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FORTNITE | Starter Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Play Well

FORTNITE | Starter Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Play Well

Yo, what's going on guys are welcome to use a caulk sandbox Survival game developed by epic games where you build on fire poison, Mage typically known as husks. However, fortnite isn't just your run-of-the-mill base building weigh fighting Survival game on and what about you have a wide range of other things to do. In fact raining on your way to Victory named a store in the world Scavenging items crafting weapons research trees getting sweetly by Smashing pinatas. I love you more stuff to sew in short. If you like Lutes building things or survival waves the undead then chances are you might be interested in checking this out? I was out with so many things to contend with. I mean this game is pretty deep. There is a lot of stuff to get your head around. So with all that in mind. I thought I put together a handy video to explain what goes on in fortnite some of the things you would definitely want.Remind I'm by extension. What exactly is you need to do to see yourself to Victory? If you'd enjoy this then like would be a super appreciated you coming down below and get started on a thing epic games for very kindly sponsoring this video Let's to Gathering experience. Can you build a CrossFit get a required materials that is most basic those materials full under one of three main categories would brick and metal. They are the ones you see in the rest of your screen things do get a little more specific to certain amount but least for the most basic stuff in and around your bases. You don't need the most basic materials. You have a pickaxe on your time's the game with a pretty standard one. But as you level up your hair and improve your gearMiss you can destroy pretty much anything on the map trees and other foliage. Typically Yearwood ropes. How is not a stone structures? Ye Olde stone wall Bricks by cars trash can compost Spencer's Central States metal keeping this in mind as a course in very useful because you talked with him something in particular state of Amos Lee Gardner smashing up everything you see you in a bit more Focus than what you have plenty of time to explore if this isn't here and suddenly you need to metal to build a mighty handy not even goes for so many more specific items typically found in things like two bucks Crossing trap. So I moved on they all basic. Louis Broadway knowing where you are some coming from is definitely going to help you out for the most efficient in your mouth.Then you should pay close attention to the second ability on your skill tree week when Vision you can get this very audio in the game and what it does is it will highlight the weak points on objects as you destroyed them. So if you target specifically you're almost half the time it takes to destroy off all items you mind where you point your mouse cursor. So when you have his eyes in his IVs, this little blue circle is the weak ones and every time you hit it and move if you talk about specifically it'll speed up the process take this quick side by side comparison as an example on the left is it called being destroyed where I specifically avoid? Do we put muscle on the right where I specifically pretty handy if you're trying to be efficient or so while you're running around like some kind of Minecraft lunatic pink icing everything. You see remember to stop himself chests boxes items Etc. Basically anything if you destroy it first, then you won't get what's inside. So open it first, then go back to being a pig axe-wielding maniac.You could just go and get in the bed and head directly to your objective. But if you do that, then you'll be missing out on so much more you begin with a full of wall covering a map of side missions that you can do on top of your primary Mission. Sometimes you have to say help rescue survivors and in doing so they'll give you some time. They can be materials traps. But either way it's incredibly useful addition ignoring my old lady to uncover some Hidden Treasure Chest yourself, which could also include some pretty sweet Lutz Michael Jackson's by distal. Have you build a construction based on a very particular loud? So blessed to build a Lego ways of building techniques, you might not be aware of before like making all trays or double staircases in this situation compare the structure also allow me to install a radio tower. Which bird on cover the map.There's definitely plenty looking for crafting. I'll give you one of the most important things in this thing that's going to be incredibly important when you have a way with husk bearing down your bass. But on top of that goes across chops and some more specific items to craft you need materials. Hence. Why the first thing we spoke about was gathering Foundation of your fortnite survival require a tiny schematic for say whether see what comes out of your ability is why you have a schematic to Brakes Plus topic of trading if you play with a friend or multiple friends than you all have your own person.Crafting materials resources weapons United so if you are in desperate need of something in particular the person that has it can simply drop it drop to have them so we tried it but you can say that even further when you factor in a weapon trading weapons, if you've been playing for ages and you've leveled up to be a ninja to hear me while your friend is just starting out so you can even drop some of your OB weapons that you obtained from further in a game and they can use them to glitch through their emissions testing price for if they go to Holy weapon from a kind of chest or something like that. They didn't give it to you and simply Croft a new one. So I'm playing together. Don't forget to share that is building. There are two main ways to defend your objectives. You want to use your weapons and shoot everything on site or you build fortifications complete with traps. Kind for the most part do the joke for you.The boat is always going to be the best way to deal with any encounter, but knowing how to build well is going to make all the difference in the most basic level building walls around the objective. He needs the fan puts a simple barrier between when I get to it. Have to go to the first floor staircase rooves robot with the basic raw materials that you thought would break a message using material to fight it sometimes Beggars can't be choosers. You can build basic structures, which allows you to deselect Sun squares to off the shape of the thing that you are building. That's like the one we had to follow the instructions to build radar Tower is actually a great illustration of this. If you feel that you Toro, you know, basic things like removing it to Middle squares or a wool next door. So you can enter and leave your phone bugged. I'm going to be more complex shapes like these allow you to create archways Louis to shoot over semi circular floating platforms and even a double staircase.Opossum that you want to start the following building is pretty Advanced show you start with a basic block for what she wanted. Most of all the techniques given the right material is the Epic Duchess is a food is not produced without traps. You have two other place traps on Floors walls or ceilings. So you need to lay out floor panels around your base this but I can also be looted and sometimes I can rules so you can buy only ready defending from one side. Plus this is handy because they were probably pay attention. Please learn to edit buildings try to funnel enemies & straps with possible to build a Lego platforms that you and your team can fiberSpeaking of fighting that segues nicely into talking about the heroes you start the game as a basic Soldier into 104 categories in case the hood in the lazer blade wasn't already a getaway Heroes much like weapons. I'm pretty much all items in this game come in different Rarities specifically customize your character for each category options plus a load of different appearances as well. Get a specific hero type by completing a mission. So if you wanted to say become a ninja for example and not worth the reward for that particular Quest, well, you know what to do as a wide range of stats that you need a special abilities abilities.Is evolution process also changed the way I look and of course the higher level with the more you need to really is important to the game. Llama Loot and uses weapons much like yours. Can I mean in this game, improve the stats on a cruise once you hit a certain level Milestone leads to county of old people situations where you run out of ammo should we can cross in the fly? But if resources are running low and then sometimes it's just easier to get up-close-and-personal but weapons are only part of the equation.I need some very first offense of items. It is being attacked or destroyed and I don't want to leave to gather materials for an infinitely the lost in his keep in mind at all times is your power level disappears in the top left-hand corner of the screen in essentially see this as your Global level higher power level heroes are so in order to increase the number of different things here you go in the more your power level will increase and you can I slap them in your sports to further increase your power level. So you have optionsPresident Thai in crafting fighting building fighting hero gun straps Gadget survivors in to see if there's a lot more stuff this game than you might have an ulcer as one bonus thing for those you guys that all the people with fortnite. I know definitely planning on getting a game. If you go through my link in the description down below to push the game, then you will also unlock the arcs gaming logo in game as an act to Banner we can use decorate your Fortress, which is pretty sweet. Never did I think I would see the day when my very own logo is in a video game, but anyway it from me to get both then there's really nothing that can stop you. If you never heard it before then hopefully this is not explaining things out to but if you didn't know you guys think I think you're watching take it easy. Catch you next time.


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