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How to get TWITCH PRIME SKINS FOR FREE Fortnite Battle Royale - How to GET TWITCH SKI

How to get TWITCH PRIME SKINS FOR FREE Fortnite Battle Royale - How to GET TWITCH SKINS & REDEEM

What is going on guys in welcome to today's video to Disneyland going to teach you guys how to get the new twitch skins for fortnite Battle Royale totally free now granted. This is going to be exclusively free free step by step instructions on what do you need to actually get these free now if you already own an Amazon Prime account, you guys don't need to worry about this first step. But if you guys don't own one, this is what you're going to need to do first. You're going to need a course and egg Amazon Prime account. Now in order to get an Amazon Prime account, you can get one for totally free which is a 30-day trial now granted you are going to need a credit card to be able to get the Amazon Prime account. Once you get the Amazon Prime account, you are able to cancel that within 30 days. No credit card will be charged as long as you cancel. And as long as you've never had a free trial for Amazon Prime, once you create your Amazon Prime account you are then going to want to go toTwitch Prime not switch from I'll leave the link Down Below in the description. So you guys it's automatically click on it. If you already have your Amazon Prime account. Once you have your Amazon Prime account, you click on the twitch Prime account and that is going to ask you to link your account from Amazon to your Twitch. Now after both accounts are linked you are then going to want to subscribe to someone on Twitch. Preferably the year you guys I would really appreciate if you guys went ahead and drop a sub for my Channel all evil ew, though. That's really good looking out guys. And you already sent to someone that's fine. But if you are beautifully go ahead and subscribe to me. I would really appreciate it. You are then going to go over to church and click on the little Crown the little Crown will show you a picture that looks very similar to this telling you that you knew you will have the opportunity to claim the prize for your Twitch Prime skins know once you click this link, it's going to tell you to go to epic games and link your Twitch account to your epic game account. Once that has been linked you are there going to be able to have access to the skint.Unfortunately right now there is massive massive amount of traffic going not only into the fortnite website, but also the Twins website, so there it might be a possibility that when you click on this link, you might get a 503 year, but you might not get the Skin showing up on your console or it might be disabled at the current moment because you know, they just happened just kind of treated out right now that they have to disable and cuz there's too much traffic going to the website. So they're trying to make it where everybody is able to just roll out and pick these kids are really quickly. So if for some reason you are watching this video and you have a fight with three are or you're not able to access that page, it's a going to be totally fix either by the end of today or by the end of tomorrow. So just keep double-checking now just a quick friendly reminder. If you went ahead and created a free account. Don't forget it guys cancel your subscription before the 30 days. So your credit cards won't be charged and that is how you guys get the free skins for fortnite Battle Royale.Please don't forget for all things for that makes you keep it like the Shadow and Checkers on the street. We've stream fortnite daily. So make sure you're not subtract. So, you know when we go live video.


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