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Fortnite - Fort Building (Storm Shield Guide)

Fortnite - Fort Building (Storm Shield Guide)

Everyone no response. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to make funky fort in fortnite. So this is this isn't the first of the four building Arias's the Storm Shield in what is Stonewood, which is be effectively incredibly long to Tori area. I haven't actually got something. How did Roth free on various I have named it caliban in the corner because I am. Warhammer 40K softball you what if you want what what are you doing judging me? I'm going to name the others in case you're curious going to be cold in Deliverance Medusa and makes a cool Fort names of Owatonna. It works really well, but it was quite fishing and game and I decided to make this your standard metal. I've only recently realized actually met many of you might not know this cuz I've gotten this far into skilled trait, but you cannot fully upgrade and reinforce each of the materials. I think up to level three. I've only got level two so I started you don't see this video by have actually started reinforcing the rules with newest deal by Sofia. Mean text you on the upgrade one is quite a bit still Scrappy ish, but it's kind of bit more of a standard silvery gray metal color. Am I do miss this crappy mix and match this crappy to Satan, but just as a warning that doesn't cost a couch amount of steel or metal rod if it is pretty stunned of the fattest. I'm also doing this during a mission as you can say such as one of the Storm Shield defense missions are my friends don't do the mission in this video. I was tempted to make a video. I do but cries because this is one of the effects of tutorial want it just wasn't very exciting. Play some people it would just be a video of me shooting so we'll know soon cuz I'm my friend was busy and also to make it wasn't walking public. However, but also it would just be able to speak to a well-trained. It wasn't perfect. But it was fun to build. I know for a fact according to Reddit forums. I've read the the defense's do you get quite manic? For example, I've already started having it on the Lost was like a level 5 Pala Mission. I did so loud and it was quite inside. I don't know why I spend so long with a stock has why did I spend so long with his knife case? I think I was a little bit. So the only part that's a little bit quirky with dispelled is so these what might that you can see it? It's one square on the outside of the main tower block right. That's the kind of the distance with which what I mean is the it's quite simple who are the I don't really I eventually merge it with the tower next to it and it got a little bit confusing and Tums of the actual position. However, it's pretty straightforward and I will explain which is kind of just focus on being one square to the side of your UMaine Tower fit and you should be fine and good to go. I'm probably making the whole thing sound needlessly complex. However, I was a little bit confused. I just want to draw attention to it cuz it because to me it is quite have to follow but it looks cold. How to add more to this by the way, this isn't leave this isn't the final form showing signs of meth before cuz I want to come and Pitt's to it the way it looks but I I found because we don't have decorations in fortnite. Oh, I mean it's kind of I guess the furniture Flags old stuffed kind of hope they do out them. I'm not even bother to say, you know pop up If you unlock them like you do schematics, that would be probably the best way. I thought we get shove them in the nuts unlock them like me to schematics so I cannot flags and posters and shit the ground the basics. So I want to text you and that's kind of the thing of being to pay attention to the most you'll see it when we get to the front of these old things and it's good want to add more stuff like that all point out the point of things when we get back with me having a decision on a particular point this thing in front end up just settling Windows spoiler. I also add lots of traffic. I'm having so much fun with traps. Seriously. Don't be frugal with the chops. People drop spawn drops a great fun Don't Be Frugal have fun the traps. I was really, you know, I was I'm trading my traps like a treated red grenades in the first person shooter, you know play Deus Ex something like that because that magical and special and that's why was trade in my tracks. Just just use one because you know more fun than recycling them. I don't sell that phone last defense I had before I made absolute mess cuz it my mission foods are quite messy. I will show you a good setup for Mission Fault, by the way, it's pretty simple not the prettiest thing in the well, but looks goes I want to show you literally every single thing. I thought she loves you too so much reputation in this kind of the the three. Sides and the back of each other. So I'm so I didn't want to like that. I was just the same Tower in the saint that so I just going to show you a lot of it. Kind of little viewing, very bad for my gun isn't also got these kind of little supports under here. I think supports of the way to go forward with kind of adding a lift them on text. I'm going to find new and interesting techniques. I'm kind of talking back mentally my mind back to the back to the tension shameful days when I used to play Minecraft adding text it to some of the ugliest block castle that used to make and things like that. So it's it's kind of like I annoy me so I sought the reason why did this right is cuz I've seen the same loads of the trailer. So I thought you know the office to Wine Depot off with a gun down Ryan the goal of the traps and everything and I seen the trailers and I thought oh, yeah. Yeah. I know look gameplay videos about all the wonderful they kind of did but in this defense they kind of wanted up to the first rule that and then I think maybe Laquanda to the second level the most of them would try and husks that cold and they tried to just start doing in my faults now is why I like my mission Ford's is that a little rude just so I can put ceiling traps traps on floor traps and then one. The fire starts you could to go night if it's got hazelnut that his another Tower is mostly towels to be honest mostly time is a toward the end or I show you exactly what I was mentioning about the what wait, so when I decided what I'm going to merge these two and they stay come make and you'll probably see me make it in this initially going to fix it is. I forgot where the I wasn't paying attention. Where the actual the main kind of bridge of the towel was so I didn't end up making one size is literally the side facing was it the west side is not see how it looks really silly baby bum by XX out of the pieces. One thing I like about this even though we call and Destroy any of the buildings yet, but we stole them or anything like that. I do like the fact that we can kind of read in change makes resemble that was done in since this video is weather Towers all I've turned the the middle level two archways cuz that way with people going up the stairs. They can kind of also take a couple of potshots. That was that was that was the premise anyway, so you can see right here. It's kind of vaguely not really exactly right, but I'll show you I fix it now. I feel better in a minute. Anyway the fixing he's coming. If I remember correctly, I do actually full of the tower. I did cut out if you don't see me how I pulled off this Tower so much by the way, I don't know cuz it with this with this particular hair out. He has to charge ability. I keep accents. I'm using a controller. I keep accidentally pressing the charge ability when I'm trying to scroll through my building faces and he keeps charging himself off the edge. It's pretty simple. It's just the west side. I kind of suck it up and I was getting so confused. It makes it easier because I wanted the kind of a three-part symmetry going around the castle at the end. But at the same time kind of hair is just how I defend the Storm Shield proper. I just relate surrounded by a refund of a chimney the tops pretty simple and you'll see everything property around I'm going to add more bits to this is trapped everywhere as well. Let me know down the volume level and then why would have done it like I did loads of Whatchamacallit made noise for the cool to go heating pads and wants to go to the Pandora app here as well. He was just kind of a solid build. I think I think there's more stuff I could add it see where I got those Towers wind up doing cuz I kind of editing know so that archways on the kind of the APA level just before the main kind of top of the tower is that way you can see the stock price. It just adds a little bit more texts at the outside. Pez see I've also added Spike moves bikes on pretty much all of the barricades and now the office since I recorded this earlier today, I've also reinforce everything so it's not level to order the bottom level. Stop is I would say that everything's Thailand dollars is 8/8 defense really really? Well. It's what easily defensible. Do you know that been a bit of a mess up with the actual inviting friends to group things out unfortunately until that's fixed account actually test out in the group's. However, it does look cool while I want to do is why I thought I might edit these towels Lubbock's you got those little box that you can jump blocks that you can kind of jump between distances. I was thinking of putting that was so you can actually jump between the But the problem is because of the the way I've done the floors psychology fat need the money looks like you can but you can't we will see regardless, it looks pretty badass, So they're trapped and everyone literally just a full truth of death. I said, I would like to add more that right. This is the week is part of the entire they'll just because of the fact that it's not on a hill it means that was the other to the cost for the most part, one part of the of the fortress on this area. They actually come out to that side here. This is just I decorate the sounds. I love it. But it's not really defensive. I just put a little kind of no hops on the side mortise Prosthetics anything else couple of traps to so it looks notches as bit symmetry. See if we go some more trap Stars by Sonia. Hope you guys like that and it gives you a few ideas on how to actually kind of style your fault as I tried to keep it kind of high detail, but also kind of believe Bliss. Anyway, I was always follow me on Twitter at the response of a new video episode and you guys enjoy the rest of your week you take app


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