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How to Out Build ANYONE (Beginners Guide) | Fortnite Season 5

How to Out Build ANYONE (Beginners Guide) | Fortnite Season 5

This is KC MO. And today I'm going to teach you guys how to never lose The High Ground. Kohl's jewelry And I'm not going to beg you guys for like Super Subs. All I asked if you guys know anyone who might benefit from this video and he's little extra help with building in fortnite. Cinema way or actually have something super excited. I want to share with you guys. Just real quick Dollar Shave Club is actually sponsoring this video, which is super cool because I love Dollar Shave Club. It's our best in class for less than best-in-class prices that way when the sweaty trolls call you next. You can laugh in their face cuz you got a Dollar Shave Club lineup, but Dollar Shave Club not only sends you these things to make your daily routines easier. They also help you save money doing it. They're basically giving away their daily Essentials starter sets only five bucks for new members in the starter set to give you three trial size versions the most popular products that help you stay fresh and clean long with the executive razor men in your first box you get to shave butter body wash and the one wipe Charlies boogie wipes Executive Laser which includes their premium way to handle and focus out of cartridges the way works after the first box replacement cartridges are sent for just a few bucks a month. They also sell other stuff like toothpaste body wash hair styling products, which actually had no idea they even sold but to get the $5 deal just click the link of the scription despite through there. And that's what helps Dollar Shave Club support my Channel music video guys. So 3 tips You guys watch all three and if you can practice and get these down efficiently. Nobody will be taking The High Ground from you. So one thing I wanted to point out if if you ever are in a pinch and you don't know what to do, if your in a build battle you drop at the bottom or somehow this guy sneaks up on you on his way over you all you need to do if you're ever unsure of what to do just build yourself in a one by one and let the guy reacts to see what he's going to do, but you don't to stay in here too long because if they have any sort of explosives here you're sitting duck here. So I just use this as a way to pause and to reset the fight this real importance T-Mobile this game. So he really only has two options. You can either jump down on the top or jump down to the bottom of this forces him to face you on more of an equal level. So instead of him being for stories above you he's going to be either on top of your Builder here or on the floor because if he's just shooting you from the top. All you're going to do is you just going to keep place in the the the pyramid in The roof over and over and over and over and he's not going to get any shots. This forces him to jump down and fight you directly head on so if he's smart basically what he's going to try to do. He's going to get this real week till it's right about there. And then he's in a place his own using two places on Pyramid. So now you can do the same thing with the roof. Right. So this allows him to open up and then you can eat and shoot you while you're just a Sitting Duck in here. So what you can do once he pushes down there's two options if he's on top of you. Simply edit your way through. Imma do slow so you can see what I'm doing first. Don't build too high. Maybe two ramps above you is probably is probably plenty and place a wall around you 180 and then build yourself over and then you get a sprained back from your underwear like to place a floor in a wall right here. So makes a little harder for you to get shot down. But if you can't think about that fast enough and you know how least you got The High Ground here. So if if he decides to jump all the way down, right so he can't get past your pyramid on the top if he jumps all the way down and he's trying to he's trying to place his own wall here. Write this is what he's trying to do. All you need to do and this is this actually makes it a lot easier for you. Is now you can place your own ramp here makes you when you're doing this so that you're wait until he has to reload because then it's going to make a lot easier. So you can't shoot out your buildings when you're building a ballroom build a pier. Edit those two. And now you can easily just build over right? I'll be down here and he's he's if he's smart he's going to try to build up to but you're going to already have a huge height advantage on them. But make make sure you protect yourself though. This leaves you pretty open right here. He can easily just pop out the side and pump in the face. So if if he does stand the ground and you build over them at least build yourself in like a one-by-one you can switch the direction the stairs and this will make it a lot easier to keep down or I can drop down and trapping in or do you know do whatever you whatever you going to do? Just one thing to say it but it's another thing to actually do it. So I'm going to show you guys know the endgame example and put myself in a bad position so I can show you guys how to recover by using this technique. Here's the guy. Hey one by one God. bro Okay, okay here this perfect. Just perfect actually, so I'm going to go like this. I lost The High Ground to the sky now. I'm going to pretend like I'm shooting the stuff out. He's in a jam down. Are you dude? I miss you too. Don't you know sometime? Perfectly serious got all I need to do is this now I'm high ground. 6 damaged by the way the one of these feisty There we go. I just want to show you guys a ramp Rush real quick and people like to make this a lot more complicated than it really is and there's there's there's not that many different types of ramp rushers. There's just a different couple variations. So we'll say there's some on top of this hill right there. And this is the most used one and you need to make sure you're not getting too high because we get you high to get shot down really easy. But this is just the wall ramp method and see this this will be effective until you go up one more even right here. You can kind of shoot but they're going to they're going to really have to aim for it. But the point of building a wall in front of your ramp is so you have to shoot to walls instead of only one, but if I were to go up one more see now I can shoot this out. It's only one wall to break the break down the structure and shoot and we got right. So once you start to get over your opponent, that's when you start building a floor underneath your ramp. And a lot of people do this always no matter what they build this when the ramp rushing even from the bottom, even if they were to the start ramp rushing from, you know, like right down here. They're doing this and there's no point in doing this because your enemy can't even see the bottom of it and it's just a waste material. So so this is basic ramp rush if you need a little extra stability, if you need a little extra strength, you can just double them up. It's it's super simple just the same thing you just And it's literally the same thing you just had an extra one and see now this it's going to take three walls or three structures. One, two, three, and keep in mind you do the same exact thing with the floor once you get over your opponent, so that way there's extra strength and it'll take more than only two. This one takes a little more practice, but it is still a good thing to know but you'll use this very rarely. This is very rare that you can use this because it only takes one rocket anyways to shoot this down. Even if it is a even if it's around some people like to Even add that in there, but even even with this it's the one rocket. So I'm going to see you guys and game example against and experienced player of how to actually use this technique effect. Who sent the question? Did you see that? Kitten, this is a pretty common thing as you guys are ramp rushing each other one person will place their floor above the person's head. And this catch Islam people off guard is a couple things you can do one is just placed a pyramid and then you can play some trap mix like that. Another thing you can do is you need to be real careful with this because when you place a floor here, they can do the same thing to you inbox you in like that. So once they put a ramp over your head normal your your head hit the ramp like that. Let me do a slow first jump up place a floor. Off to the side place a wall to protect yourself and it spilled over like that and then you can you can block that because they're going to go in that direction. If you don't walk that. Wall right there. They're just going to wrap over you so you want to make sure that you block them before they do that. So just to show you what this looks like an in fast mode. And sometimes you can even you can even box them in if it jumped but but yeah, that's how you do it. Oh, yeah, then from here, you just kind of see if they're going to go that way if they're going to go that way and it makes it makes it a lot easier for you to control the fight in this last in-game demonstration to show you guys will have a little bit of everything see if you can pick out which ones they use in how I effectively use them. So let me let him know I'm here. Hey, I'm here. Okay, so I guess I'll push this. And then I'll show you something else. Okay, so I have The High Ground now I won I could finish this so I wanted to but I'm going to drop all the way down to the bottom. Achilles gay Spell Michael. Be very careful with the sniper very tricky. are there This is the same guy. I'm not sure. Can this is a decent Builder looks like he wants to snap me though. I'm not going to let him do that. So I'll go ahead. I guess he's not going to jump off this thing. That's that's fine. my high ground Gigi man, I understand that a lot of these things might not be as easy as I make them look but you have to understand that I've been playing this game like a nine-to-five job for the last three months so it took me awhile, but just like anyting the more you practice the better, you'll get the school playground or playground isn't around still when you're watching this video. Just going to like a 50 V 50 mode and go where no one is just Farm up some mats and practice start real slow does practice real slow and as you start to get it down better start increasing the speed a little bit in a little bit in a little bit and you won't have it down the first time your first practice session you playing with the 2nd or the 3rd or the 4th, but after you start practicing this more more more you start burning it into your muscle memory and you'll notice that you'll start doing these things in game without even thinking about it and you'll be like, woah, what do I do? Do I just did that without even thinking if you guys have any friends send him my way because it was not too long ago and I first started fortnite. There's a lot of these things everything I'm showing right here are things that I used to always have trouble with so my hope is that it clears some of those things up for new players. Anyways, thanks so much for watching guys. See next time.


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