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Quick Fortnite Tips: FORTNITE HOW TO BAIT! Fortnite Baiting People Tutorial!

Quick Fortnite Tips: FORTNITE HOW TO BAIT! Fortnite Baiting People Tutorial!

In this video, I will teach you guys one of the oldest tricks in the book how to be another player into a spot that quickly take them out of the game and knowing some of the tips and tricks from earlier episodes in the series might help you better Performance Teknique, make sure to check out my quick fortnite tips video on wall picking as well. In a previous episode we talked about wall peeking in this episode. We could be talking about a beta player. So basically if you want to be a player in a highly populated area, like tilted Towers Dusty retail any of those places, you can easily just shoot your guns make it sound like a fight is going on or preferably one of these two gun types that way it sounds like to shoot one then shoot the other one another directions from the position audio sounds different right and try to vary the speeds as well. We'll make it sound like an actual gunfight people will eventually come to you like this guy does Be careful when you do this because normally you start a fight by attacking first, but they're coming to you with the intention of fighting first doesn't usually happen like that is where those wall Peaks. I spoke of earlier comes handy right here. I think out to go back to pick out I go back that you both know that each other with coming to each other but he doesn't know that you're waiting. So you have a slight Advantage but you got to be careful still on the last you will be able to get like one or two heads on them. But if he's a good player he's going to fight that so just be careful picture to get those hits in and hit them correctly after you bake them. It's just up to you to finish the fight. You can't secure that fight probably shouldn't be baiting the month that begin with, you know, I mean if you want to completely wrecked others on for tonight, then learn all you can reach the top by subscribing to learn more quick fortnite tips and fortnite tips and tricks make sure to check out this playlist and just suggested video while. On the channel make sure to subscribe to knock myself guy.


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