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HOW TO WIN | 1v1 Fights Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

HOW TO WIN | 1v1 Fights Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

All right, guys. educational commentary and I've actually done I like to try to do a commentary for the past couple of times and I didn't get enough kills in the game, but I want the games but there wasn't enough kills so I don't want to post them. So now we have to wait until the tower was pretty much the rest of the server. So that we can actually get some early game fights. So let's just do that. If this does make it to YouTube, I did get your feedback on the previous video. I plan to adjust. Accordingly so I might come down here. Imma grab his minigun. I was going to Chinese guys download quickly. I have a grenade. Twilight you should never should always go straight for the For the chest through the window, you don't have to land on the rooftop. You're on the rooftop. You might be too bad. So we're getting all the good guns all the necessary guns for close-quarter combat right now. I'm excited. I'm ready to slay. This house right here don't think it's diluted. I don't really want to over the money gauge in any fights right now. Just like move around actually get some real weapons. Go to the house of your chest up top and check this place right here again break all the furniture you want to collect as much wood as you can especially in in tilted in tilted Towers is not a lot of like potential to get materials. It's just a little harder. So make sure you Go out of your way to really break all those one hip one-hit Furniture. So you can watch them mats on your way out so far collected almost 200 and we have full shield. We don't have Close Quarter guns, but we can still make this work. That's that's start moving in. Assemble Venom go ahead and break out from the top. Hurt somebody down here. So it's not down here just for the area. First diluted or the chest and spine either way. I usually always go to the stream and break it down for my go to three. It's a little extra blood while her. Flat, so it's moving. Let's move through. I don't hear any footsteps up here, but I hear somebody bring down C4. There's actually something over here. That's that's playing right there. Those I mean, what's a good marinade? I don't know if Ashley had anybody but we end up on top and they're all dead. How's the minis? I'll take the minions. How do you just got to use the meeting on this post? They got my puppy by the way. Can you shop in the sides? That's fine and figure out where he shot me from? Marcos Marcos a per second Got to clean up on him. Or should I pick some fall damage that wasn't my intention and sometimes like if you hear a lot of noise you like not sure which way to go or you know how to go about things the max you can cover this job. the shield with a metal piece So it's a little harder for people to get it. I heard a lot of footsteps. I heard a lot of people approaching and what I did was I took the safe route and it basically I simply just Fox myself in and waited for the opportunity to open up. I ended up killing to the people do out of the three. So that's how you got to pinch. You know, you find yourself getting pinched early on and you know what, I mean, that guy is being double-teamed by multiple people. So my recommendation is that if you hear a lot of people approaching your in solos, right or if you're getting double-teamed en celos, if you put a box around yourself and you like boxer self and you secure yourself the other people probably shoot each other unless they're completely blind are the most likely shoot each other and then why the shooting show you just pop out and finish them off. Is it cheap? Yeah, but you know what to do. sound I'm playing right now and I'm commentating live. This is a live commentary live educational commentary. I'm going to approach the cell right here cuz I have a bandage Point try to get better sights on the map and locate somebody and if I'm lucky I'll find somebody up here waiting for me. Turn on the big shell over here. Can you use that? the update my Wednesday 5 thumbs down here on the shoulders I don't know what's going on with her, but she has a lot of help. You got hit by a grenade launcher and the triple burst. Grenade launcher just like a hundred damage and is Childress like 90 second shift and help left at the very least. Sometimes your mom calls and you know. Can we hear somebody so we can approach him go over the top and silly? Not sure exactly where I think he ran underneath a raised on the side. I had a once with a fun time at she going to go over the tree use the tree drop down. spilled over him over the top as soon as we hear somebody it's game time. You're building up your moving towards them you trying to flank around them. You can use the tree by the way to like, you know Bamboozled them. It's always an option. I don't recommend it every time because you know good players will not fall for that. But you can catch you off-guard like that. The trees are like Mega bushes their bushes. They're not as obvious. 7 look what happens when you land in in in tilted getting fights. We guaranteed 5 kills Landing in tilted know that's lowball. Usually you get a lot more letting 27 people left. So now we can do like a nice now when you get more kills as we as we go to the game and hopefully have a good educational commentary. That's worthy of an upload some Look at this, you always want to bike ride along with no reason not to even if you'd look at materials and you about to go out with yours. Anyways, right, go ahead and pop hits and I'm going to take this portal for it cuz I want to show you guys hopefully one or two uses for the portal for it, you know. Now we're talking. You can shoot the Llama open. I know you want to risk that but Don't do that. What's the point? Or I guess we're going to head towards the circle right now because I don't want to get caught out like deep in the storm is that she was only a chug jug. I do have a launch pad which is better for us, but I'm going to head towards I think I think that's where we going to find some good fights. Your thank you and I appreciate that man. Thank you. Would appreciate the support. So the portal for let's talk about 4 second. It builds a big enough for instantly, right? So you can actually use it in building fights. If somebody is on top of you and you throw it on the floor. It's going to break their buildings and it's going to replace it with you port a fort and you can regain High Ground using the portal for so I'm actually going to use that. I'm actually going to try to like like I get in a fight with somebody on my almost let them take high-round so I can re control The High Ground with the portal for some. the more the merrier But I'm not finding anybody right now. Mary Washington already in the Circle, Orlando Someone heading towards that look, right. Might as well take those shots for shots are definitely worth the TV Land on you make you make him like a little more on edge and is going to be a little more cautious about taking the crate and we got to now he's missing 23 help. You still like he's still it's still it's still not worth it. I see the sky. He set up right now. You're going to the top. protect my sides Turn on top of them. I don't know why my gun is so slow today. Are you? since you didn't build that all I'm going to break these if you can't build on them. I'm going to hope for a big shields. No big show. That's fine. I'm popping the Chug jug in the situation. And I had to shoot that guy so many times but with the with how clunky the the the pump shotgun is now it actually makes it like not not a pleasant thing to even shoot, you know, what kind of rock and snap me so I can definitely knows what he's doing got to be cautious with that guy. Another decent player on on his way. Tell me some hit on him. Shuffle my own wall down, but not letting me. I can't expect to do that. Seems like a good player. He's dropped out an eighth. photos of some people like approaching and they're like knitting the shit out of us right now. I don't want to be too too high up right now. I'm trying to stay low to the ground in case this whole thing comes crumbling down. I want to be I want to be in a good spot like to not take fall damage. I can't really look at this guy. I don't know if he got hit. She's on top of me right now. He's not very happy right now. I just chasing down cuz this guy probably like the best player left in this in this match. so I can't handle these guys spamming rifles on us right now. They're making this whole ordeal a lot more difficult. I got a lot to try to heal up like multiple times. Please running out of materials. Going to keep moving is in the storm. Is going to start doing a lot of damage very soon. Luckily, there's a crate really close to us. And I do have campfires which I'm going to use right now. So that that guy was probably the best guy left on the game in the server and we were we were able to take him out which like this is a really good chance to finish out this match because I was really obnoxious. I keep pop probably like 6 minis 7 minis one time. You see me hear this one time at Freddy's my bandages by bad guys. I'm sorry. I realize that bandages. My fault my fault, but yeah. What's it called? He only has one time and I was at one time you open up the what time you open up the the crate on us. The crate? That window on us, right? That's the one time. so it was a good fight and he was a good player, but we didn't allow him to get any any like three hits on its we primarily were defending ourselves pretty well. I think it's somebody up there. There is I got 25 seconds. He's dropping down Ashley is he dropping down towards me that makes things easier if you pop this open and then just like gun him down. Ariel might be able to get some. Where to watch bad for him, but I really need materials. Not bad at all. Not bad at all. I'm going to launch pad. I don't want I don't want to get caught approaching the storm, you know. How do I get caught like approach coming in from the storm going to be a bad look for me to guys left one of those inside their I don't have any Rockets? And we go that's an easy kill belly guys over there. He's going to stop me. What I'm going to do is I'm actually just going to I'm going to lunch towards him. That definitely a lost person. Going to take The High Ground over the top. You trying to shoot me down. That's fine. I got my sniper out. pedicure on him I mean, I mean kill yourself in game. Obviously. I was going to make him feel myself. I did by putting up the wall. That's not what I didn't mean tell yourself cuz that'll be toxic and I'm not talking individual. I hope you have enjoyed that was a decent educational, Okay, we we learn some stuff and we got you some intense situation. We had a really intense fight with one of the last players. I wanted to take that guy out. The reason why I didn't let him go is because he looks like the most skilled of the last few and he can take out the most skilled. You have a much better chance at winning the game that you guys so much for watching OverWatch on YouTube. Make sure you like the video and subscribe to let me know. I'll be back down below about the changes in the updates and stuff with the replay system that hopefully will be incorporated this video If you watching on Twitch stream, and if you wanna use your Twitch Prime subscription is using twitch Prime, my name is cipher that you guys were watching. I'll see you guys next time.


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