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The NEW Best Way to Build a 1x1 in Fortnite! (Tips and Tricks)

The NEW Best Way to Build a 1x1 in Fortnite! (Tips and Tricks)

Everyone it's like 8:30 or so. I think I found the quickest but not only the quickest way but the safest way as well to build a one by one now. This is for if an enemy is above you and I have The High Ground and you're trying to build a one by one and be safe doing so so at first you're going to be exposed going to want to build around and you're going to go to your your pyramid and your pyramid below is it allows you to build through it? If you noticed right here, I can build all the way around you can't do that. If a floor is place. Okay, I have something to show you the rest of the design and then we will explain it and break it down.That's basically it right there. So obviously you're completely covered and if an enemy has The High Ground obviously, they might shoot you a couple times. And without you can just hold the building typical the pyramid if you need to do like a floor as well an extra layer on by all means do so and then when they stop shooting you just want to be seen make an edit you have to make three squares edited if you only do two like so when you try to build and go around you is not going to let you as you can see it so I can let you cover your back. So you need to make sure that's there and then bam you got it all the way around and then you you build your maker edit build your pyramid and then reset it. Okay, so I'm just going to break it down in slow motion for you guys. So we got our one by one. I build walls all around me. I'm going to build my pyramid below my pyramid on top now. I'm just showing you guys step by step. No, this is obviously an advanced strategy. And if you're new to the game, I wouldn't recommend doing it but first things first.So you may see a disc where the square and it becomes a ramp up words, then you can make your bills of your walls all the way around in the thing is when you're doing this you don't be pushed right up against it cuz when you're making your bills and then you're trying to edit this like you get caught in your pyramid and it's very very hard. So you only want to go up the ramp a little bit. And as you make those bills around then you had to put two squares where you're standing up at the highest point of your ramp them and then that allows you to build a pyramid through. Okay, then you can you edit your pyramid again. You reset it. Then you edit the two squares on the opposite side. Obviously you jump as you do it. Otherwise it might get messed up but we reset it we do this and then bam reset it like. Okay, that's it just a bit. So you're covering yourself as you're building up and I just like to show you guys in fast motion right now. So as me doing it as quickly as possible what it would look like.You can end up doing a really fast I think about it is as it looks very very stylish and very very cool. So I guess I just a couple other strategies that I've been working on in here get down from here actually. So what's a your building. Ramp you're on that side over there and if he comes over right like this and a ramp over you. Okay. She wants to do is you build a floor you send out you build a pyramid then you edit that pyramid the first two squares above and then you double ramp now mind you just going to leave you exposed but you're assuming that the enemy is up here and there like looking down looking over and then you know, obviously they can angle. Oh, so you're going to be quick. You're not going to want a double ramp for a long. Of time, but it does offer you some protection which I think is a stylish way of doing it the one more time and basically just looks like this where your you do that.. And you're double wrapping then you can turn around and do everything else. Another thing is when you are double rLike this, what you can do is you build all the way around you and then you look up and then you're double wrapping and that's if someone's going to be like shooting you behind and what does it connect to the wall above you? You just got to make sure there's a wall behind you and then you got it. So in fast motion Just like that. Another thing that I've been working on is let's see what the Storm Circle on your back and you're trying to push in with an enemy pressuring you who's already in the storm. So Wes is where they're at. And that's where you need to go directly west and the storm is right on your back. Now, there's not really many ways to for protection. What people will do is the tunnel in and then they'll make an edit wall timeline. But when you're doing that at least you very very explodes for a brief. Of time when you until you build your like floor or until you extend outward little bit to go. Next wall. So what I've been practicing is a way to do it is you just basically rotate your RAM. I wish I'd flat ground here and then what you do is you edit. And that it offers like almost complete protection you can get away with doing it very very quickly as you can see and you're always protected cuz as soon as you make the next that you're holding down the left click or the most fun and then you have that protection, right? Okay, and now here's another design design for if an enemy's on an angle like to your left or to your right the first if they're on your lap, what you're going to do here is your fart play sing rap, you're going to rotate it to the right side once okay, if you were to do it this side or let me show you the design first ramp ramp floor ramp ramp floor ramp ramp floor Reverend floor Reverend floor, as you can see it protect you now I can see is not Extra Protection, but it didn't start shooting. You can stop the design build a floor and then just kind of like wait it out right here and then continue on with your reference floor. Now, let's say an enemy were to be on the right side this time. So doing that design doesn't protect you in a way because I'll show you like if I'm above ear starting with this way and then over here at leaves outside very vulnerable. So what you do is you rotate it to this side. Okay, and then you're covered. You're much more covered. So you rotate the pending. Where the enemy is and then you rent floor ramp ramp floor ramp ramp floor. It's kind of bugging out because there is nothing there but Reverend for Ram prep floor ramp ramp floor and then it offers some extra protection in the thing about this is it allows you to keep on running when you get it down very quickly. You can keep that momentum going and you don't have to stop as you can see you're running an in One Direction. It's almost like, you know, those people who are running across and there's someone shooting on the they do this for protection. They just use one ramp, but this is designed for homeless protection all the way around and the thing about it is you're only using three materials ramp ramp floor as opposed to doing your your lips look like right here one by one and then extending out one by one and then extending out right? It's a lot slower as well. That's just another way of getting to the next Circle, I guess in a quick fashion if you really really need to do like this. You know double wrapping and then there's a design that Mark shot of them are toast for this one. So let's say you get bored over someone put the floor above you and you're like wrapping up in all this on the floor, so we can do is jump to the side then double ramp like that then slow motion. That is basically you're jumping the side floor. Okay, you turn you basically place the ramp so that you're underneath it and then a ramp in front of you and then you double ramp. So again in fast motion. Both as laggy and I need a one more time. And then obviously you can do it in in like the forward Direction such as like this but one of the reasons why you do it to the right is because the enemy floors you off to believe they're like right here, right? So if you go to like that angle right there, you'll have the double ramp like like so but again, all they have to do is kind of step to the side and then they can see you where is when you're double wrap like so right here and they're back over in this position. They have to say they don't have an angle have to break this to see you but obviously don't to go to high up. It's just kind of to offer some temporary reduction of regain High Ground in a way to gain High Ground very quickly. So right this is like the enemy let's say well there's a quicker way to I guess go up to the sky. So what is it you basely build the ramp right? Here's where it starts. Then you're going to want to build a pyramid rap. And then the pyramid that you're going to jump onto is this and then obviously you rotate around you do the floor and then wrap and then he ongoing right So like in fast motion, it looks like it. I think it's I think it actually is a little bit quicker if you can get the timing down it but obviously can't mess it up. But it's nothing as you can like do that double ramp like kind of like that. So pyramid Bambam Like so so yeah, and then there is that like this technique where let's say there's someone like on a Mountaintop like right there, right? You can do the social pyramid technique for Southpoint you want to do the edit you out of those two squares floor wall wall and reset at those two squares in front and then you're ready to go story hire you to do it like this your one-story hot higher now, so they have less of an angle on you versus being down here and then like trying to wrap up you see how they can like headshot me like clearly they're so you're almost just giving yourself like an extra. Don't mess it up. You just giving yourself an extra like fracture production while you gain a second-story getting down from The High Ground see you in a bit off and you need to drop down and we shoot me down. You know, it's slow to rotate your ramp twice and then go down words like this or even, you know, edit your way down like slowly slowly going down. I'm so a simple way or a quick way of doing it is just running off building Walla Walla ramp while all ramp ramp Lowell. You just keep doing that over and over again it at like I said a lot of prose already know this but just in case, you know, you don't know just a quicker way. They do it with lures as well. And I knew no edit down I find floors you always duplicate it like that. So it ends up slowing you down even more which is why I like using ramps that rarely ever happens with ramps, but you know, you have two different ways of doing it, but I've even seen as you know people doing this with floor is like so In a major step to the side and I guess that would eliminate the factor of like editing and you know slowing you down even more. So I guess that's an even quicker way of doing it. You can stop this site as well instead of editing your rapid dropping down same technique and then there's been another technique that I've been working on which I don't know what it would be useful for if you guys have any ideas. Let me know in the comments below but I just been kind of been working on quick and it's like so where your rotate In your contacts constantly going up now. If you could use this in a buildup, let me know how you guys think how you can do so, but yeah, I mean, I don't really like see any any kind of in playground doing this. I think that's all for now guys. If you wanted me to elaborate on any of the things I mentioned maybe I could have wrote down the reasons on why you use them or if there's more like techniques you want to see cuz they're really is I just kind of did a couple that are a few that came to mind but I have more techniques that I'd like to share. So if you do like this video make sure to you don't leave a like and let me know that you enjoyed it that you want to see more and I will do it and I'll try to be more concise and break down exactly why you'd want to do these certain techniques. We need one to do them and maybe I can I can even offer other techniques as well and other strategies and tips for rushing people window Rush, when not to when to rotate right and another thing if you'd like to support me directly, there is a join button down below if you scroll down a bit or if you're on mobile use a link in the description, it helps support me and you get some emotes and you can chat in our lives and I always like seeing every single day and take it easy coupon in the next one.


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