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So what is up? Everyone's Ford Fusion or today guys? I'm back within the fortnite Battle Royale video. And one of the coolest features in the new update V. 3.6 is the feature called self-service cosmetic return not how this works guys. Basically if you guys go into your item shop and you click purchase history, you're basically all the seat your purchase history for the past 30 days. You going to be able to return up to 3 Cosmic purchases for V bucks in during it doesn't between a lifetime of fortnite Battle Royale you can return emotes gliders harvesting tools back lanes and outfits. So this is really cool guys. Just explaining how you guys do this and how it works. So hope you guys do enjoy and let's train to the video.Are cats the first one to know how to get into the purchase history just go to the item shop then click purchase history and you can see your purchase history for the past 30 days now basically how you missed your refund loans items as you can go over any of these items to the past 30 days. So right here in a click on the bunny brawler and we are going to refund the money roller and basically, yes, you can only refund items past 30 days. You have three refunds for the lifetime of fortnight and see see what I did refund the money brawler and one we could buy it back is until it returns to the shop. So if it's a really rare skin do not return it now, basically you probably wondering since I just did that. In fact, do I lose the back bling for the bunny brawler or do I keep the back? So I refund the bunny brawler. If you do refund a skin with a backbone you will lose the back and as you guys see I only have your hard boiled back and which is for the other bunny skin. It's not forBonnie skin that I refunded so guys basically if you refund a skin with a back when you will lose that backlinks will be very cautious and aware of that fact. So for example, if you were to refund the Raven, you would lose the iron cage. So just be very careful and be very very aware that if you refund a skin with a back when you will lose the back Lane as well and one more thing I have to mention guys basically when you refund the new any of these items basically you will get all the V bucks back for the items memory can only do three throughout the lifetime of for Neibauer also be very cautious and very careful and you can only do refunds for the pipe your purchase Street the past 30 days in fortnite Battle Royale. So that is your gliders the harvesting tools all that type of stuff in your dance moves in fortnite Battle Royale. Hope you guys did enjoy being makes you guys drop a like smack that so greatly appreciated. Let me know, what you guysI want to cost you guys going to refund any your Skin's anything important Battle Royale. So hope you guys did enjoy. I miss you guys drop a like it that subs for the video. Tell your friends, and I'll see you guys in the next Bills hit 1000 like that's a goal for this video. So I'll see you guys then next video. Peace out guys. Have a great day.


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