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Yo, what is going on guys vitamins guy who and welcome back to a new week 2 challenges video add. This is going to be a complete guide for the week 2 challenges that is out there that we are going to go through each and every single challenge which is being shown in the screen right now. There's a chest in different named locations damage opponents in different types of weapons eliminate opponents in snobby Shores Al pinto beans that we are going to go inside some simple stage 1 visit snobby Shores and pleasant Park in a single match tonight beat Crusaders, then you got to play sheet music on the pianos near Pleasant Park and lonely Lodge. We're going to show you guys the exact location and how did actually do that? Then we got another challenge. We got to compete in a dance-off at an abandoned mansion and last but not the least eliminate an opponent at least 50m away. So you have a look out for that. But mostly these charges are not going to change and yeah if you guys a new and if you guys want to see more videos about the weekly challenges that hit that like button and yes, it's because every time I posted the video youThe first one out there who know about all the location for the bounce house and all the new stuff. So yeah Link in description and you guys can drive the 27000 V bucks giveaway, but other than that, I'm afraid that I'd be and I left and I'll give you a shout out on my next video by tutors got to be at got to give it to ya in different named locations. If you don't know what this means. All you got to do is go over to like new locations. If you open a chest in tilted Towers, then the next says that you are going to open in tilted Towers that's not going to call you got to go to a new location like Shifty shafts salty Springs and open a chest over there and you got to go to like seven you locations like Sally's race. That's a David lucky Landing fatal Fields retail row lonely Lodge that you guys can actually go in team Rumble.Get a plane from Frosty flights actually did all of those challenges with different types of weapons and you got to do it with five different types of weapons. And to be honest. This has to be the same blood challenge out there a complete. This is going to be in a squad game cuz it doesn't matter with which weapon do you got to ask you to knock someone off? What about us people is is like with which weapon you guys should finish that guy asks, if you have a legendary rocket launcher in the elementary and if you knock someone down with your grass all rival get the elimination of waste of a rocket ammo but you'll be done with the weekly challenges this week. So yeah, just knock someone down with some other weapons and then get the you no fancy stuff on and try to get the Olympic that way but yeah, this isEliminate opponents in snobby Shores Alfredo's bills and to be honest you guys can pick any one of them, but mostly all you got to do is know all the chests locations cuz whatever there is like a challenge where you got out of Legends opponents in Pleasant Park and everywhere people will be running with that pickaxes. Okay. I didn't want to know what you actually, you know open those chest or maybe they're Landing is going to be really bad. So yeah, make sure you know all the chests locations where they it's at snobby Shores. I really suggest you got Scenic trails close cuz there's like a lot of open space in the bushes and people might be coming over there and you guys can easily get like to be eliminations over that is not be chosen Pleasant Park in a single match. And to be honest. This has to be the simplest challenge out there just go over there. It's not even like you guys going to probably take a present. You guys can do that as well. But yeah, if you got a plane definitely do that, I didn't want to ask you can leave this. Sean's is going to be a stage 2 for this. Oh, yeah do that again with you. Maybe a plane if the distance is really bad then definitely.Plan and I would really help you out with this challenge any of the reason I'm telling you how she actually take a plane because they could be like a station where you got to go for like a very long distance of days it really, you know, how to Stage by stage through then just played and you guys should be good cuz for the last season we actually had like Shadow cubes on so, you know traveling for long distances that never used to be a problem, but now we got planned. So yeah, if you have any problems that these are playing and you guys should be good for the stage 2 challenges well and got to be near Pleasant Park and how to complete them. It's got to be really simple. All you got to do is go over there and play the music which is on the sheet okayed. It could be the same that I'm playing right now, but it could be different. Okay, but be as an example and playing this right now and that is how I actually you guys can do it. Then once that you play there's going to be like a song that was going to need to play after this. Oh, yeah, the ones that song actually plays that means you're done with the challenge.Dashie playing the piano and how this actually work. So as of now decode how to change it so do what I'm doing right now and you guys should be good cuz Wednesday I should you know, prezis. Keno's is going to be like a lot of people, you know trying to go around and try need a pickaxe you so yeah just don't have that much and try to focus on a keto it's cuz that matters Dubose maybe you might have like one game ruined just a little bit. But other than that you should be done with this house not to the next location which has got to be near lonely Lodge if these videos helping out to drop a like but yeah just got to be the exact location where you guys can find it and to play this this is going to be really tough. This is like a long u no stretch of key. So make sure you guys follow the game play and you take that I'm saying is Well, she actually completed this house cuz this is actually a really big nun and whatever is in the keynote if it does change I'll let you guys know but as of now, it hasn't changed this follow me through and you guys should be good so far this one I actually have a piece of paper. We have actually reading it out loud. So yeah, I'm just going to follow that in the game play as where is going to be like CCC.Fgfg. Asiga, that's what I will be playing on the background in the game play. This is just to get a sample clip of me playing the piano right now. I hope the codes inside the music. She doesn't Chase but as of now decodes a Triple C triple f e f g a a i g a few times that I'm jumping at three times this take your time don't need a panic that much cuz again, there's going to be a lot of players VA. Usually I just watch out then you got up jump on e e f g a and then a hashtag GNA don't go to the left side of the periodic stay on the right side of the piano cuz this is going to be exact location where you actually got a complete that cuz you can play on the left side of the can of the challenges won't get counted because if you look inside the ketos does keto diet and circle and not in boxes, but if they do change make sure you follow the Iquitos, which is inside your music sheet.It is well once actually do that. There's going to be like a sound playing on the Baton as well. Bean's I'm done with the challenge someone to ask you hear that sound. That means you're good to go. And once you complete the challenge another challenge that you guys can go and complete that has got to be compete in a dance-off at an abandoned mansion and you only got to do it oneself. All you got to do is move her to the mansion which is next to the big piano. Once I should go down there you're going to see like a dance floor and there could be some better music over there because I can't find any dentist fetish. Game and go inside of U game cuz I'm a human a lot of people might be entertaining a complete this challenge. So yeah, once you go inside of you get this going to be a lot of people over that and this is going to be the exact location where you guys can go and complete the challenge but yeah go on top of the boxes and you guys should be good. And yeah, I'll be with someone you guys should be done with the challenge and I gave this is again a sample paper of me doing the challenge and how I actually did it. So basically you got to keep on dancing and if your opponent is not even trying to do the boats on top of leg.Then his point is not going to get school until yet. If you have an appointment to stream to try to make him at the satellite on top of leg be blowing stuff cuz you got to be there when you're trying to. You both as that's how I actually did it and you guys can actually win this but I don't think you got too windy to face off. But again, the name of the child has competed on top and it doesn't say wouldn't have a dance-off. So yeah today was going to be eliminated and importing from at least 50m away. And to be honest to complete this. All you got to do is head of what you like team. Rumble or maybe some day you gave out. Don't try to not do this in Close Encounters cuz with Shopkins you can usually get that damage unless you're lucky. But yeah, other than that, it's going to be really tough. And again, this is a sample clip up we doing these challenges and how you guys can actually do that game right now and you guys look at these clips. I was just using a heavy AR and I got those kids really easily. I mean, I really suggest you guys, uw's like snipers and everything cuz and he travel a lot of players I like kind of static and they doYou must see how to get a sniper or like a heavier, or maybe even if you'd prefer is God that definitely use that and whatever you are, you know comfy with but I really prefer you guys like a sniper or heavy sniper. If you find that the whole city behind Cocina completing. This challenge would be really easy. And again if you see someone knocked down in like a normal squads game, and if you don't play Team Rumble, if that's not your thing, then yeah, you knock someone go like 50 meters away, and then, you know, just finish your mouth, and you should be done with the challenge every this is just a small truck that you guys can actually do and that will really help you out with this challenge week 2 then check out this video with zip hearing on the screen right now, and you guys will know the location and subscribe if you see a happy birthday shinzon and John Deere Gator Squad. Goodbye.


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