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Fortnite | Dance in Different Forbidden Locations Guide | Season 7 Week 1

Fortnite | Dance in Different Forbidden Locations Guide | Season 7 Week 1

Welcome to PlayStation grenade season 7 of fortnite is here and with it comes more weekly challenges this week dancing in Forbidden locations kind of like Footloose. I found 10 of these and that we only need seven enough. So let's go up in the number one Bust a Move. Sketchy backside over to Lazy links. This one is hidden in The Veranda over the pond. Export is on the hill south of risky reels overlooking tomato. Temple look for the hell with the Winnebago on top. Loot Lake taking the northern lights, but make sure you dance by this phone. Below Pleasant Park, but above the indoor football field is this mountain on top is yet another opportunity to Boogie? Snow for the time being as that's when most players will be in week 1 go over to the divots and climb up pencil Mountain fall Sports number 6. East of the island is the Super Mario Track look for the taco shop for yet another dance opportunity. Go south to Paradise Palms keep beast on climb the mountain with a dino bones on top two chests on yet another attempt to Bon dancing. The lowest point on the west of the map is this location throw some shapes. I'm finally from the spot turn into the island on follow the ski lift nearby to One More Dance location challenge done and dusted. I'm at in from PlayStation grenade. It's been a pleasure. You still here. I will find you. Anyway, I'll see you next time.


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