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Win More Games! | Full In-Depth Gameplay Guide | Tips \u0026 Tricks | Fortnite Battle

Win More Games! | Full In-Depth Gameplay Guide | Tips \u0026 Tricks | Fortnite Battle Royale

What's going on guys? It is blink your back within you guys. This is another full gameplay guide. So hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Also the v-bucks giveaway still going on. So make sure to visit the link in the description to enter and lastly don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications as opposed to Amazon gift card code of the comments every time I upload my turn on notifications of a way better chance of getting your first and redeeming that code that weighs guys. Let's get to this guy. So you guys we're back at the usual Paradise Palms it goddamn. I still live Landing here. Hopefully soon. I'll be able to change my landing spot. So guys there a bunch of players here and you guys can see I cannot find a spot that's not been taken try to avoid laying with another player unless you spawn a weapon and have a guarantee of grabbing at first. I was going for the chest and ended up finding an auto Shawty It's a great but it's still shocking. So I found myself a weapon in a gathering of some would as soon as possible and instantly I don't push this is why I recommend you gather that we're right off the bat now. He never had a weapon, so I wasn't in any trouble although he did.Shocking at the end there because I thought I was getting pushed by him and I noticed it right away and never let him take shots. I was also able to get myself a blue AR from the chest. So I've got myself one weapon for further ranges and one with a foreclosure ranges. Now, I hear players fighting cross the street and I try pinching. Both of them for both kills was too late and was only able to get one of them got myself a silenced SMG which isn't bad with the pump combo. I got myself the worst shock and so that doesn't help wounded up the second player in a player ends up ripping On Top of the Rock. I was heading towards call me off by surprise and as I'm fighting him, I got shot by two more players in both directions. I head back to the house to avoid being vulnerable to both players if your sandwich do you want to block yourself from one opponent weather to be building walls or rotating? Like I'm doing here. I just don't have enough materials to protect myself against both players if winter spring at me, then the other one might do the same because it's an easy way to put damage towards me make sure you're always always only allowing one important to have a potential angle on you if you're sitting inside.What about when fighting an opponent across from you and someone starts shooting you from behind don't ignore it building was behind you that way the apartment behind won't have an angle on you. I do a pretty respectable health and put Star Wars the last opponent that shot at me. He's somewhere around this house and I'm scared. The best I can got to be super way around Paradise Palm Beach house has multiple openings to shoot from so it's pretty easy to get bamboozled chance of dropping down and I think he tried trickshotting me with the hunting rifle which wasn't a smart idea at all. He had a pretty solid set up had that Tac shotty or pump to take shots at me. Although he made the wrong move right now. I'm going to stall and set up and now I need is a new SMG been loving it more every date. Let me know what you guys think of the new SMG. It's been a few days are testing Aunt so far. I'm enjoying it. Although it's sometimes it might be too strong a destroy materials. I do think there's going to be some sort of Nerf towards that very soon or maybe not who knows so we got ourselves or next opponent. I tried sneaking up on him.To see if I can get a hunting rifle shot off and ended up building cuz I don't want to get shot in the back as I'm sneaking really not worth it. I get the elimination. And the first thing I look at is if this player had any materials and she's had a pretty solid amount around 1:30 when she should have used against me. He tried sneaking around me and that's never smart thing to do. Remember the person that's got the high ground pool in most cases have the peekers advantage. I can see in the whole weight and he can't see me at all sneaking up on me won't help him building up towards me or continue taking shots at me as I build will help you have to do something during the time. I'm building. You don't want to let me set up or at least put some solid damage in to me as I'm setting up. So I'm clear dough Paradise Palms in whatever. I know there's potentially no players around or try to gather most of my weight around the area because I don't risk the chance of getting critically damaged as I gather. If you got the time gather as many materials around the area you cleared use the rift and spotted a player in a cart down below and you guys know how muchTalk about the Yankees being death traps are just too easy to shoot at so I drove right down to him and put on some solid damage before you ended up building my pump shot never ended up shooting because I tried shooting too early which was unfortunate as a result. The fight did take a little longer, but we did get the elimination. So I lifted him up and got sniped at this player put me down to a really low HP scenario. Now the second I stopped moving by Demis up a split second to think about if I wanted him to put the pressure back or take my to Macy's First in at quickly decided to take a shop. You never ever ever thought. I was going to pick back out because of the damage she put towards this made him very comfortable. And as a result, I had a nice shot that he couldn't have done anything about now. There's actually one thing you could have done which is Building self cover a z move towards me you wanted to say. 1st. And as a result, they got him killed. This is why I've talked about putting the pressure back onto your opponents to avoid them for being aggressive. You'll slow them down and give you more time to work with or you'll just eliminate them. Like I did heNow I'm on the hunt to find any sort of meds. I'm around an area that has potential loosing around. So I want to make sure I get my meds off the ground and not for my next fight cuz you want to be healed up as much as you can be and every single ended up finding myself method on the way, which will put me back at Max HP. Now, I think you'll get my wall shadow and instantly build up for that High Ground. Thankfully this player doesn't put on any damage as they take the medkit. I've been fighting the support it I get shot in the back. And remember what I've talked about at the start of the guide block that important behind you from being able to take shots. That way you can focus on your current opponent. I get the elimination and as you guys shot I took shots at this place materials in the movie place down a wall in front of his rent I built up for that High Ground to not allow them to take it because by the time I just raised one ramp, keep me a bunny taking shots. How do you only steers dinner would have been an easy drop to his dip I jump out in the direction of where the player behind me shot and spotted two players fighting now, I get down to the ground a little farther to avoid getting hurt. This allowed me to take us.About one of the opponent's which left me in the one you went against this player. I pushed closer to where is this player because he can potentially have boys pee from the last player. Make sure to build myself cover every time you took shot down in my cupboard takes damaged and not me. He actually ends up pulling out a rocket launcher and at that moment. I don't want after my last shot gun shot towards him. He was ready to shoot it and how they missed a shot. He would have hit my wall with his rocket resulting in eliminating himself the movie I eliminated this play. I got pushed by another player. So I took a few shots as I push towards him now he ends up doing an insane amount of damage as I got closer. We both play their breasts early and luckily. I got the last shop at the end. I built was a split second too late which allowed him to squeeze in a few shots. It was a secret code situation and how to get shooting as I dropped. You might have gotten me he ended up pulling out his building materials which got him killed. So moving on I find myself in airdrop with some Minis and a legendary grenade launcher I end up taking it and push up for it up on the hill. Now you guys can see that it's about five stories high.Country that doesn't really matter anymore because of bass traps. If you got it down strap. It won't be much of an issue to build your for a little higher because it's an easy way to avoid that. I was able to drop this player to the ground and he took some soul Bowl damage. So I make sure to keep that pressure on him to not allow any sure to Healing. I also want to mention that explosives or curly super repeat. They can take down the fort quite easily. If you're not joking with a sniper at the Rockets are hands-down your next option. You should be looking into I tried exploding the cover he had again to see if I can sneak another grenade although he ends up leaving a big opening for me for an easy shot with a shotgun. So moving forward. I spot a player get in this drop and he doesn't seem like he's too good of a player one clove noticing and also good of a player is that they simply are jumping when running that's exactly what this player wasn't doing the job and that actually made me a little more relaxed in fighting him. I found strapped into his one by one and dropped it right inside to get a quick elimination. Yes, this is risky because he can't wrap me up all because ofJump, I took the risk of getting a quicker but risky or elimination. How do I shop from the outside if you would have kept rebuilding and the fight would have lasted much longer with potential players coming into the fight. Once again, what I did was risky and it's not recommended, but when I spot weaker players, I'll give myself more flexibility. So I'm fighting one of the last two players and you can see as he tried taking a shot at me. I had to change my positioning from the side. I don't write up for The High Ground And I meet you to place a wall in his face when you know where your opponents at make sure your place in the proper materials to block them from hitting you as you build up. You also want to make sure you're dropping down if your phone is dropping down to you don't want to sit at the tippity top of the high ground and just wait you'll allow your point to heal or he'll just shoot the structure down or it simply nothing will happen. Stay mobile and keep that pressure toward your appointment as you're holding The High Ground there was a lot of movement in this fight and they try to make sure I stayed above my opponent whenever it was needed and stay close to him at all times. There was a lot of building going on or though I just made sure encounter.Is every move he ended up boxing himself in and replace the ramp over top of them to not allow him to build above me any type of player boxes themselves in please send a ramp over top of them. That way they cannot build above you as I do that he opens up his wall, and I think he thought I was above him so I caught him with this building materials out, which was unfortunate for him. Now. I can hear this last play your summer all around the materials took a quick glance before the circle start moving in and she actually got to the top so you can see I built myself straight up with walls before wrapping up. The reason for this was because the woman display replace down his staircase. If you would have potentially been able to see me had a staircase it up without going straight up. I use this elevator method of building for this exact reason. Well guys, that's it for this full gameplay guide. Hope we can help some people out and Awakening, that would be greatly appreciated as it does help me out a lot that ways guys thinks you're watching and hope you have a great rest of your day or night and I'll see you on the next one.


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