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Fortnite ICE STORM CHALLENGES + Event Info and Ice Legion! (Battle Royale Update)

Fortnite ICE STORM CHALLENGES + Event Info and Ice Legion! (Battle Royale Update)

All right guys, welcome back to another fortnite video in in this one we have so much to talk about there has been some crazy things going around with the sphere event that just happened in with that. We got a ton of changes like to the map brand new challenges. So I'll be walking you through that and giving you guys a little bit of a guide on the challenges that we already have to work towards as well show you guys like the two items that you can apparently unlock from these also a new skin has been revealed. We just have so much to go over in today's video guys. It is going to be a ton of fun that real quick before I get into a guy's big thanks to all of you who have been using my support a Creator code in the item shop. Again. That is the Llama sir t h e l l a m a s i r u put that in at the bottom right of the item shop for big things while you guys who have been using that code reminder at does reset every two weeks. So you do have to re input it after that amount of time but seriously things do guys a lot O, ye guys be sure to hit that like button down below if you were hyped for all of this new stuff and also comments. Did you make it in game for the events? Where did you land?Here's to see what you guys have to say. But yeah, let's jump into it. First of all the first thing I want to talk about within this a little like update and stuff like that. Let's first just recap the event itself in case you guys missed it. Maybe you had stuff to do with family. Maybe you just couldn't make it to your whatever you play fortnite on Console PC. Let's just recap what exactly happened and then we'll get into like the changes and the challenges and stuff like that. But yeah, I was able to make it there for the event and also get a replay of it. I did get eliminated like halfway through which is over a little bit annoying. But either way again, I got the replay. So yeah, but first of all, obviously we had this fear with the Ice King inside of it. That's like what sort of happened more so yesterday, but then with this event, the first thing that happened was that the Ice King broke out of this sphere which was definitely pretty interesting. I think we'll probably do a theory video about this coming up soon. But yeah, he broke out of this ice sphere and then he had like this power. I also noticed I was like floating in the air and then this giantRegion of the ice skating showed up behind him like over the water was like this projection of him or something like that. But it was this massive version of him that was replicating the moves that he was doing just you know on this big magic thing scale projection. I'm not exactly sure what to call it, but it was pretty crazy. So he did that a little bit he was doing like some different moves maybe doing a spell we don't exactly know but then after that when he was done doing it, he like pushes forward to something like that and sent a ton of light. I see five or whatever across the map and as you can see here, it was pretty crazy. Like it does cover the whole map and made it really hard to see during this portion of the event. It was very very crazy. Not for the fog clear. That was basically it for this event, you know, the actual like event itself happening. So yeah, it was definitely pretty interesting overall. And if you happen to miss it, there is the quick recap of what exactly happened now, let's jump into it with some of the changes thatOpen with this event and things like that. First of all the obvious, you know step away from this is that the map changed that is right guys. The map is sort of back to that entirely covered in snow map that we got to see around Christmas time. It may be a little bit different but it is for sure pretty crazy. I mean again, it's completely covered in snow for this, you know special. But it is crazy. I just kind of like this version of the map. It's really really cool. But yeah on top of that also there is some really dense like icy fog. I believe at nighttime, correct me if I'm wrong. It may not be night time and maybe something else but certain times of day during your games certain times. It's a lot easier to see than other times like again and I see Fox shows up and makes it a lot harder to see it. I don't see reminds me a lot of fortnitemares in this event does draw quite a few similarities to fortnitemares for you. I just a heads up the map is covered. And also there's like some Icey fog that shows up making it a little bit hard to see here and there and I'll speak.Love like this event itself. But you going to your game modes, you will see that, you know, there's ice storm solo Duos and squads which was similar to tell like how fortnitemares did it you had the special game modes for that. There's also a regular Squad as well, which is something to take. No. But yeah, the ice storm game modes are now here in the special thing about them are like the main special thing about them is the ice Legion in this sort of will lead me into the challenges and we'll talk about like the items and the best way to go about doing the challenges that we already have available. But as you may guess some of them have to do with the ice Allegiant which again is very similar to the I believe they were called Q beans from fortnitemares as you can see right here here is some of the ice Legion. I believe I'm not exactly sure which of them is called what but I do believe that you have three variants and you know what before we even talked about that these will spawn at these ice things not exactly sure what you would call them. But these spot around the map is just spawn, you know throughout the game, I believe but when these fun and you get here to them they will thenSpawn, you know some of these ice Legion enemies that will attack you. Now. First of what you have like the basic Varian, which is very easy to take down. It doesn't have much health doesn't do anything special. So that is the more basic. Or should be pretty easy to handle now, then there's one that looks similar to this but it's a little bit brighter but this actually has a special ability and it can throw these things that you that will do damage though in these one show up. You do want to be a bit careful because you know, they can attack you at range and at first it does catch you off-guard you don't expect them to throw stuff at you but it is pretty cool overall to be honest. And then for the 3rd of these I believe I don't believe there's any more but it's the sort of bigger version and these guys just have more Health they may do more damage not 1% sure about that if that's true or not. But either way you guys those are the new enemy. So yeah, let's jump right now with the challenges and like better ways to go about doing these challenges, but her so let's just recap like what you can get from these challenges. Now the first thing that you will see you probably if you take a look at these challenges,Best glider right here and I'm not exactly sure what this glider is called, but it is a crazy looking glider as you can see very, you know, Ice King themed and definitely pretty ethic. Now the way that you get that I believe is completing all 13 challenges from the ice storm challenges. So, you know, you will have to go through incomplete them. I believe there are 13 definitely doable, but that is how you unlock that. It seems snow on top of that. There was also a new rap that you can get it. It looks pretty sick. It's a little bit hard to tell the little icon for it is pretty small within the challenges but it's like a black and light blue weapon wrap that definitely looks pretty interesting. I'm excited to get that now for that one. You have to complete ice storm challenges. You have to complete six of them that should be pretty straightforward and pretty easy, but I'm excited to get that and try it out. Now. It's for the other challenges. It seems they reward 500xp each and there's a bunch of them that are going to unlock as the event goes on as you can see right here. This is just how it looks on January 9th.Cuz I'm putting up this video, but you can just check with in your eye storm challenges to see like updated X depending on when you're looking at them. But yeah, now let's go ahead and get into it with like the best way to do the two main challenges that we can go for in game right now. He first of which is to destroy icefiends. Now. This one is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of things about it that I think you guys should know the first of which is that I believe the icefiend is that like basic version when I went into game and only awarded me for this challenge for when I eliminated those basic versions of the enemies or of the ice Allegiant to be specific to something to keep in mind guys. You can try eliminating some of the other ones but just be aware that it's probably these ones right here. I believe these may be called the ice beans and the other ones may have different names similar to fortnitemares. But again, we're not one hundred percent sure yet. It's just something to keep in mind. Now. The other thing about this is obviously you're going to need to find these spawners. No finding them isn't exactly difficult, but it's a little bit random. I do believe they spawn randomly. And in fact when they do spawn in the match, you'll hear a sound generally.What's close to you? And you also be able to see you like a thing of lightning in the air above it? So that will let you you know know if one's nearby and then you can run near it now personally, I think the better way to do this is to drop somewhere. We're not a lot of other players are and where there's also a lot of open space that way you can see where these are spawning and then go close up to them continue to fight off the ice Legion and Destroy icefiends until you get up to 250. Now moving on to the next challenge after that you have deal damage with explosive weapons to the ice Allegiant Allegiant is just the monsters overall. At least I'm pretty sure in this one is pretty easy. Like I just went into again tested out a little bit. I found some Dynamite just tossed it at some of the ice Allegiant and I got damaged points towards this challenge again, you need 5000 but that's really not that much. No along with that something to keep in mind is that sometimes they will drop items and some of those items can be explosive ones and then you can pick those up and use them to get even more of these points done. So just a little tip though.For that this one is pretty straightforward as well. And you can also use this similar tips. I said for the first one which is to maybe find a more quiet area of the map maybe loot somewhere nearby and then find one of these and start working on those challenges for you guys. And then again, you also have the complete ice storm challenges, which is 6 of them, but you're going to have to wait a little bit for other ice storm challenges to unlock before you can complete that one. Now, then after that guys for the final thing I want to talk about in this video that is a new skin and also a new pickaxe that was revealed to us in the news page and also just on fortnites Twitter, I believe how the skin may or may not be in the shop as you're watching this at least I'm assuming it's a shop skin. I guess I can't say for sure yet. I got a posting this video before the shop will have updated for today. So maybe they'll be in there. But again, I don't even know if it will be in the shop. We just know that this has been revealed and I believe it is called the IC Tempest. I'm not 100% sure because that is just based off of the little news thing that showed up in game when you clicked news. You saw his image and also it said below take on the IC Tempest.Skin itself is pretty interesting because it seems to be the female version of the Ice King. It has a very similar design and I mean it just seems to fit in with that pretty well now on top of that. I'm also very interested in this pickaxe right here. I don't believe we've ever seen it before but that is a pretty interesting one. That is for sure. So yeah, we're going to have to wait and see how this is released. If it does happen to show up in the item shop and you guys decide to get it be sure you called The Llama sir, if you want to help support me, but either way it's just some interesting news. But yeah, I got that is going to be at for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. And if you did be sure to hit that subscribe button down below for more fun videos like this coming out in the near future on top of that. You can check out some of my previous videos here such as on the left my week 7 challenges guide and on the right some update news and stuff like that. But other than that guy's I hope you enjoyed today's video and I will see you in the next one.


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