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Hey, what's going on? My dudes welcome to the video today. We're me talking briefly about using amoses to really boost your especially long-range aim in in the game. There's a lot of responses to my my latest video of the 32 kill solo Squad game that are using an Aimbot.I am in fact not using an Aimbot epic doesn't like that very much and they happen to sponsor my channel. But what I usually do is I actually use a little bit of the aim assist auto rotation to my advantage still requires considerable aiming ability. But it also just trying to give you that little extra boost and two-time it well with first shot accuracy. You're going to have a good time not a very good time using a controller to play 4 night. Obviously. This only works with a controller don't have a cyst. So this trick is not really relevant to the majority of a PC player. So just to demonstrate a few Topics in this video before you actually get into the technique of of using this the same sister really boost your AR a mat Ranch store touch on the two topics really quickly that are necessary to understand before you can actually get into practicing the trick to the first one is pretty obvious to most people is the first shot accuracy. So when you're shooting and youSee that this your Crosshair shrinks up to being non-existent so you can see it happen right there. That means that your child is going to be dead on so like I have four should I address an issue this llama? YouTube random album you just shooting basically your bully can land anywhere within those Crossroads red soles to Dollars spread on the screen my bulletin land anywhere there now when you're crouching in your sat still for awhile the moment that you 80s. You can see your first shot accuracy coming back very quickly. So that's very important in this technique is actually being crushed when you're taking your shots because you get that first shot accuracy basically right away. Now you do leave yourself a little bit more vulnerable your little easier to be tonight because you're not moving as much you're not staying as mobile. But if you're trying to just pluck shots at range or even the mid-range this technique Works outstandingly would not recommend doing any Close Quarters cuz you'll just be a Sitting Duck once you're in close quarters movements a lot more important on your end to not getting dunked on but at range to take me work fantastically the other two things you want to talk about is aim assist auto rotation and aim assist slowdown aim assist slowdown is not really that important in the context of this video of what is something cool understand. So when you're aiming save this tree right here is a guy or actually will say this Barrel so aim assist slowdown, so see what I made me pass them and just kind of it's consistent right? It's solid. But if this was a slow down when I hit the barrel it would Slow down like that and I keep going so we do that and then we speed up again be better to actually do this with the person. I forgot to do with my buddies were in the game. But basically as uamont of the person that slows down drastically and then speeds up again as you get back off of them. It allows you to tease out your shots much more easily with a joystick people kind of complain about amethyst on controllers. I think without really understanding the actual situation if you aim with a joystick in comparison to a mouse and keyboard where you can use use literally your whole desk as your surface area to tease your shots at with versus That's how much distance you had to teach your shots at with most games would not really work. The only console game. I can think of off the top of my head and feel free to let me know in the comments. If you if you can think of others is Rainbow Six Siege did not have an aim assist system in it, but it worked because I came was highly competitive and it was very close quarters. So you didn't really need that much of a team assist. The other form of aim assist is aim assist auto rotation. And that is the focus of this video when you're aiming at range and you press L2 to aim down sight. Basically it drags right on to the person's body and I going to have some good examples of that when I actually get into the the playground with my buddies later on in this video so aim assist auto rotation and first shot accuracy are going to be the two main mechanics you're going to be using to hit these long-range AR shots of here with the sponsor Squad the Trap House were showing off basically a mechanic that I use in-game. You can call it like Amos is cheese and cold. Do you want but basically it's a way where you can use aim assist to your advantage of your playing with a controller and it's honestly, it's require a considerable amount of aiming skill. But once you get to that certain level you can kind of elevate your game to a point where you're hitting 70 to 80% of your shots at range for at least body shots, which is kind of absurd and it basically it's got to do with the amoses auto rotation affect its in the game. So I'm going to Amite yes or S550 right here. So if I'm tapping just standstill yes, I'm tapping my my left trigger right now to 80s. I'm about out of a few pics of over to the left of it on screen. But if I gradually move over just a little bit so right there. You can see me dragging to his body and I'm dragging like directly on his head or what was his head? But I hit 428, right? So if you're tracking your Target and you're very very on a little bit of L2 tapping I will give you that dead accuracy. Now the timing you need is to not only time the aim assist with the the 80s spamming will check in your target. What is also good to time it with the first shot accuracy because even if your spam email to the blue mechanic Ender's Game like you're never going to hit your shot if you're just constantly spamming so it's all about that rhythm of of timing your shot with your first shot accuracy with the 80s band and it's also really important steak roast in the situation. I will say that if you're playing like in a in a comp, you're probably not going to do this technique too much because you have to stay pretty expose your kind of sitting still for the most part cuz you're trying to get that first shot accuracy if there's a lot of good players on your server and you're doing this you will Get sniped for the purpose of of just stopping pubs and go for those High kill games. This strategy works like really really well. So Mark, if you could just start running like to the east I can show what it's like a range with movement. So I potatoes and he got behind the cover but I almost had a very always one hit. What is it is a pretty strong strategy for for just dropping body. Basically at range a lot of people been asking about how I do this a lot of people been accusing me of Aimbot in my high kill videos from doing this but it's simply just mechanic in the game that allows you to gain an advantage in and my logic is that because anybody any player on the server. He's using aim assist can do this and let's be honest. Nobody turns out there aim assist. Why would you turn off your emphasis? You're putting yourself at a disadvantage you're making it harder for yourself and everybody else who's running it on and this is just one way you can take advantage of this a lot of like really great controller players nickmercs uses this technique Josh bodies uses this technique and if people are kind of using it sort of subconsciously a lot of the times I find es is looking after that first check your seat right now build the wall, but it's all we saw it in like it basically gives you Aimbot, right? So it's kind of nasty tried out.


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