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HOW TO WIN | Map Rotation \u0026 Positioning Guide + NEW BOUNCE PAD TRAP (Fortnite B

HOW TO WIN | Map Rotation \u0026 Positioning Guide + NEW BOUNCE PAD TRAP (Fortnite Battle Royale)

All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're doing an educational commentary. In this commentary, you know what actually I have a really good or have a really good topic for this commentary. in this commentary I'm going to be focusing on rotations to get a lot of kills is coming from greasy and it's a lonely Lodge want to know where the bus is coming from because it's going to give you a you know, a difference it is going to give you a an idea of where people are going to be disguise one shot right now How are y'all just I'm using that treats cover. So I'm going to focus on rotations but not just rotations around the map rotations to get high kills. That's going to be the focus. Okay to run into people. Sometimes you might be lost running around the map trying to find people and this is going to try I'm going to try to focus on where to go after your first landing spot where to go after that where you can expect players things like that. So map awareness. Map rotation finding players and killing them. So right now we can start out by alluding up getting some materials. You don't really need a lot of materials when you're in tilted by the way, because there's so many buildings and stuff. It's it's actually not too bad when it comes to this somebody underneath the bridge. I'm asking you a letter just stay in there like that. Because she broke the truck. That's way too smart to just got shocked in the back. Okay, that's a lot of people just run through here, but So I was actually got to do like a trap play on my check if she embraced the truck but she was smart enough to break the truck that's good on her like two more people showed up. And is that she's someone coming up right here. So I'm going to go ahead and get positioned. We go straight up to the top right now. I'm going to cover this so that he can't use the same ramp without building on his own. Xbox I'll be off in the distance. Take a snap. That's how I feel and I just saw something poke out of its walls. We might need this. various 80s So now what I do. I think she just jumped right outside. And she second floor right now. screenshot restaurants with a r I'm so how is the new bouncer pad? So that's a little bit different actually do directional jump pads, cuz he's he's he's used to be in the game. They took them out and they change them up a little bit. So these are really just like Bounty pads at me. I'm going to build up. Midol over the top of her like this. I only have the angle here. What am I doing? I'm going to jump and I'm a cancels and I'm going to shoot. Going to get a basketball shot on neck. Somebody is at building up on us. My boss up real quick save you. Just a little bit and see what he's put his plan is. I don't know if he's planning to like run me out of materials. That might be what he's trying to do actually. So now that I know is plan. I'm going to go ahead and just transition a little bit like this and go over the top. I reload my shocking cuz I'm low on ammo. I think he just dropped down. Mario phones got them. We got them. So I had enough materials to kind of just delaying him a tiny bit and see what his plans were once I realized that he was playing just stay up and spend the entire game shooting me from the top 10 anime betrayals. I decided that I'm going to push out wrap around him. One thing one thing that made me really confident about pushing out on the sky was because he was using a he was using a Famas right? So the Moss is terrible. I just terrible like I'm going to tell you I'm going to be going to be with you guys at the Famas a burst rifle. Like I know some people can use them well, but in that situation if he was using like an actual like rifle like a regular, I feel like an AR Blue AR M4 or ask are you even able to potentially knocked down my ramps as I pushed out but since I was able to build out wrap around and get over to get over the top of them and drop on them, so it's just it's on again. Imma be real with you guys at Sonic in building fights. You want the Firepower of a scar or regular time 4 so we have a few more materials now and we just finished clearing out tilted Towers. Now one thing I want to I want you to remember this commentary is about math awareness and just so that you guys understand. I mean, I'm going to try to focus more on the topics cuz I've seen people say that I don't respect on the topics too much and I kind of agree with you guys. So there's any people back here. I wish I'd said that before I saw them, but the thing is we flew over. Greasy food is going to be people Landing greasy and they're going to be moving from greasy to tilted or not in it from greasy to Tilted and so you don't wait a little bit as the storm clears out from tilted and you guys will be rotating across. Try to snipe on these guys is not really Landing. I got a guy down here. Is on a top again, he's going to run into my wall that I put ya. I got to tell on him. I think I got on top of us. I'm going to go ahead and double ramp up. Got to be careful. There's another guy down here. Ellen Pompeo Hurry up this other guy going to be popping out here in a second going to go in a load up. Chicago we just took a shot that they considering wouldn't have liked. It's a risky shot to take considering. We don't really have a lot of height angle on him cuz we he was wrapping up a little like late and he had the advantage message duration, but I mean, I don't know. Sometimes you just got to take a shower. I've sometimes over building could be the death of you. So. Are we made it out of we made it out of tilted the circles not too far away. I'm actually going to go ahead and drop this Camp. I will quick and we have no pads by the way, so these pads. They just Bounce U in whatever Direction they're placed, right and there's also like what angle you walk on them and stuff like that, but that's kind of how they work their little different than the other one other one was a lot more spring you like you just launched you across the field. So we landed in tilted we cleared out greasy. Now people who live in Pleasant are probably be coming around from the top or the bottom side right here, and that's what we're going to be going for right now so we can be rotating going to find people in this area or in the top or in loot Lake area. And that's where people who landed in Pleasant might be at now bear in mind the the the plane or the bus came from greasy really low. So they might not be a lot of people having a pleasant but you know what it might be a lot of people laughing my ass landed in salty Springs because it flew right over salty Springs. So you have a decision to make you want to go check this side or both of them in both areas of the map. But for now, I'm going to head over I see somebody over here. So this is probably someone who came from Pleasant came on through and it's traffic to hide out over here. So that's that's my priority right now is going to Matt's. Shields cuz I looked it up on the sky. Can I get a sneak attack on him? So if he's right here, he's creeping up on somebody and I am going to creep up on him. Take a shot of that guy. Just got built up on me. That's fine. What am I going to do here is I'm I'm going to I'm going to finish the job that I started on the other guy before I prioritize this guy going to break this wall. billions behind behind at that base right there probably doing up and stuff. I'm not too worried about this guy right now that's on top of me. I'm going to go ahead and move move move. lost myself in here So if somebody's going those you got to get the hell out if they're not they're not friendly they're not easy to deal with and not friendly. so I heard it's got back here. Don't know why he's hiding grass with you. He might have made a run for at this point, so. I'm not shy from I'm just not that into the back. But the guy might of ran he might have got shot in the back something might have happened and I don't know exactly how this guy is doing a good job of keeping The High Ground so Props to him we're going to attempt to take that. I got back from him and see what we can do. He's feeling really high up. So I'm actually curious if I can probably just you just knocked down. I don't know if he has a jetpack, but I can probably just do this number right here. And knocking down. He fell down Jesse somebody on top of us. You're going to pop some in he's surprised. He didn't die. Yeah, she might be really weak or considering he didn't die. Really slow switch on my part fortunately. Is there any bus ramp? 7 damage, unfortunately, I'm going to go over the top like this finish him off. He's got a chug jug. so diesel diesel people coming in from from Pleasant or from salty cuz there's another guy came from the southeast side and it still somebody up top. That's really weird and somebody else. I feel like I'm smiling. A different skin up top, and then this guy showed up. I don't know who I knocked down but somebody took fall damage and they didn't die and it seemed like they fell from really high height. So I'm coming back up top traffic out. What happened. Just building up being cautious with some loot over here. Second wave at the fall damage there, but that guy fell from How high up do you take any strange? Okay. So now we have we can we can have a better view the map see where more people might be. Not much going on in this area. I don't hear anything that she somebody still up here. That's why I thought there was still somebody here. I'm going to break these trees to the streets are getting a little wild in my way. Princess $100. When are you and Nick playing again to the face? That was the guy that was the guy that little lunch pads work basically down over here since of space in that way. If I jump into its going to throw me. I will take fall damage. So just suppose that no fall damage just I tried to say it's a nice way to reposition get down from High Ground. Like I said, I'll see you in a build fight and you feel like you going to too high up in a little crazy. no stroller at down and just dropped down. Spot somebody just since he's not going to see me before I get to him. That's fine. Just give me moving towards them. I'm at some of the elevation on him which I am giving up right now. It's because I want to play a little aggressive here. I took a shot and missed. Unfortunately, I just start building up. and I'm not playing I'm not playing Walter my ramps yet is because it's like none of them posts. I'll start putting walls and the walls behind me then be my guest. Elaine on top of me nobody went when he dropped down make ahead breakfasts tree I guess I'm not a big fan of trees turn to build around then they block my vision. You don't want to be drinking a shield out in the open like that. It's not worth it. If it's somebody could have died since we could have shot him once in the ER I pretty much just walked over him in and shot him. So Situational awareness is go back to the main topic. We see a porta Fort off in the distance. Most likely there is somebody in or around that portafort. Actually, it does seem a little old so it might it might be abandoned. I see a one by one. I just recently got built over there and it's near like it's near a really low. We'll go for it will go for it. Near this hill right here. We got a minute 20 seconds before this starts moving. You don't want to build near a hill like this. Cuz what's going to happen is now that I'm on top of the I have such a big advantage in terms of like getting high gun on him and take him to snipe, you know. Because if it's just it's poor positioning on the map, you don't want to build a wall that one right next to the hill. A further ways better. the further you build it the better that's That's how it works. I'm going to go over there and I want to use the pad just to get it really quickly and is one guy left. It's really simple just saw one of these we bounce. brown discharge grab the Chug jug start moving do you use these the kind of like move around the map because I have like 10 of them so I might as well, you know. I spotted the guy he's off in this area right here. I'm going to try something. I don't know if he's like good or not. But I'm going to try something. I'm going to build like a big goal. I'm going to put traps all around. and my goal now is to launch him into the into the into the goal, you know. I know it's guys doing. Notice Troy, that's so signing away. Yeah, it's going to be it's going to be difficult to get this off because the sky is he's being weird with these for 2/4. Is there anybody doesn't realize that block before the fort? You know, I'll let him out. Let him up. Okay, and I just destroyed the tires doesn't work that way. It's actually moving. We're moving towards the this is not really like part of educational commentary. I was just messing around trying to trying to accomplish weird things. Am I get me killed? Who knows? Who knows? There's the goal. I don't know if it's in play it hopefully it hopefully it is. I like these portaforts man. He's got you not like double. It's going to be really hard bro, but I can do it. I can do it all man. I said it. I'm going to pop this project chug jug. Might as well. Don't got a lot of Health to spare, you know. Aya Stratos man Stratos, we're almost there. He's like Angela himself really well. See if this will work. Is putting a diving just putting him down at this point. MCSO walk right into them. Come on, dude. Give me some love. Always thought we'd get up. The traps, that'll do it. We enjoyed this video. Make sure you leave a like & subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on notifications and if you watch it on Twitch stream twitch sypherpk and consider dropping a twitch Prime sub took a subscribe button and see if you have a free sub. You can do that once a month. We have Amazon Prime, Terry washing. My name is cipher and I'll see you guys next time.


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