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How to Become a Master Builder in Fortnite

How to Become a Master Builder in Fortnite

If you're new to fortnite you may have noticed how important building is many of the top players rate themselves on their building skills rather than their Gunplay and with good reason if you can Master the building mechanics, you have all the tools necessary to overcome any player and secure the win but how do you start learning to build in the first place? Hi everyone. My name is oxy and this is my complete Builders guy for fortnite Battle Royale. This guy will cover everything you need to know to get started. But if you're a veteran you might want to stick around as well as some of the stuff in here is not very well know I'll be going over the types of structures the different materials every single edit option techniques for moving and fighting with and against buildings and finally how to get started with your very own for it for the final Circle first. Let's begin with building Basics. There are four basic pieces that can be built walls floors ramps and roofs.Each piece is built using when a 3 resource materials would break or metal building. Any one of the four structures will cost ten of your mats. There's no limitation to how quickly you can build as long as you have enough mats to place each piece materials are harvested from the world with your pickaxe and can also show up as drops from chess or item spawns can be looted from dead players and can be dropped and shade with teammates just like any animal type notes. However that are built structures either your own or an enemies will not return any of the mats invested into that structure. Although each structure always cost 10 minutes. Each individual piece will vary in how much health it has a wall will always have the most health compared to other pieces of the same material and pieces made of a stronger material will have more help in pieces made of a weaker material. However, this is not mean the metal is objectively the best material for all situations and here's whyWhen a structure is placed it is spawned in begins to build itself during this time. The structure will be semi-transparent as the materials are automatically filled into the outline when the material has been fully built. It will bounce in make a sound to let you know what is done during this building process the structure spawns it asset value of health and slowly heals itself over time to its maximum health value in spite of metal having the greatest maximum Hell metal structures will actually spawn with the least amount of Health the start and we'll take the longest to reach their Max help by contrast would instruct respond with the most starting and are the fastest to complete their built. This means that if you're under Fire and misspelled cover quickly wood walls and ramps will be the safest option since they spawn with the most health. In fact, when will spawn was so much help that they are the only structure that can take a shell from a pump shotgun with their starting help. This also means that your structures are much weaker when they are first place down if you're taking fire don't expect anything youDown to last very long until the enemy stops reload. Similarly if you are firing on someone and they start building don't stop firing immediately cuz you can cut through their walls while they were being built much more easily than if you let them finish building during the building process the amount of materials apply to the structure signifies the amount of hell that has generated this also applies when Wallace shot or damaged and is most evident on brick walls is very easy to tell the relative health of a brick wall since it will fill up bottom to top with Rick's brick wall with only a few bricks missing at the top is still healthy or one with only a few remaining at the bottom is about to break note that this means that when taking cover behind a highly damage structure you were often visible to enemies on the other side keep this in mind when he can from her base with a sniper rifle you can use the transparent wall to safely line. If your shot before peaking and firing before we talked about how to use your pieces. I want to talk about editing once a building has been created you can edit it to change it safe. You can also edit the shape of a building during the build mode before you have play sit down note that editing.Rainbow Potomac every additional piece you put down have that edit while editing a piece after you place. It will only change that particular piece editing in fortnite is pretty simple to remove elements of a structure simply click on tile to disable attend clerk again to re-enable at any point. You don't like what you've done. You can hit your zoom button to fully reset the structure to its original shape additionally while building ramps. You can press your relocate to the structure to your desired angle. Although you cannot edit buildings place by an enemy player yours are always available to edit and if you're playing a squat you can also said anything built by your teammates as well. So the next time your friend trapped under their base just make a door in the wall instead of shopping the whole wall down. You can also edit any neutral structures the architect house and the Northeast part of the map is a good example of this. There are a ton of different edit option is much more that are possible to cover in this video. But if you want to see all the possibilities take a look at this handy chart to get started there two important things. I want to mention however regarding ramp at its first ramps differ from the other structure.Send it to edit. Then you must click a corner tile and drag it in a direction in order to dictate the direction of the stairs rather than simply selecting tiles second. It's actually possible to rotate your ramps after they've been Bill dragon from the small Arrow tiles to their opposite will influence the direction of the slope. This is extremely helpful. If you're in a fort and want to peak one of your off walls one final note for editing edits count as negative space if you want to demolish a structure quickly, you can edit out the connecting parts to destroy the whole thing without having to whack at it with your pickaxe. Now, let's talk about some basic uses for your pieces starting with walls. What was the ideal cover? Not only because they have the most health relative to their Matt type. But because they synergize with every other piece if you're taking fire your first reaction should almost always be to start spanning walls to protect yourself. Remember that Presley build walls will be weaker. So it's best to back up and spend multiple layers of walls. France can also be used as impromptu cover in spite of being slightly weaker than walls their ideal when rushing a sniperHouston is covered while continuing to move forward and a sniper will not be able to punch through them fast enough to stop you. If you've just well do self defensively good option is to build a ramp behind your wall. So you can peek over the top of her wall and return fire. It's also provides a double layer protection since your enemy will need to punch through both your wall and the ramp behind it's not your damn know that you can place complimentary structures without needing line of sight. For example, if you place the ramp, I forgot to place a wall in front you can still place the wall through the ramp without needing to get down and move to the front. This can be used. When a sending Under Fire to protect your ramps from being shot down immediately as well. However, you must be careful going to high structures in fortnite cannot float at the peace connecting them to the ground has destroyed the entire structure will break the maximum height you can fall without taking fall damage is three stories high. So keep this in mind when building to this end if you're rushing someone it is usually advisable to build a double column of ramps going up. This is ideal for two reasons first. It takes longer for the enemy to shoot down since they have to knock out both of the anchoring clap.Secondly, it's much harder for them to pre-fire you since they can't be sure which platform you going to pick from next up our floors. These are ideal for divorcing distance horizontally protecting you from over at fire or dropping safely from Heights traversing distance with them is pretty self-explanatory. Just remember that if you're more than three stories up your risk of taking damage if someone shoots them out, so only travel short distances are double stack the columns to reduce the risk after using them on your Ford. Remember that you can edit holes in them to shoot at people below you. You can also enter edit mode to see through them to find enemies hiding beneath you until you commit the edit the enemy can't see you on the other side. Remember that both of these techniques can also be used on walls either to Simply watch through four enemies or to create quick Windows through which you can shoot florist can also be used to descend from Heights and extend the range of your jaw dropping from a hill or from your fort built floors under you to prevent fall damage. Remember that you don't even need to be too close to the wall to land on the floor piece. If you can also place a floor piece on a wall to extend the range ofOrder a boost yourself to hide after jumping off a tire Forest can also be placed on top of structures the service overhead cover. This is great for when you need to quickly duck inside somewhere and heal up then a ramp on her what she's in Crouch for double the layer of protection. If you want to get really say if you can put a roof piece down a floor piece then a ramp for a triple layer of safety. Speaking of Bruce. These are the most underutilized building pieces in the game most new and even experienced players will often ignore them, which is a mistake roofs are the specialist pieces of your building set. Although you may not use them as much as a three main pieces. They have a lot of nice uses that the others can't fill for 1 the shapes. You can make with them are quite interesting raise two talls in one side to create a makeshift ramp. This is useful. If you have your rent setting a stair formation, but still want to make a default ramp slope the default roof shape is also extremely useful. I like spreading it around the top of my base and liking the pyramid shape gives me lots of cover when I'm typing and the many different edges mean I have multiple places to eat from to keep my phone. It's guessing remember that you can place your floor pieces through the roofs for two layers of protection. However doing this means that you can't quickly edit peek under your base or create hole through which you can chew enemies underneath Finally ever had to pass us some good loot because you're already stacked drop a roof piece over it to hide The Tell-Tale glow you can also drop proof pieces of her down Player's Place one on top of a downed enemy to trap them from moving around his teammates or place went over your own down teammates to give them some protection until the coast is clear to revive them using the roof tile in such a way is very efficient. Cuz it only cost 10 Mass to place but offer a full 360 degrees F coverage using four walls and maybe a roof will cost you four to five times as much if you follow these tips. You should find yourself lasting much longer in fights and generally putting yourself in a better position to win. Each engagement you take building is key to success and Four Knights and mastering the skill is of utmost importance for mastering the game. This is my first fortnite video, but I'm planning on making more. So if you enjoyed it, be sure to hit that subscribe but also want to take a moment to mention my Twitter and Discord for all our new subscribers. You can find links to both of these in the description and I highly encourage you to check either of them out if you want to get to know me better grab something If you want to ask her discuss, I'm very active on both platforms. And I most likely to respond there. Once again, my name is oxy and I'll see you guys and the next one.


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