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HOW TO WIN | High Kill Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

HOW TO WIN | High Kill Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I guess we're doing a tilted Towers educational commentary. Thank you so much guys before the 1500 bits and Tommy think of it as twitch Prime. I appreciate you guys. So tilted Towers. I think I've done one tilted towers of Jason, during the past. I'm looking to make another one or right here. There's a few places. I typically like the land. I do like landing at the clock tower because if you're quick enough, you can get some really really cheap easy kills if there's chest in there but it is no chest like right now as much as I'm going to ignore that imma go straight over here and grab this burst rifle.A black guy landed over here. He also has a he had a shotgun or something and he's right on top of me. summer grab this Tell them. Unfortunately, he did get a clean shot on me. I don't know what just happened there for like my cursor just went flying off for a second, but that's fine. So we got to kill over here before I push further that way. I'm going to check this area right here and start trying to gather some. Shields and some extra materials specially a chest down here. I think it's underneath me right now. That is cabinet. It's important to know where all the chests are. You definitely going to need that information. Grenade think she'll be going to pop it listening for footsteps doesn't seem like a lot of people and a lot of people did laying here like no matter what is always a lot of people here. So, Running around be cautious of any traps. We've already cleared up stairs over to plead this area. I so now we can. jumptown and push these bottom few bathrooms and everything. I really just need like an extra shield or some bandages to get myself back up. This will do what's going to pop this right here pay here. Listen for footsteps and try to see if anyone else everybody else's. Coming towards me. I hear shots South. All right. About to run out and we can move we don't have a lot of material. So we got to make sure we play very aggressive. Is a lot of time for mistakes. Play the sky is up here. I think you can just jump through this if you time it. Grabbing a sniper rifle. I'm going to keep double shotgun. having a double shotgun is definitely used big and be very useful in the situation with multiple Close Quarter fights that guy ran inside the truck I try to get a quick snack on them. That I'm not going to go for the loot yet. It's kind of like a risky spot to be in the truck. I think you can you can build in the truck now, but still not somewhere you want to be your kind of be kind of pinched. If you could come in there this way. I'll get the shield. I'll pop the shield. I'll have a little more Health little more cushion when I push for that truck. So if things go south did I already see somebody bring towards it? So let's go over here. Get on top of this double shotgun. Pumping to semi-auto it's extremely strong. I usually run it up until I get like some shielding to make it. I'm going to put a wall there so I can't be attacked. Right now I do have shields in a medkit. So I'm going to run to fetch just a green pump. And whatever else is offered here. So just get me pumped sniper blue AR that's the way to go. You can put you can actually build walls now inside of the the trucks so we should build a wall if you're loading in order to avoid. Getting gunned down or blown up while you're inside the truck, okay. somebody nearby So I thought if she was shooting at somebody behind me, I'm a totally turned around located at Target the sky. I'm going to go above him. I think he's going above to Now it seems like he is. either ran inside He's right there. He's right there. The High Ground here allowed this to be some very easy kills we went for a quick snapshot that really landed that's fine followed up with a pump shotgun to pump shotguns and heater react to it too. Well. What's a load up the rest of this and in that situation he really should have built up. One thing I want to do for the rest of the match is I want to criticize my opponents are doing at to make myself feel better. Now. I'm getting I want to criticize with my parents are doing so that you guys can understand why they died what mistakes they made and what they could have done better what you could do better in a situation. If you get caught in situations that they're in but the situation at Barron is that they're going against me and you we don't we don't really want to be in that situation situation. I think I grabbed the lunch bag. Okay, so I see somebody off in the distance to pick up a really long range sniper shot. I'm going to hit this 250 meter. Just need to get a little more high on it. We will hit this. Pretty nice hiding underneath the platform. So not much can be done there but is in the safe Zone. Aunt famous guy It's very far away. He's running back towards should Fisher. I was there another. Was there another launch pad? But I missed Sagar it's all good. Alright, so moving in somebody shooting from behind Chopper the wall up. It's a bush. He's very weak you got science into the body shot and he dropped down to give up The High Ground. So most likely he's hiding right behind that Ridge behind average right there and either ways with the Chow Time. Miss that shot at sign. Go ahead and push in with some ramps. Put on the Rams early he's going up. book about you Play I was pretty simple. He he he he he was in a bush and not just in a brushed eat. He stayed in the bush even after you shot at us very easy to tell when somebody shooting you through a bush and then he built a ramp right here. He went up and he just jumped down. So this situation You don't want to just go up and then jump down like what he did that's going to get you killed if you go up and I'm above you you do this for the floor right here. And you can go that way or that way. I would have gone this way. I would have came right here on the floor right here. I would have jumped and put two ramps and now I'm above me or my opponent. Okay, but I got to do that. You just jumped down and gave me two free shots. Cuz I'm a straight line. I don't know what she's doing. To be honest with you. I'm not to see you to have guns. Do you like yourself? Is a pump shotgun if she's like doing a little bunny hop tactic where they jump up and down and hopefully getting like a head shot of something and then she might fall I know. She might get a headshot. Where can I go? You know, I'll do it. Open a little door for her. I'll put this around most likely she'll open the door maybe. What she open the door? No. I also saw I was curious, you know. That's curious as to what her plan was, but the storm is coming in soon about 30 seconds. Let's go. Well, I belong try to make it I am missing five health I could have if I didn't waste all that time messing with her I could have I could have killed her used one of her Med kits and had full help with edema kits and the campfire but for entertainment's sake we just messed around with her and that's fine. But let's keep moving forward. We won't get to say something is wrong with the way the storm. By the way. I'm sure most of you know, that's what some people don't like if you're over here. like on the shorter end basement translate the circle closes at the same time. So this side is going to touch the white line at the same time that this site there's a white line. So the the the further you are from it the slower. The moose in a sense of her that you I mean the closer you are to the white circle the closest the slower at lowest that's common sense. But that's something I didn't know the first few weeks. I start playing so with that in mind you should know like if you can outrun the storm even if it's like the first or second storm, which you can't outrun if you're on the edge, but if you close enough you can have the deathly outrun them. My colors are brighter because I have digital Vibrance turned up on my graphics card settings. And that's it. I don't use any of the color-blind, It's man kills so far. Thank you. So far is out right now. Our biggest issue is we don't have a lot of materials for very long at your house, but that's okay. I don't mind having low materials if I have a launch pad because I can use the launch pad to negate the need for materials that a lot of times you use materials to push your phone without taking damage boat when you have a Launchpad, you know. A lot of times you don't really have the need. Did you can use it offensively to get to and from places. I spot somebody up here. I'm going to decipher she said If I miss that if I didn't kill her right there, I would put up a wall and just started like shooting her with a r or something. She had high ground, but luckily she was kind of weak and we saw her early if the shot now, she didn't have a lot of materials and fortunately, but that's okay. Let's move on up. Now. There was somebody up here. It's actually sitting right there. He sees me he knows I'm here. What she did wrong there was she just start shooting my walls. I had a wall in a ramp and they were layered and I can just peek in and hit her as I wish to do that I can pick it and I'm going to cover up this just in case somebody else comes from behind me, but I was just speaking of shooting at her. She didn't really React to what I was doing. She just let me shoot her twice in the face. Definitely not what you want to do in that situation right here. I will poppy Mini 3 HP is not a lot but it does add up and since we have six most likely to have to use all 6 and we're in a bad spot anyways, and that 3hp would have been handy has been multiple times where I survived with bike 125 HP don't underestimate that got 11 kills is looking like a decent kill game. I guess that's what happens when you land in tilted reason being is Your rate of getting out of tilted compressor relay anywhere else is a lot lower. I even saw the best way to the world's about Ninja tilted and their win rate out of tilted is lower than any other place just because there's more chance of dying with the amount of people that land there and unpredictability that it has so some guy just got right here. I don't know what he's doing. So walk right up to him and shot him for his health back. Are we going to try to snipe as he jumps across we make it jump. I don't know. That's another person of top. They let you chew people right here. This guy shooting over there. Try to get some some hit send before I approach but there's actually three people up there. Holy shit. I got a sandwich. Okay, so right here, I'm not going to do the same mistake those guys did I'm going to I'm going to try to like wall off right here. See if I can get a snap on the sky if anything I need to. I need to ramp this guy shooting a lot though. He's shooting a lot and that he's not just sitting a lot, but he he knows I'm trying to get up there. Let's go. I would write about him. He push a little too early by for damages have to self. mist is that is that all his loot is dropping down before I go down there. I'm just going to peek over right here and see if there's anybody right up here. He start building his ramps too early. If you want to know where he fucked up. He should have built his ramps from right here, but he start building them like right here and I was over him by the time he came I was way over him. So three guys rounds each other. We just kind of had the good positioning and we were able to come out alive now right here is a lot of Loot and the storm is coming in but I'm going to I'm going to lose this. definitely worth looting us and we have a lot of messages and stuff. So it's fine. You know, we got everything we need now. bed sheets and everything and if you want to be try hard about it we could enough don't know no need to be try hard about it. I was I wasn't paying attention to Circle a text you the five tick. I was just trying to bring all the Meg gets with me. And and you do like a little tact before you pick up pick up pick up pick up and you can move it with you. But this is starting for 5 damage was a little too slow to do that. I have to get out. But if I wanted to I could have brought that make it over with me, but it's like a jungle. In fact, that's all it is. It's more useful during the one tick to Tik storm not so useful during the five fix storm because if I fix storm you can't take that off so you would you die. Soon as I saw my health drop below 20 and you have to get out there is no time for that. That's fine. We got a lot of materials out of that. We got another jump pad. We use that first jump pad really well to get into this position that that was not going to let us get close to them the mountain at all. He was he was holding. He was holding it down. So we'll use it really well to to get in position. And now we got some snapshots distance. This is the last High ground available. So ideally you don't want to give the spot up will try to get a quick snack on the sky Maybe. He's hiding inside. You don't want to give the spot up. But so don't do what I'm about to do right now. Like I know this is educational commentary. You don't want to drop from up here. That's not what you want to do. You really don't. However, just let us take it like entertainment. We will come up here. I just try to like I hate the delay on the Ariel the delay on the on the pump sometimes catch the payoff Garda Oceanside me Hyper. I miss that. Too early and I'm going to pick from the side miss that he quit stop. Okay, we will push up make sure I got everything we loaded. She took way too long to shoot by the way. She should have just took another shot while you have the chance to know she was hoping I would stand still or something. That's a quick scope followed by a pump shotgun. How many people can survive that? We got one guy left one guy. So ideally we want to take The High Ground back. I'm going to swap my jump pad be on a jump pad. Morton High Ground back and if you're up here, this is a perfect place to be that's that's exactly where you want to be in the situation. You don't want to eat. You don't want to give this up you want to fight for this but we drop downs because we were confident or skill set and I wanted it like you don't Okay, I was talking about this earlier, but I was just looking at us right there. I could edit this and hatch I have I want to I guess I will. I had shot I take that back I suck but we talked about this before we kill this guy. If all the fights you get into it all the fights to get into Earth or in your advantage. If you only engage in fights that are in your advantage, that's good like it you might think you know, why would I not want engagement fight? So I have the advantage to get every fight. You should try to have the advantage but if you don't as you're playing as you're progressing as a player if you don't like get better right now, let me know. If you don't put yourself in situations where you don't have the advantage you won't know what to do when somebody is pressuring you like that you won't know what to do. It's a lot of times people. They the only place safe they only play when they have the advantage for sure. So when they get a situation where they're like under pressure really don't have a lot of the advantages that they usually have they choke right? So you want to kind of put yourself in positions where you're not too comfortable you want to get out of your comfort zone you want to get out? Your comfort zone because the more you're out of your comfort zone the more experience. You'll have being under pressure and the better off you'll be so. Remember that remember that? Sky's right here may just ramping up. I don't know what he's probably going to scar me or something. I could trap this guy. He seems like he knows what he's doing but not too much cuz it's kind of like Expose and stuff around you had shot me right off the bat. stop you have to reload eventually and while he's reloading I'll just I'll pop another Shields and then he's wrapping up. I'll deny the ramp right there. I purchased over here with one ramp no layers whatsoever that situation you want to double ramp and you want to add layers and he didn't do any of that. So I'll fall damage. I have to guess. Shut up, no scope his ass. Why you got to be carefully in this car like that into shot me potentially? I do want to trap him. I really do in a trapping. I don't know if it's possible though. He's a bit aggressive. I did say I was going to stop playing with my food until I got to win, right? I probably should stop playing with my food, huh? Marriott I think of traffic I think is playing a little too aggressive if you guys enjoyed the educational commentary make sure you leave a like And subscribe if you watched on YouTube is Russia on switch to make sure you follow for more education, text. My name is cipher. Watch MBA if you want to see more just know, there's make sure you check out my YouTube channel activate game. Thank you so much for watching.


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