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Fortnite WEEK 10 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - VEHICLE TIMED TRIALS \u0026 Camel Location (Batt

Fortnite WEEK 10 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - VEHICLE TIMED TRIALS \u0026 Camel Location (Battle Royale Season 6)

All right guys, welcome back to another fortnite video and it's crazy to say but this is the week 10 challenges guy. That is right guys the last week of challenges before season 7 starts and you guys know that I'll be doing challenge guide for That season as well. So be sure to stay tuned for that. But yeah for this one for week 10, of course, I'm going to show you guys are the locations of the time trials for the vehicles the secret Banner / star location. I'll explain more about that when we get to it also like the locations of the camel crashed bus and stuff like that as well as all of the other challenges. We're going to be going through tips tricks and secrets for them so that you guys can get done with these challenges as quickly as possible and a little bit of felt like The Hunting Party loading screens and things like that. So you guys definitely going to be a very helpful video and if you do find it helpful, be sure to hit that like button down below always helps me out so much and encourages me to make more of these guides and I thought that we should have come at what level you guys are at The Season's coming to an end here. So I'm curious to see where you guys are at. And personally, I'm at level 70 to tier 100.Challenges that we're going to be going over. Of course, I'll be showing you guys the secret Banner / * the last one hit again. I'll explain more about that when we actually get to that event for the challenges themselves. We're going to be going over any place mounted turrets and sepehr matches how to do that the fastest visit a camel Viking ship and crashed battle bus. I'll show you all of the locations of those you've also got shotgun eliminations and then the stages for those as well as well as complete vehicle time trials. Are you guys a bunch of a locations for that? So, you know exactly where to go then search chests at Paradise Palms are tilted Towers show you some good spots and then you've got land at location stages and also build structures are going to be going through tips and tricks for all of those who helped you guys get them done as fast as possible. So yeah without further through here to Let's jump on into it with the first Challenger want to talk about in that is the search chests at Paradise Palms are tilted Towers. So this may seem straightforward at first but let's go over like the quickest way to do it because you guys know you probably just going to solo go to these locations a few games and you'll eventually get it done. But there are faster ways I think to do it now specifically I wouldBaby tryouts Squad if you're trying to get this done like super fast like going to solo squads because as usual most people are going to be doing their challenges in Solo and not in squads. So these areas might be a little bit less quiet in those moments. You can also do you like high explosives or something like that or the team Rumble by team Rumble you have to wait until the end of the game so that kind of takes up a ton of time. But yeah, I want you to tilt it does have more chats. I believe overall place is generally a little bit less common. So, you know give or take but like if you're going to Tilted I would maybe just go to the buildings like on the outside the ones that are a little bit less common, like maybe even under the basketball court stuff like that. Just try and get like the secret one under this floor right here, maybe one in the shop or whatever. It's called. Also the one under the street like nobody ever goes for but then for Paradise Palms, you know, just go to any house that other people aren't dropping at its really pretty easy at Paradise Palms. The buildings are fairly similar. There's no like super secret chest. So just go to one. We're not a lot of other people are going in that should help you guys get it done fairly fast, but they're moving on here. Let's get into it with you.Secret Banner or star in the reason I say both is because I'm not 100% sure yet, which it is. I think it's a banner just because that's how it's been in the past but I haven't quite gotten it yet simply because you know, you have to complete all the challenges first. I wanted to get this guy out to you guys right away. But I do know the location of it pretty sure I do the loading screen has been flying around a lot on like Reddit and Twitter and just online and as you guys know there's always a little clue hidden within the loading screen anyone for this week is pretty interesting no real quick before I get into a guy's I have a cool tip for you that you guys may not know that will help you keep track of which loading screen challenges. You still have to do like they secret stars in better if you still have to find because if you're missing one, it can be a pain to try and remember which one exactly it was but there is a way to tell exactly which ones you need and it's pretty simple. All you have to do is go into your Hunting Party challenges. You do have to go to that man you specifically and then take a look at the green check marks specifically, what you're looking for is the ones without the green glow around them. If they do have a green glow that means you've already found the star banner for that week. So justTake a look at which ones do not have that glow in. Those are the ones you still need to do that guys. Would you need to complete this week's challenges and I believe the previous weeks as well in order for the banner to show up on the map itself. So before even trying to find it make sure you get the challenges and stop done in order to get this to show up in the first place. But yeah, once you have those completed basically where you want to go into game is the southern portion of the map inside of the desert area, but specifically so what about this location near fatal Fields another clue supposedly said that it's at gag9 and h8 H9, which on the map if you look at where those quadrants intersect that start should be at that location supposedly it for some reason. It's not there any changes for whatever reason Sibley check the pin comment down below. So if you go over to that location, you'll notice that there's nothing specific like on the ground itself that shows where it is. At least I think if you just go to this location, it should be in this general area. You can also check the top right of your map again. It should be at that intersection. So just walk around here. It's probably a little bit in front of these patches of grass right here.The way it should pop up and then you can pick it up for some reason epic games decides to change the location of this or it doesn't show up here for whatever reason simply check the pinned comment down below. I will update you guys on the location down there, but I'm pretty sure it should show up right around this area. So yeah, I got to go in here with the next Challenger want to go over this one is a pretty easy one to be honest. And that is he landed location stages with the first of which at Lazy links not want to see this one is pretty straightforward. But one of the tips that I can give you is to maybe try to complete other challenges as well. When you are doing this one. There's a couple of coming up that could probably be done with this will go over those specifically. But yeah, I mean, honestly the only way to get this one done is to just land at these locations during your games. It's going to take you a little bit of time but if you try to do some of the other ones as well, maybe you can knock out two birds with one stone, but then after that we do have a fairly interesting challenge which kind of reminds me of the old challenges where it had like a clue to find the star it was like search between these things, but unfortunately it is not that type of challenge. Hopefully they bring those back next season.Fingers that they do but yeah, I'm getting off track. This is the visit a camel a Viking ship and a crashed battle bus challenge. So basically you just have to go to these different Landmark stop. You don't know where they are. Don't worry. I got you guys covered as always. So yeah, let's go ahead and get into it. It doesn't really matter which game mode you do these in but hey, maybe you can try to go to multiple at the same time and speaking of which if you do want to try to do multiple. I mean, these are pretty far away from each other to be honest with the first of which I want to go over the Viking ship as you guys probably already know. This one is pretty obvious. It is in the Vikings Village near greasy Grove. However, if you do go to that Viking ship, I believe it's the big one right here. You can then maybe take a rift and try to head over to the next one which is the camel. Now. The channel is in the desert area sort of close to Lucky Landing. It's near the edge of it. If you go down the road as you can see right here, you will find the camel off on the side near the gas station. And if you go to that it should complete the next part of the challenge. But yeah, if you're able to ripped from the Viking Village sort of clothes over to hear and run over here as well and I just finish off the rest of the Distance by running.Can baby get two in one game for the crashed battle bus. This is probably going to be hard to do all three of them in the same game because he crashed battle bus is at Lazy links is actually to the west of lazy links a little bit. If you go down the road and then go up the hill right here, you will find the battle bus right there. So if you go to that one, it should be your final one for this Challenge and you should get it done for moving on your guys to be next challenge you want to talk about this is the build structures one, which is so simple really the only tip I can give you guys is too probably not even worried about this one. I'd save it for the end because when you're playing games, normally you're going to get this done in 250 structures is about, you know, two and a half full sets of Matt so it will take you a little bit of time but you will get it done eventually and yeah, I mean if you do want to rush through you can always just go to wailing Woods or something like that do something like probably team Rumble cuz then you could have like wailing Woods to yourself and be pretty safe over there and you could just you know, break down a bunch of trees and then build a bunch of materials and then wants to get to 250, you know, you'll have this challenge done. It's really pretty easy over.So you guys there you go for that one after that one though. The next Challenger want to go over is the place mounted turrets in separate matches. Now, this one is pretty straightforward. But obviously the tough part about it is actually funny the mounted turret in order to place them down. And also with that obviously it does say that you need to do these in different matches. So you're not going to be getting this one done faster than at least three matches. However, what are better ways to you know, fine is not the turrets now, unfortunately, we don't have food fight anymore. Maybe it'll come back this week. We don't really know but it's at Modell's come back. That one is so easy to find mounted turrets and it's honestly probably the best one but since it is not here, I'm pretty sure most of the game was we have right now are pretty much the same for dropping these mounted turret besides high explosive. I don't think I would actually had these in it. But with that being said probably the way that I'm going to do it is to just play solo normally and when you get eliminations and stuff like that generally a lot of other players like hearing these if you get an elimination on them, you'll probably end up getting a few throughout the game, but after that, let's move on to one of the most important challenges this week and probably one of the tougher ones you vehicle.Time trials Challenge and I got a bunch of locations for these to show you my real quick before we get into the guys. If you haven't yet. Be sure to hit that subscribe button down below. I put these guys every single week for the challenges. So if you want to know the fastest and best ways to do those challenges being subscribed and also having notifications turned on is the best way to know about them enforce your guys. I will be doing these in season 7 so stay too and we are getting back into it with this time for vehicles. Obviously, as you may expect they are very similar to the other time trials where you just you know, collected the different things but not in a vehicle. If you remember those ones you had to go up to the stopwatch activated and then run around collecting the other pieces of it. I think they were like mini stopwatches. But you had to collect all of those within a set amount of time to complete a part of the challenge. Now, these are very similar to those except they are with a vehicle. So like as you can see here you activate it and then you need to get into a vehicle like an ATK or a quadcrasher and race around picking up each one of these until you collect all of those within the time limit. So yeah, it is pretty straightforward with the tough part.About that is obviously, you know finding the locations themselves, but don't worry guys. I've got a bunch of locations to show you here and you do only need three but I'll show you four of them. See also have an extra in case you wanted, you know, switch it up a little bit but the one I've been showing you right here is actually at the RV place next to retail row. It's to the east of it a little bit sort of me or that carnival game from the last week but it is out in front to grab a quadcrasher from inside the Parkland Drive it out there and then complete the trial like I showed you but then after that and also thinks to suiting wrecks on Twitter for a tweeting me one of these locations, but yeah, there is one near flush Factory so you can grab a quadcrasher like from the parking lot and then bring it up to the top of this hill right here and you will find one on the very top after that. Then you also have one near Dusty divot sort of near the center Dusty divot right over here and there's generally some quad crashes in the back of these trailers they may or may not spawn there but that is where one of the trials this and every fourth one Justice an extra one in case you want to go to different locations. There is also one near Lazy links right over here. It's just grabbing ATK and you'll be able to start that one and then completed. Sorry. I got sober all not too difficult, but thenFinal challenge. I want to go over here. This one is pretty easy and straightforward. It is the elimination stage is challenge with the first stage being shot guns what you know is pretty straightforward that honestly shouldn't really be that hard and then for the other stages as of right now, I don't know them quite yet. I haven't gotten to the he's just because they are pretty straightforward but I expected just cycle through the different types of weapons. So basically the only thing I really need to tell you guys about these you can obviously just play normally and probably get these done. I mean, you're going to get eliminations when you're playing for fun and probably using these different items, but still the best way to do these if you're having a tough time is to do it in the new team Rumble mode reason for that is because of response and you have a ton of time at the beginning of the games to search for Loot and get the ones that you need and then you can just go into the final Circle and keep trying to get in elimination with them. So you guys really shouldn't be that hard that is going to be the final challenge for this video is so I hope you guys found it helpful. And if you did we should have hit that subscribe button down below for more guys like this coming out in the near future on top of that. You can check out some of my previous.Week 9 challenges guide and then on the right a bunch of secret changes in the recent update. But other than that guy's I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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