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New RED LYNX Skin UNLOCKED in Fortnite.. How to Unlock RED LYNX Skin FAST & Easy in F

New RED LYNX Skin UNLOCKED in Fortnite.. How to Unlock RED LYNX Skin FAST & Easy in Fortnite!

Already guys, so we are about to unlock every brand new a red links here in fortnite. And in order to actually unlock this. You need to complete 15 a weekly challenges. So let's go ahead and head over to those links challenges. And as you guys can see I have completed of 14 out of 15 of those weekly challenges. Now, let's go ahead and take a look at the brand new a week 3 challenge that were released and not too long ago as you guys can see. Our very first challenge is to ride a zipline in different matches. I've rode for zipline in four matches. Let's go ahead and hop into a game ride at that food supply complete at that 15th a weekly challenge analog AV brand new Red Wings, you look at my ponytail thing. Look at that thing is just like sticking straight up when I cry about ruining a frosty flights cuz there's actually a ton of zip lines over there. So let's just go ahead and land hop on a zipline and that's going to go ahead and allow us to complete that weekly challenge finally unlocking India Red Wings.Drop in here and it looks like there are a couple of peoples. Let's just go ahead and it hit a zipline. I think we're going to go ahead and hit the zip line right here. We're going to get the chest just in case someone else tries to kill me. So let's go ahead and get the chest and we should be good to go. We're going to loot up mad. If a bit let's go ahead and a hit is zipline and there we go guys. We completed that challenge right a zipline in five different matches. So we rode all of them. We are good to go. Let's see if there's any enemies around here that we can take out before we die over here.Just a couple more. I think I saw a couple more. Can we go up and get him he's trying to do. Let's go. Let's go kill that guy. I'm coming for you, buddy. TNT army guys loot Are we God's got to be killed already? I feel like I may just ended all boys. Ascended all zipline in fashion and we died. So it's all right because now we're going to head back to the lobby and we're going to go ahead and finally unlock a ZTE a red a lynx party guys. So we just got back to the lobby. Now you guys can see we have unlocked in the new red links clothing and I am so excited to really dive into how this character looks and oh my gosh a look at how mean and how Fierce the red links looks let's go ahead and take a little bit of a closer look into the actual Locker because I really really like the way that this skin looks and it just looks so freaking awesome and I can't wait to unlock a v other variations on the other styles of the links again. You guys can see this red links is just look at that. Unfortunately. I have yet to reach stage four buildings would actually just throws on that sales on trying to grind out and I'm trying to get as much xp as I can. But yeah, I'll leave this is a pretty awesome looking skin and again at the blue is super cool the Jack is even a more stealth even more Fierce right now. We have just unlocked a via redlynx and it's super super easy to do again. All you guys need to do is go about completing 15 a weekly challenges. And of course you guys can see that I have completed all 15 of those challenges. Of course. I want you guys to let me know right now in the comments section below if you guys are close to unlocking of the red links and you guys completed all of your weekly challenges again, I completed all of the two previous weeks and I need to grind out if the arrest of those weekly challenges because as soon as the other challenges are made available as soon as I'm able to complete at 35 weekly challenges enough for a 55 weekly challenges. I want set up all of my previous challenges completed it. So as soon as that week drops, I believe you on lunch at the Blue Links at maybe week 5 maybe week 6, I think week 6 at week 6 the most likely unlock the Blue Links and I want to say at least at week eight you guys unlock at the black links. But of course, I want you guys to let me know in the comments section below. How close are you guys to unlocking other red links? Already got silver hopping into a game right now. And we are of course Landing tilted Towers whenever you get a new skin whenever you unlock something new and you're using it in fortnite. You always got to drop tilted Towers because you got to let people know you got to let people know at that you are here for business and we are of course going to be dropping in the very center of the tower. Where in pallets baby whenever I drop in tilted Towers, I always hit Palace just because you guys are in the center of everything you guys can mad up. You guys can get some pretty decent Loot and you guys can just start killing people. Let's go ahead and drop it pallets and we're going to go ahead and get this little pistol right here. We'll get some ass as well. I hear people all around me. This guy's Trump is Garden Apartments. Cheddar rifle wish I had a rifle but gosh this redlink looks so awesome. Let's see. Let's go ahead and get some more loot than or PG. Nothing. I didn't really want that RPG, but you got to you got to deal with it. Don't take this. That was start getting some killed because that's that's what we're all here for. I'm surprised there's not too many people here. I don't hear a lot of action going on. There's a guy up here for sure. Ezekiel Ezekiel easy kill Who else wants to mess with the red links anyone else here? Who's 7940? He's hurt. Let's go, baby. prodigy dude, I cannot shoot for the life of me. I knew I hit him. I knew I hit him. I'm surprised that I survived that honestly, I was playing like absolute garbage right there and I was just kind of I really don't know really don't know how to explain how awful of my how awful I was doing. That was just kind of embarrassing and I hope that you really bad gameplay, but we're okay. We're okay. I know I have a campfire. I want to try to get a little bit of Health before I actually use I can't fire. So maybe try to get some bandages or even if I find the medkit I would be ideal honestly, but someone else wants to party it looks like This guy is just tearing these buildings. What is this guy doing? Oh. Good job on that guy Gigi to that guy that guy just started. You didn't even have play me. Oh my God. I can't believe it. Oh my God. I cannot believe you just got sniped. That is ridiculous. Oh my God, so guys are awesome gameplay of the brand new Red Wings. As I said earlier. Let me know in the comments section below how close you guys are to unlocking at. This is super awesome skin on top of that. I wanted to go ahead and remind all of you guys that if you do plan on purchasing any skins in the item shop over these next couple of days to make sure that you guys go ahead and use my support appear Dakota swiftors at go ahead and plug that thing in and it should pop up in the top right-hand corner of your guyses screen. I just wanted to go ahead and remind all of you guys. This code actually does reset every 14 days to every two weeks makes that you guys put my coat a back in and if you guys do stop and use my code and make sure that you guys take a picture of it and tweeted to me over on Twitter the link to my Twitter is in the description below. I'll be the drop of a heart and a retweet on your guyses photos. Of course guys at the hot is going to be for today's video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please be sure to drop a like down below and subscribe. If you're new with that being said, I'm going to catch you guys. waiter


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