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Fortnite WEEK 7 CHALLENGES! - Expedition Outposts Locations, Star (Battle Royale Seas

Fortnite WEEK 7 CHALLENGES! - Expedition Outposts Locations, Star (Battle Royale Season 7 Guide)

All right guys, welcome back to another fortnite video. And in this one it is time for my week. 7 challenges guide featuring the locations of expedition outposts the secret star from the loading screen for this week as well as just a bunch of tips tricks and secrets for a bunch of the other challenges as well so we can be walking through life some good ways to complete the search chests at Frosty flights are loot Lake challenge Elsa like how to destroy a Flying Star Wings pretty easily. So you guys this should help you get closer to unlocking the snow King by Dosa ranking up like links and Senate and getting closer to the snowfall skin, which requires 60 weekly challenges to be completed. But yeah guys, if you do find these guys help when you want to support me and you can use my code the Llama sir in the item shop. That is t h e l l a m a s. I r you simply click the button in the bottom right corner of the item shop and then you can even put that code in the box that shows up and thanks to all of you who have already been supporting me. But yeah, if you find it helpful, and also, what's your aura level you guys?Reminder guys are probably going to want to keep doing the weekly challenges because of you and you need them to get closer to the snowfall skin. So yeah, but I'm curious to see what time you guys are at currently without further Ado here. Let's first jump into it with a quick overview of the challenges themselves in case you're not home to see them. But again, we're going to be covering the secret star for this week. It is a star not a banner and then for the challenges themselves, you have use a rift or Rift to go in separate matches destroy flying x 4 stormwing. I know soul and that locations stages and you've also got visit all Expedition Outpost. I'll show you all the locations you need for that search chests at Frosty flights are loot Lake got some tips for that as well and damage opponents in a single match plus stages and Pistol elimination, so pretty interesting week of challenges, but let's go ahead and jump into it with the first challenge. I want to talk about in this video and that is the Destroyer flying x 4 stormwing. This may seem a little bit tough, but actually it's not really that tough It's kind of you know, something that happens is very situational. Obviously, you have to wait for somebody else to be flying ace.Or we can order for you to destroy it but there's still some tips. I can give you guys to make this a little bit easier. Now the first of which is that I think personally the easiest way to destroy a storm. When is just with an AR that's because they deal with the consistent amount of damage. It's accurate at the range will probably need to destroy stormwing and they can destroy one fairly easily. I guess. It depends on how close you are because of like the damage drop offs, but I think that is easier than using like, I don't know a pistol or an SMG or sniper. So that's what I would recommend now then what is a quicker way to maybe find somebody using a stormwing or something like that. Well, I think the normal game was their best for this like I prefer solo just because I feel like a lot of people do use stormwings and solo and if you're just playing normally eventually you're probably going to run into somebody flying overhead in a storm window. If you really want to get one of these done you could drop like at the start of a match just dropped down to the closest stormwing spawn likes that you're near Frosty flights. You can drop down there maybe grab an AR and wait for somebody to maybe take a stormwing.Play off with it and I want they fly off. You can maybe shoot at it and hopefully knock it down before they get too far away, or you can also try doing a big T mode and landing on the other side where some of the stormwings spawn and just like the same thing wait for somebody to take one. This one may just take a little bit of time because it is situational you're going to need to find that right situation in order to get it done. But you should have actually be able to do it and then after that guys, let's jump into it with the secret star location for this week. That's right guys. This week is a star last week was a banner and as you guys known as it seems to continue to do they continue to switch back and forth and back and forth. So next week, we'll probably be a banner and stuff like that. But that shouldn't you like a free tier or stuff like that? So let's go ahead and jump in to wear. This one most likely is the loading screen has been floating around a lot on Reddit and Twitter and things like that. And if you guys know there's generally a clue hidden in there as to where you can find the like Star better for the respective week. So for this one guy is it actually has a reminder as always if you're new to these challenges you do have to complete this week'sColleges in order for this star to show up on top of that. You also need to complete the previous week's challenges as well because this is like the 7th special loading screen challenge. So you need to complete 7 weeks of challenges in order to get there if that makes sense. Why you guys you should get like a little thing that shows up within the snowfall challenges if you completed like the 7 weekly challenges and it'll say like find the secret Battle Star in loading screen number 7 something like that. But yeah, let's just go ahead and jump into a with the location of where it supposedly is and basically it should be at polar Peak now doesn't really matter what game would you go into as long as it's like with other players and not like playground or anything like that? I'm just in playground to show you the location. But once you drop towards polar Peak you want to go straight into the throne room or whatever. It's called. I mean the room with the throne in it pretty straightforward way. It should be somewhere around this Throne ride here. So you guys should be pretty straightforward and if for whatever reason the location of it changes or gets updated simply check the pinned comment down below for updates on that, but honestly,It should be right here. But after that guys, let's real quick talk about the challenge that has you use a rift or Rift to go in separate matches know this one right here is honestly pretty easy if you know how to do it and really tough part about it technically is that it does have to be in separate matches, but still guys, it's pretty easy overall. Now the way I would recommend doing it is just to use a rift and not the rift to go because then I'd like to start the match you can just go to somewhere that has Rifts just Glide right into them and then you're starting off your match with part of a challenge done. So some good examples of where a bunch of Rift spawn are the Viking Village on the west side of the map. You also got a bunch in the desert biome. We're like Paradise Palms is mostly near like the tall mountains or Hills, whatever you want to call them. They're supposed to some like off the edge of the map right here. So you guys if you want to switch it up you can go to some of those locations and that's probably the best way to go about doing it. Now. It's for the game mode, you know, just do what you're comfortable with. It really doesn't matter, but honestly, maybe if you're going for some other challenges at the start, you can go to a rift and thenWork on the other challenges you wanted to work on then after that guys. Let's talk about the search chests challenge this time. It is search chests in either loot lake or Frosty flights, which is definitely a pretty interesting combination of location. So let's go over live which may be better and the best way to go about doing this challenge know personally big team limited time modes. I feel are the best to do this in especially if there's like sides to them because of your bus path is on the side of one of these locations. You're not going to have to worry about enemies most of the time unless they come over to your side. So that gives you a little bit of an easier time and also a lot of them allow glider redeploy, which helps you to move around faster Within These location. So it's for the locations themselves personally. I prefer loot Lake because all of the chests are out in the open and if you have a mode with glider redeploy, you can move in between them fairly fast and like for example, you're as you can see there's three possible chest spawns in the center. I'm just showing you in playground because they all spawn they're obviously you're not going to be able to do it in playground, but on top of that you've got a bunch of route.This is like in your I don't know what would you call it this inner divot of loot Lake as you can see there's a bunch of Chess around there. So you just keep running around gliding around you're going to be able to find a decent amount, especially if you have loot Lake like to yourself you should be able to get this challenge done pretty easily on top of that. There's also chest further outside of this area around loot Lake. I'm not going to show you all of those because it would take a bit of time. But if you need more just explore you no more. So toward the big rocks with inside of loot Lake should be able to find more over there. Now, it's for Frosty flights. It's still good as well. Like for example, I believe there are four chest that can spawn with in the hangars, which is pretty decent and also a bunch of tests that can spawn with in the main building like as you can see here is just some of that as an example. So this is a good location to go as well. If you want the cover of like the building so there's pros and cons to each bronze guys over all this challenge shouldn't be too difficult. No after that then the pistol eliminations challenge. This one is pretty straightforward as well. But I would definitely again Tuesday big team limited-time mode depending on whichAnd you're watching this video the mode that his life might be different. But if you're able to do this within one that has responded that's honestly probably the best way to go about doing this one know it's for the pistols themselves and which ones to use Odyssey you can use whatever pistol you want. But personally I prefer the silenced pistols. I feel like those deal a decent amount of damage. And again, if you're in a big T mode with responds, you can just go into a few battles and eventually you'll probably be able to get some eliminations with a pistol honest guys. It's pretty straightforward and shouldn't take too long over all that. After that. You also have the damage opponents in a single match plus stages. I haven't quite gotten to the other sages yet. So I apologize for that. But usually with Stage challenges the rest of them are fairly similar to like the first one and just judging by the first one damage opponents in a single match. I would recommend just going for this one when you're going for the pistol eliminations because you're going to be able to deal damage with the pistol when you're going for those eliminations and it's kind of like knocking out two birds with one stone there. So this one should be pretty straightforward the other stages I wouldYou are similar, but if they're not hopefully you can still utilize like some of these overall tips like playing big team limited time modes. Maybe try knock out two birds with one stone by doing multiple challenges at the same time stuff like that. But after that thing guys, let's jump into it with the locations of The Outpost that you have to visit got seven of them here to show you my real quick before we get into that guy's if you have it yet. Be sure to hit that subscribe button down below. If you do not want to miss any of these guys because I post them every single week giving you guys tips tricks and secrets for the challenges of that week. Now the best way to know about those videos is to be subscribe and have notifications turned on so be sure to do so, but yeah for this challenge again, you have to visit the different Outpost. So let's go over the best way of doing that and also the locations of where you can find these outposts the first of all guys, it doesn't really matter what game-mode you do this in just do whatever you prefer. Some people may prefer doing it in Solo some may prefer doing it in a big T mode. Honestly, it doesn't really matter but I would recommend doing it in one where the store.Spawn because like for example hearsay you go to this Outpost which is near Pleasant Park. It's up to the northeast of it. If you land at this one, you can grab a stormwing and then start making your way to some of the other outposts like for example, maybe you grab one of those storm wings and then you fly south over to The Outpost that is on the southwest side of pleasant Park sort of in between a couple of the big mountains. This one is usually pretty quiet but that's like a good example of how you can use the storm warning in like land at this location and go here and then move on to the next one. Let's just go through the other locations here. After that you will also have one in the iceberg biome to the north of happy Hamlet on top of this hill or mountain right here. And then if you go east into the sort of desert biome, there's one sort of at the edge of it between fatal fields in Paradise Palms down on top of that if you keep want to go in like a circle around you've also got one near lonely Lodge. It's just to the east of it on top of a hill and then after that if you keep circling around is 1 to the south of lazy links in between lazy links in tomato Temple.Send for the more so common one to one that you see a lot of players. That is the one sort of near the center of the map next to Dusty divot on top of this hill or Mountain whatever you want to call it. So you guys those are seven locations to help you get them done. I'm not sure if there's any more than that, but honestly, it doesn't really matter know for whatever reason something changes with that and one of them like doesn't work for you but I don't think would happen simply check the pin comment down below for updates. Oh, yeah, but let's move on to the final challenge. I want to talk about in this video. This is simply the land at location stages. This one is very straightforward. And honestly, the only tip I can really give you guys about this one is to maybe try and couple it with another challenge or two challenges or something. If you need to land at one location, maybe you can try and find a ripped nearby or something like that. For example to try to do multiple challenges when you're doing this one, but honestly, it just takes a little bit of time to do it but overall it's pretty easy, but you guys better going to be for today's guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. And if you did be sure hit that subscribe button down below on top of that you can check out myThis week's guide week 6 by clicking the card on the left and then on the right and update video going over like the sphere showing up and stuff like that. But other than that guy's I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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