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Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 4 Challenges in Fortnite -

Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 4 Challenges in Fortnite - Tutorial

Fortnite week 4 challenges early, which means today we're going to bring you guys the list of all the season 7 week 4 challenges and how to complete them in the easiest and most efficient ways possible. If you guys are trying to unlock the super rare snowfall skin. Make sure you jump on when the challenges go live so that you can add another 7 challenges to your list and get one step closer to unlocking the rarest skin of season 7 walking back to the simply viral Channel. If you guys are new around here, feel free to subscribe with your channel notifications turned on so that you never miss another upload. And if you guys are excited to see the snowfall skin revealed drop a like on this video and give it a big old thumbs up as it would be much appreciated. Now without further Ado. Let's jump back into the world of fortnite Battle Royale and take a look at these season 7 week 4 challenges. We do want to preface this video by saying that because these challenges do leaked early. There is a slight chance that one or two of them. It might change. However, every challenge that we talked about today came straight from the official game files. So most likely.We'll all be legit but it is always a good idea to double-check your challenges tab. When you first start up the game after the challenges go live to make sure that everything lines up accordingly now just like every other week, we've got three free challenges and 4 battle pass challenges with three hard challenges giving you either 10 Battle Stars or 1000 XP upon completion and for regular challenges, which reward you with either 5 Battle Stars or 500 XP upon completion and after you complete for out of the seven challenges this week, you'll get a bonus 5000 XP. Our first challenge this week is going to be a stage challenge in typically when we get to leave challenges the future stages don't actually get put in the game files but this week they did so we actually have all the stages according to the files. So stage one is going to be destroyed chairs. Unfortunately, though. We don't actually have a number given to us with these leaks stage 2 is going to beat destroy wooden utility poles and stage 3, which is the final stage is going to be destroy wooden pallets all stages here. Like I said, unfortunately don'tHave any numbers associated with them but it'll probably only be a handful of each object and won't be too hard to complete the Second Challenge. This week is a searching Challenge in a scent and is staged. Once again stage one is search the letter O west of pleasant Park stage 2 is search the letter s in wailing Woods stage three is search the letter M in Dusty divot and stage 4 is search the letter N under a frozen lake. The final stage of this challenge is to Ben visit the Noms sign in retail row as obviously those letters when rearranged spell out the word Noms once again and easy challenge, unfortunately, though since it's stage. You aren't actually able to complete these challenges all in one match as you can only complete one stage per match the third challenge this week is going to be a deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents. I like I mentioned it sometimes but which challenges do get changed? And if I had to guess I think if any of the challenges this week will change it'll be this one that gets altered since one. It's a repeat challenge that we've had in the past and to it doesn't actually tell us how much.We actually need to deal with a pickaxe in order to complete it. If this challenge doesn't change though. I should be giving you guys the best tips and tricks to get this done quickly in just a few moments those of course, we're all three free challenges this week. Now we move on to the four battle pass challenges. So our fourth challenge this week is going to be eliminated opponents at Expedition outposts are the Expedition outposts are all the areas that have zip lines meeting at them. They also have a few plane spawns in typically a red Expedition building with some loot inside. Now, I believe that there are seven total Expedition outpost on the map, but I'm not a hundred percent certain if that's all of them required for this Challenge and once again a number is not given so we don't know if it's a 0270 out of 8 when it comes to this challenge. But so far we do know that there is a quote-unquote outpost on the mountain Northwest up of pleasant Park Southwest of lazy links between tomato temple one at just east of Logan Lodge one on the Mountain East of Dusty divot one on the edge of the desert biome. Just south of the broken bridge.I'm just Northwest of happy Hamlet and one in between the two mountains that are just north of the soccer field that is outside of tilted Towers. Like I said, I think that is all the Outpost but I'm not a hundred percent sure. It's on the challenges do Goliath a good idea to Google or YouTube search a location guide. So, you know exactly where to go V challenge this week is going to be a get eliminations at happy Hamlet or a pleasant Park and unfortunately again, we don't have the number of eliminations associated with this challenge, but typically these elimination challenges require us to get 3 kills. So I would assume you'll need to get 3 eliminations in total at either. Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park and keep in mind. This doesn't need to be in just one match. You can actually do this over the course of multiple matches moving on our sixth challenge. This week is going to be launch fireworks. Now either this challenge is a placeholder or we're going to be getting some sort of fireworks added to the game with the new update that's going to allow us to complete this challenge yet again, though. It delete file doesn't contain the amount of fireworks that you actually need to launch in order to complete this.But seeing as it's labeled as a regular Challenge and not a hard challenge, I would assume it's probably like launch fire fireworks or something small like that that are seventh and final challenge. This week is going to be using an X4 stormwing plane in different matches and going with the theme of pretty much all the challenges this week. We don't know how many matches is required. But typically it's not too many. Sometimes it's between 3 and 5 so that probably my best guess of course, there are a ton of plane spawns all over the island particularly at Frosty flights is quite a few but an expedition Outpost also has a few as well. So if there's plenty of options there and that's all of your season 7 week 4 challenges here in fortnite Battle Royale, but we're not done yet. As always when we give you guys legally challenges early. We also like to give you guys tips on how to get all the weekly challenges done as efficiently as possible. So starting back at the beginning destroying the wooden chairs utility poles and pellets is going to be super easy, of course chairs spawn all over the map particularly and houses utility poles its pain around.Is and houses as well and wooden pallets are scattered all around the crate area junk Junction and some other various locations to search any letters for Noms is going to be another it really easy challenges. Well, if I were you guys look up a location guide so, you know exactly where you need to go inside of pleasant Park wailing Woods Dusty divot in the frozen lake and you can do them all back to back to back. However, since it is a stage challenge, like I said, you can actually do these all in one match you have to do it in multiple matches one stage per match if he a pickaxe damage challenge is actually a challenges week. I'd recommend going into any squad mode or any motor you can actually down a player and knock them with whatever you please after they're knocked down and then hit them with your pickaxe and go get some easy damage or you can join the lobby and hope resume FKS. I just wait to jump out of the battle bus until it kicks you out then float down and pickaxe anyone who's away from their set up eliminating opponents at all. The Expedition Outpost will probably be a little bit more difficult seeing as The Outpost don't typically have a ton of loot. So I for one would notRecommend Landing there immediately instead. I would recommend Landing somewhere nearby and then loading up and then running over to clean up anyone who survived dropping their off the rip illuminations at Pleasant park or happy Hamlet is honestly just dependents on your skill level. There are plenty of weapon spawns here. So eliminating opponents shouldn't be too difficult and sing as if a direct challenge you going to have an extra amount of people landing at Pleasant Park and a happy Hamlet just a complete this challenge. It'll be a lot of people to kill and there's a lot of weapon spawns as well. So even though it's labeled as a hard challenge, you probably won't be that difficult for the launching fireworks challenge. I once again just look up a location guide and see where the fireworks pain if they're at set locations. But if they're just a lute item that you can actually find on the ground or in a chest then of course just try and open up as many chest as you possibly can until you get them. And once you do get them don't mess around just launched him up right away. So you can get the challenge completed then you don't have to worry about it. And then finally using the storm going in different matches as I mentioned the plane spawns are literally all around the map so you can just landed a Surefire plane spawn.A go for it right away after jumping out of the bus. You can easily complete the challenge, of course Frosty flights has multiple plane spawns a lot of the Expedition Outpost have like two or three or even four planes spawn sometimes literally they are scattered all over the map. So finding the actual planes really won't be too difficult. And honestly, that's the most difficult part about this challenge. So after you find the plane just jumping it Fly for 2 seconds and you'll have the challenge completed. Once again the like I said, we don't actually know how many times we need to do this or how many different matches we need to do it until that's kind of a bummer but it probably won't take too long to complete this challenge either and there you guys have it. Those are all of the Season 7 week 4 challenges here in fortnite Battle Royale and how to complete them in the easiest and most efficient ways possible. It is video did help you guys out as it would be much appreciated and if you guys are brand-new here to the channel make sure you go ahead and subscribe with your channel notifications turned on by clicking that little bell icon. If you guys didn't know literally every single week 4 fortnite every single season we upload allThe early leaked challenges to every week when there's new challenges fortnite leaks them early and we have them out to you guys before the challenges actually go live. That way you guys can watch the video and when the challenges do go live, you already know exactly what to do and the easiest ways to get the challenges done. That way you guys can learn the secret skins every single season like the Blockbuster skin the enforcer skin this season is going to be the snowfall skin, which does require you to complete 60 weekly challenges and if I math is correct, we have 7 challenges every week and 7 * 8 is 56 and that's not even enough to get the snowfall skin yet. So it's going to take nine whole weeks before we can actually unlock the snowfall skin. So you're deathly want a tuning every week to figure out what these challenges. Are you guys on the battle bus. Peace out.


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