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Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 8 Challenges in Fortnite -

Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 8 Challenges in Fortnite - Tutorial

Season 7 week 8 is the final week before we are going to be able to unlock the super secret snowfall skin, which will ultimately be one of the rarest skins in the game as it can only be unlocked during season 7 if you complete the required at 60 challenges week 8 is also going to give players access to the black links outfit AKA Catwoman. So definitely make sure you're grinding out these challenges as soon as they drop lucky for you guys. We've got all of these season 7 week 8 challenges here leaked early and in this video will be showing you guys what the challenges are and the most efficient ways to complete them. What's up guys and welcome back to these simply viral Channel. Thanks for stopping by if you guys are new around here. Feel free to subscribe with your channel notifications turned on by clicking a little bell icon. That way you'll never miss another upload. Of course, if you guys are excited to see the snowfall skin revealed make sure to let us know by dropping a like on this video and giving it a big thumbs up now without further Ado. Let's jump back.2B world of fortnite Battle Royale and take a look at all these season 7 week 8 challenges as always. I do want to preface this video by saying that these challenges do leaked early from the game file. So it is possible that some of the challenges end up changing as epic games has made some adjustments before so it is always a good idea to double-check the challenges on the actual menu tab on Thursday when they do go live to make sure that everything is correct. Just like every other week we ate consists of three hard challenges and for regular challenges the hard ones being worth ten Battle Stars or 1000 XP upon completion and the regular ones being worth 5 Battle Stars or 500 XP upon completion with that being said, let's jump into the challenges here challenge. Number one is going to be build the structure now because these challenges have lead so early we don't actually know the number account that will need for most of the challenges this week. So that is something I'll have to double-check on the main menu, but for this building structures challenge,I believe in the past we've seen it be something like 250 structures if I remember correctly. But like I said it definitely double check on it that one Honestly though. This is a challenge that you will end up completing naturally as obviously building is a major aspect of fortnite and some build battles can be pretty intense leaving this challenge to really only take a few minutes to complete if you've got enough materials. If you do just want to do this challenge straightaway and directly the easiest way to do it is to land somewhere like Dusty divot or wailing woods somewhere where you can quickly follow up a lot of materials and then just build a bunch of random things doing something like a double staring wall push directly into the sky is going to rack up at structure count pretty quickly as weel. Something like building a bunch of one by one side by side. Either way though. This challenge is a pretty easy one challenge going to be deal damage while in the passenger seat of a vehicle and honestly this challenge is kind of interesting as we've never really seen something like this before in the weekly challenges and it does kind of actuallyA little bit tricky depending on how much damage were going to have to do while in a passenger seat of a vehicle but there are a few ways that I think this challenge will be completed pretty easy. The first of which is hunting a f case if you end up finding an 80k or a quadcrasher off spun and remember where the battle bus went up on that vehicle and drive over to the end of the path and see if there are any AFK players their hands if they're already you can just switch seats and jump into the passenger seat and get some easy Damage Done, of course doing this challenge with a partner in Duos or with a squad in squads will make it a lot easier but it is doable in a Solo scenario. If you just switch seats, you will get the most amount of damage though. If you do this anymore to like Duos or squads where you can knock an enemy down as you basically can do double the damage when you knock someone as nox players to get that extra 100 Health that you can't take away and get this challenge done pretty quick because ofChallenge number 3 here for a week 8 is going to be eliminated opponents with an explosive weapon. Once again, we aren't sure how many opponents will need to eliminate foot. Typically these elimination challenges are 3 eliminations to complete them. As far as the challenge goes. Honestly the hardest part seems like it's going to be actually finding the explosive weapons. Obviously the most effective explosive weapons are the RPG quad launcher and grenade launcher which unfortunately spawn a lot less frequently than grenades do which are your other option when it comes to Weaponry that is explosive. Keep in mind though. If you do knock a player with an assault rifle or honestly any other gun, you can eliminate them with an explosive weapon grenades included in order to help complete this challenge. So that is probably the method that I recommend for doing this challenge as quickly and as easily as possible Challenge number for this week is going to be search chests in Shifty shafts or lonely Lodge and all the game files did not give us a number pretty much every single time. We see a searching chest challenge. It's always 7 chests inTotal and I see no reason why be any different this week. So chances are this challenge will actually be search 7 chest in Shifty shafts or in lonely Lodge lonely Lodge probably does have a few more chest spawns Dan Shifty shafts. So if you're looking to complete this challenge quickly lonely Lodge is probably the place to be but if you want to get this challenge done easily just pay attention to the battle bus pass at the start of each man and whichever point of Interest either lonely Lodge or Shifty shafts is the farthest away from the battle bus pass try and drop their typically if the location is further away from the battle bus, lets players are going to end up Landing their meaning you can probably get a few more tests to yourself each time. You do this Challenge number 5 is going to be a searching challenge, which we actually have not seen a little while but there always a super easy way to get some bonus Battle Stars or XP. This challenge in particular is search between a mysterious hatch a giant rock lady and a precarious flatbed. Of course for this challenge. All you need to do isLand at the spot and search the Battlestar to complete it. What is actually super easy to do and I believe the location that this battle star is going to be is located just in the bottom left corner of J-3 on the maps grid. There's actually a little small Mountain here that has a little patch of dirt sticking out on the edge of it and pretty much all the battle stars are located on the small dirt patches. So I do believe that'll be the spot for this searching challenge. But if you still end up needing some help finding the exact location come Thursday just search up a challenge on YouTube and I'm sure they'll be plenty of location guide for the challenge challenge number 6, you're in week 8 is going to be use a cozy campfire or a Launchpad. It seems like this challenge only requires us to use one of these items one time. And once again, it seems pretty easy as all you need to do is place a cozy campfire and let it heal you or place a Launchpad and jump on it in order to complete this challenge similar to the explosive weapon eliminations challenge. I really think the hardest part of this task is going to be atFinding a cozy campfire or a launch pad to use. I don't know about you guys. But whenever we have a challenge like this, I always feel like it's way harder to actually find the required items. Like I'll do everything I can to search for a cozy campfire or Launchpad and it takes forever to find them. But in this case really just searching as many supply drops as possible is going to yield you the best results as often times in supply drops do carry some pretty good equipment drops in them. But there is always the chance of just finding one of these items on the floor is both the Cozy campfire any Launchpad do spawn a just regular drops or you can find them by eliminating someone who's carrying one of these items with them all those options probably won't take too long. If you just get a little bit lucky finally. We've got Challenge number 7 for a week 8 which is going to be a staged Challenge and unfortunately, that means you can only complete one stage per match and in order to complete the future stages in this case stages 2 and 3, you'll have to complete them in an entirely new and separate game. So stage one is going to be visit Paradise.Holmes and salty Springs in a single match stage 2 is going to be visit junk Junction and loot Lake in a single match. Then the final stage stage 3 is actually kind of hard. It's going to be visit Haunted Hills and wailing Woods in a single match. Obviously Haunted Hills and wailing Woods are nowhere near each other to that one is actually going to be a little bit difficult. Like I said, these challenges are a little bit tricky as obviously you have to cover a decent bit of ground to complete the stages but finding a glider redeploy drop will be your best friend in this case as you can travel from point-to-point very quickly using those or by using rips or Rifts to go any of those methods will have this challenge completed in no time. And with that being said there you guys have it. Those are all of your league season 7 week 8 challenges and how to complete each one of them in the best and most efficient ways possible as I mentioned at the start of the video if you guys are trying to unlock the super secret snowfall skin come week 9 of season 7 here you will have to complete every single week 8 Challenge.Song with every other challenge in weeks 1 through 7 as well as the snowfall skin requires you to complete 60 total challenges to unlock it. So definitely make sure you are grinding out these challenges so you can get your hands on one of the rarest skins in the game with that being said if you guys found this video helpful, or if you're excited to see the snowfall skin unlocked here in just a couple of weeks. Make sure you give it a big old thumbs up and slap that like button is it would be much appreciated if you guys are brand-new here to be simply viral Channel. Feel free to go ahead and subscribe with your channel notifications turned on by clicking the little bell icon that way every single time. We post a new video in the future YouTube will send you a message letting you know, we've gone live with a new upload that way you can be the first person to watch like and comment on each and every new post. Once again. Thank you guys so much for tuning a man until next time take it easy. Have an awesome rest your day and we'll see you guys on the battle bus. Peace out.


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