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FORTNITE CREATIVE GAMEMODE (Beginners Guide / Gameplay)

FORTNITE CREATIVE GAMEMODE (Beginners Guide / Gameplay)

Hey guys, what's going to rain today? We are here for a slightly different video. And because you can tell I'm also using different Mike and the reason behind that is because I'm actually at the epic games head office is over in America, and I've been testing out a really really cool game mode, which isn't actually available yet, but is in the next day or two. So again, this is kind of an exclusive sneak peek at the new agency head creative mode in fortnite. Yes. That is true. This is what it is. We have a creative mode in fortnite can kind of say is it is really really promising. It's a bit basic at the moment. But of course, that's the start. It's the start of the process and that's kind of what you would expect to see. Hey we go to lovely new loading screen. We going to hop right on in and we're going to create a new load. I've been playing around with this quite a bit over the past few days getting a lot of experience with the different mechanics on the different blocks that you can use.Best songs of different stuff you can do and I guess one of the best thing to me is that true potential for the future with game modes as a lot of specific assets and stuff that are in the works that will make a really great Wilson. So that is mini games Adventure emotes everything you can possibly think of so anyways, once you jump into the game and it brings you to a different Bronx now what this is and I guess the beauty of this is this is all related to your friends and it was so who's in your lobby so you can see him my lovely username is a pic of an 18 because of course, I'm at 3 at the office right now recording this video That's My Island. Now, if you hope it gives you the option to change between four different Islands you at 1 to freon for a century. The idea behind that is all in one you could have say erase. Try calling to you could build on another roller coaster.Free of all cool Island full let's just say Hunger Games map and then you change it. So right now it's all in one if I jump into this Rift will take me to Auto number one if I change it to all the number to an Open golf course take me to Al number two. So again, very very self-explanatory. And what's really cool about this is if your friends are in the game mode in front of each pill of this hell you can see it will be three different ones, but for that walk, so centrally you have your in-service and it's all using your Maps. So if your friends in hey you playing your friends not you can build your friends mouth and it's it's really really awesome. So again, I'm going to hop into this Rift hit it's going to take me to the island of Kos ter Sonoma way you lie down you Skydive. I'm going to do a second to kind of look at the island. This is your building space. So everything can you can build in of course, I'll be a different islands around so I will vary and you'll be able to see your friends bill.In the distance as well. So again you come down to here and we'll just jump down. Let's do a few things. You probably noticed already. So we've got this little item which is at the moment. No, no Zar phone. And essentially this is going to be your building tool. So what I mean by this is what if we jump into our inventory as you can see him, we have a bunch of really really awesome prefab builds. Now what we're going to do. I'm just going to choose one around and you can see we got Pachelbel. So this is like pre-made content by epic. You can just talk into your world and have fun with but if you want to get a bit more creative you can get assets from around the mountains. You can see who's got the Clock Tower from tilted Towers. We've got the hotel's the skyscraper codes. I'm just general assets.The Disco room from just outside flush Factory all these different things you can do. So I'm going to choose let me choose a parkour course. I think there's a whole bunch and you see down here. This is really see you for everything. You can possibly think of Seagull Book shelves on the floor once you select it. And if you go to for it, it will give you a blueprint outline of where it's like she's going to go see, you know, exactly where you going to throw you out to Chuck it on down and you see hit its bones in all the different items. So for example, this bookshelf if you hold your phone in your hand, if you left click you kind of hoping we can take it over to the left look again and it is copied and pasted it to the beauty of this and you can have a whole area with all these different acids then if we say grab a house, which I had conveniently have in my inventory was Chuck. Down to buy there's a house.Instant somebody say I want to take a bookshelf into this house. We got a lovely House hitwe pop inside and head up says this this room could do the bookshelf. So what we're going to do is we're going to head back outside apologies. I'm not used to the keyboard, but we can I left click move right on Inside Out house and I'm looking to dump out bookshelf right that I'm beautiful. We now have a bookshelf. But of course, this is just kind of a small example. There is huge potential with this now. I know that again a lot of you guys to watch the videos are creative Builders and that I can just for a few days. There is so much we can do. So, what I'm going to do now isn't going to grab a pack will cause one of the again pre-made ones we can get down on the floor lovey-dovey and you can essentially you can spawn in right now on the road through this on down and have some kind of just like a park or a session with your friend. So let's just run the Colts a little bit. I'll show you around but again, it's kind of cool because there's onlyClosest place that is only pre-made Assets in hit so in Minecraft you kind of have to create event as you can tell him over a good epochal you have me creative inventory. I'm not something that's potentially coming in the future. But for now you got the opposite. So for example is slow ahead and very nice left. Click it take it over to where you want to build and you can stop building a platform to let's just say let me grab a wolf first. Let's grab this lovely Wu let's play sit and you can see you can stop placing it down like so if you make a mistake and you want to move at what we're going to do is I'm going to hover over the weekend. I right click and you can see here. We are essentially cut it so, you know, if you're copying and pasting documents, what you can do is you right click it and then you just move it and I'll close it does have to be connected at the moment. So you call just randomly placed it acts like they know mobile. So, of course if you were just building a wood who acts like that you have to have it connected and if you destroy the bottom it's goingPause a few issues to be aware of that. But again this works for pretty much everything in the pre-made assets. So let's say now want to grab this beautiful Bay area and we can start building a pathway. I need to see a simple with my Spotify on top the potential for this is really really awesome. So let's talk again about the different options in the money. So kind of showing you the basics of the game mode. Now, what I want to do is show you a few of the actual items in it. So course that all the pre-made buildings which has got all the stuff. Another thing that could be of use again. If you are the most creative individual you like building individual buildings yourself, you don't necessarily like I don't know building of the pre-made ones that are already in the game if you want to go to thank you think this is a good one for you. So again, we can occur up this. Let's see what it screwed.This is where is it? This is how Brickhouse gallery now what we going to do is once again Chuck this down on the ground lovely proof blueprint to show you where it's going to go cuz you sure this is Chuck it and it destroys hockey house. If you want to make sure on this indicator is a very very good way of making sure that that is not going to happen. So you can see his gives us a lovely range of things we can use some going to have a lovely powerful house or at least the front with copy and paste all over again left click left click and then let's get super crazy. So we going to have some gray Windows as well because why not and yet the beauty of this game mode on this is saying I'm super excited for is it getting this is the first version and look how advanced it already is in terms of what you can do you have this lovely Island to yourself. You can build whatever you want to build personally. I've been working on a few different amounts of the few different genres, and I've been having a ton of fun as well as game modes of a warning when you're playingI know in like 5 hours later. You don't realize that time has indeed post. Of course. I will be a few things. You see in the video that in the final year old version are slightly different do better in mind. This is opposed to me at the Epic of cease playing at before at least if you see a few things that look at it buggy or you see a few things at the textures all quite right again through her mind is the first version when it is fully release for you guys. Always thought you different and it'll be a lot more kind of published a lot more affected. So let's just have again. I look at the menu. Of course. Will Chuck This Outlaw inventory. This is where things get really cool as well. So let's head over to devices you can see we have a whole different range. Now. This is all the stuff from a cold faster route. There's a few new features and that's what we're going to look over now. There's a few that I personally really really like so coarse first thing I'm going to look up.The reason this is important is if you want to build a race, this is a really really cool features, lets place a ramp like so the speed boost and if I hop back to my motel, you can see if you run over this. It's going to shoot you right up into the sky. Now. This is going to be too full if you're bleeding like a contract or something like that. You can combine it with the Jump N bounce house and you can make tons of different crazy loops and all that kind of stuff. Now I kind of items which is really cool as you get sport Isuzu Vehicles bonus. That's Place one down you place a floor mat and then you can have two again get rid of that place is Sparta.Is it was born for example a quad bike every time this is destroyed as if I'm the Catalyst and end up destroying the quad bike. It's going to respond right here on the spot. So it's good because if you want to do a cheetah jump like site and then you end up pulling up the map losing your coat bike. And of course I'll do is I'll just delete it. So you'll see they got safely five fingers crossed that we ain't never called back waiting for us to see him very nicely done by suspect. You've got siren school boards a basic mapmaking features and this is actually quite interesting. So this is something again that will come in relevant with your Maps. If you're building race tracks, what we going to do is we going to place a floor also going to place what is known officially as a full Diamond Drill. Let's play soccer.I'll see you have this lovely glowing electric kind of real. However, if I walk into it and it works well because if you won't drive Outlets again, grab a Celtic look like and we'll drive into it. You'll see that it should come to reflect this backwards and that's really really cool feature and something again. That's really great from not because I don't know the reason kind of emphasizing this is because I know a lot of Europeans all my child or indeed mapmakers, especially with games like Minecraft that has a lot of potential. Hey. Did something really cool pencil on featuring it is a few things you can spawn in shopping carts stuff like that. But of course, this is just general stuff that's in the Battle Royale game mode. So you already know what set of 2 weapons again, you can spawn in different weapons whether they are in the game or not. So again, that's something you can do. That's really real awesome.Let's head over to v-neck stop again more thing game items. What's cool about this is of course again, if you're building a map that's like a park or you can put your items in and again, like in the crock pot and have it spoon. Now this is where it gets really cool. So what we going to do is we can I want some what should we have will have some Shield potions so we can I add that to my chest we're going to add that's just had a few we head up to chest now, you can see hey we have a list of all the different items. I can be in the chest. That's click crate. Llama you can see now we have a friendly Little Longhorn from us. However, if we break this it will drop the items we put in the trash previously same logic applies folding crate chessboxin, like crate just makes a lovely chest you open it like a standard chest in a noble game mode on and it should drop the item.So again, that's really it really awesome feature for the mapmakers out that what we're going to do for the menus real quick. So we have to leave match. Of course, that's pretty obvious. You like the much Reese born again pretty obvious. That's creative Hub. So that's a horrible Justin before with the rocks with a different portals that you can go through to all the peoples builds to your friends that you like him. I need my Island Tops on them on my Island time you go to different features that you can actually change that if you didn't different game modes you go the game settings you can turn for example full damage off. That's a really really good thing to have off. Of course if your building cuz you don't have full wind die every time it's kind of annoying and usually bility to I guess I'm not have a place to build if you don't want to get grief again and of the poll feature on the Reese Automotive, but yeah that is overview of the new crazy game mode on puzzling really excited for what this is going to go. I've spent severalI was this week at the FA Cup sizes again. I really do appreciate them invite me out here to try the new game mode and Implement kind of new ideas into it. So what I want to say as well is the beauty of this game and there's so much we can add to it. I want to know in the comments section below what you guys want to see in this game mode in terms of General features the on already in that she'll be able to download it and play it tomorrow. So have a good have a plate and leave a comment down below. If you have any really good ideas that could be implemented into the game the on already and we can try and fool with that information and hopefully make some Progressive it again. I really do hope you enjoyed this kind of little sneak peek at the new creative game mode in fortnite Super how excited I am for this. It's something that reminds me very much of a game that I played in the past.Images of cozy Halo 5 Forge Mode kind of a more advanced version of that with a coastie for my mechanics that you know, I'm going to stop rambling expect a whole bunch of fortnite content in the near future on the channel. Of course, I never really did fortnite videos because it's not my cell content, but I want to do some tutorials on the creative mode do some mat reviews look kind of good stuff and tell you to stay tuned for that. Thank you very much working if you'd enjoy like very much appreciated if he definitely consider.As far as you can. Sean Anthony


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