stance on the Nintendo switch or your phone on for night, which states is actually a bummer, but hopefully they had this in the future all really we can do right now just keep on checking the forums and just wait and hopefully they do this my guess. I'm going to call this. All right now my guess is that the end of season 5 or the beginning of season 6 near going to add that to the game. I couldn't see them waiting down with longer and if they were even more longer than Pleasant came out, I don't think it's going to come out.And yeah, that's just the truth guys. So yeah, I guess we can just hope and see if it comes out if you guys enjoy this video and if it's your first time watching my Channel with your guys go down there drop a like subscribe to my channel meet you guys turn on that Bell notification. So you guys can be notified every time I upload a new video and yeah, that's it for today and I'll see you guys in the next video.Are we doing are we doing are we doing all we do is all we do is all we do is all we all we do is stay.


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