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Fortnite ALL Season 7 Week 9 Challenges Guide! Fortnite Battle Royale - Trashbins, Ti

Fortnite ALL Season 7 Week 9 Challenges Guide! Fortnite Battle Royale - Trashbins, Timed Trials

Hey guys, what's up? My name is tamoxifen. Welcome to the week 9 guide. I know I'm early but I'm out here with all the challenges cuz I have all the information. So before we begin this video, I hope you guys are going on with the week 8 challenges and half of you guys must have been completed your week 8 challenges. If not, I wish you guys a very best of luck. And if you guys have like an any doubts or questions regarding the week 8 challenges to ask me on my social media or in the comments section down below and in today's video video to the week 9 challenges. So before we make sure you guys get this video of big like liking this video with show your appreciation to the hard work that we put in making all these videos ever really mean the world to me because you pay if you guys can just go down there smash the like Lucas for this video. The light golf would be 200 like really mean the world to me if you guys can just go down there and smash the light gold. And also we are very close to two hundred thousand subscribers.Just look at the subscriptions down below. We are so close to twenty thousand subscribers and it would mean the world to me if we can reach that goal and trust me when you are describing you will be notified for daily fortnite videos and you are in for a ride. So yeah the giveaway and if you're going to ask me what is there afford to give away? It's a 1060 graphics card 6gb version and would that we have the Nvidia bundle with it which consists the Instinct skin like the Nvidia skin be battling a pickaxe and the glider to those things are coming. And with that we have like 2,000 free v-bucks which comes with the bundle of the Nvidia so Dad would that Windows thing? It's a bit too massive giveaway. So I wish you guys a very best go down. There were just charged with that would be the first languages in the description and I'm just so happy to say that cuz it's just the way of me.Ranking all my subscribers does the way of thinking like you guys for showing all the support in our videos and you guys are enabling us to hoses giveaways for you guys to you guys. We're out here watching these videos. Furthermore if you guys are resold this part of the video is go down to the comment section down below and type in week 9 challenges and I would know that you have reached this part and I can personally go down there and can give you, Dalhart. If you look at some other previous videos where I asked you two guys to comment. I've given you a heart and I'm going to keep my word and I'm going to give you guys the very best of very personal heart or my side. What are you waiting for go down there and type in hashtag week 9 challenges isn't like easy ones and tough ones and imma give you gas tips ideas like methods on how to completed in a proper way. So I would like the first of all these challenges are not going to be in order cuz we don't know like when the challenges actually come out in mind gets changed. So yeah if there is anything like we might defer like when the challenges come out cuz you have seen for not doing that another. It would probably put up a patch in the last minute change. The challenges of theirs is possibility for that. So, yeah, if there's any changes that we will be there for letting us know about it in our future videos. So right now we have this in for me with the first challenge is to eliminate opponents with a shotgun yes to take our people with shotguns. It's not specified. How many people do you need to take out but it's it's going to be really tough for people who have really just join the game and I just started playing for 9. So for them having a shotgun eiland it's going to be a pretty tough thing, but for people who have played this game for a really long time shotguns is going to going to be a problem solution to all the people who are going to face difficulties to go inside a game of Team Rumble cuz over there you have respond unlimited response second thing you have like 20 more targets to choose from I need enough to expect that in the team for the need to deal damage. New shotgun to complete this challenge, so it's not so you can get it to yourself into a game of Team Rumble to complete this challenge. The next challenge is to use a sneaky snowman is the new item which has been added in the last Paget's be like 3-4 days and people having lots of fun by pretending to be the snowman like just going out there sitting my name is come near by the Deschutes hold of him. It's quite fun. If we need to use those sneaky snowman. Now, these things can be from the floor. And if you go to Shifty shafts, you have a better chance of finding these things. When you go over there it says you sneaky snowman. Well, you can throw it or use it meaning you have to like zumann, how can you conceive it? Like if your on your PC just if you look to the left side of the screen will show your controls, but the default control is to press the right click button on your mouse or for PlayStation and Xbox is to hold down site and would be the control for you to consume. This sneaky snowman. It's one of the cool things I missed. The first part is like it's going to do it's going to block the damage. But if you'd like switch weapons or something going to go away so you can complete your challenge is and that way the best part is that these sneaky snowman like it comes in a pack of fight. So you can use it then you can give the rest to your teammates if you guys are playing a game a squad team Rumble. So yeah, it would be helpful for the rest of the team. If you guys find one pack. The next one is a complete 3 time trials with the stone Wing X4 playing. Yes, so we have had this big circles where we have to go to this time trials know this one might changed as this one was already there and this this is this challenge by changes in the last minute. So it's one of the things so if it doesn't change, I hope it doesn't but if there's a chance that changes all these challenges in the last minute, but doesn't get changed. We will be posting all the locations. Time trials but then you can do it with this phone when I'm pretty sure this one is not going to get change. But just in case he doesn't seem like time trials where you have to let you know what time the things we have had this time trials with us running all around then we have this with quadcrashers now, we haven't stolen plane. So yeah, it's a good possibility that it's going to be a pretty tough week if you guys are out there if you guys want to unlock your snow fun snowfall skin. I'll just go out there complete. This challenge is in a very fast way the next challenge is to hit three trash bins with an ice pack. Well, what is an iceberg and what are these trash bins? I think there are like their trash bins. Which has spread throughout the map. All we need to do is just make sure they have a nice butt with you yourself in your inventory. Like wherever you guys emo don't know, you know, like said everything your dances and everything then go to your locker. You can set the eyespot and with the ice pack vegan aim downtown and we can do it on the Trashmen. These trash bins are spread throughout the map at any spot Eagle make it salty or be tilted Towers or Pleasant trash bins are spread everywhere. These trash bins are located in front of different houses. Say Pleasant retail. Are you got salty and tilted to these trash cans would be located in front of these spots. If you need to go over there and hit this track friends with these ice pop. So yeah, you can pull out some trick shots. You can put him in his it's totally up to you. And if you guys have reached this part of the video comment, hashtag tamashabera and I will be doing like who the true OG Louder with your who's watching this video and who will be able to complete their week 9 challenges in a very fast way to expect the snowfall skin to be here. If you guys have any Penny challenge for the previous weeks. We have all the videos here on the channel to feel free to let go in a through all of them. Zeppelin going to be helpful. Next challenge is to Ocean are retail row and this one might be in different stages like stage one stage to stage 3 does he need to go to the different spots to kill people in this exact one, so it's going to be a pretty tough one but not an impossible one cuz you're going to be out there other people are going to be out there completing their challenges. So, you know, you are not the only one. Okay, just go out there. Just make sure like, whatever your Landing in your Landing is proper is if you mess up your Landing than people are going to be there way before you they're going to open the chest are going to get this weapon. Then you are going to have like a really big disadvantage. So if I were you I would have a pretty good land and go to this chest surprise or whatever there is open the llamas and stand a chance to take those people are at the certain locations which will be spent spending the game or not. We have the information about junk Junction and Retail Row. The next challenge will be in stages as well. Cuz we're we're just grouping all these challenges together make it easier as to land. The first date one would be retail route. Then stage 2 will be frosted light stage 3 would be Haunted Hill's Sage for when we shifted shape Age 5 is going to be Dusty divot. These are the spot that you have to go and land. There's a pretty simple one. Maybe you can just start the game in the battle bus you go down. Go go back to their first League game start the game again. And I'm pretty sure this child would probably take it like 5 minutes to complete like considering all the five stages. It's not as well. If you can just play the game normally announce later like a flight to three weeks. I'm pretty sure you switch places like in real game that you will be able to completed. Even if you're not thinking about completing this challenge cuz it's a very passive challenge. Stop moving over to the next next one which is to dance at like certain locations. Now these locations is still a mystery to us and we are going to tell you guys all these locations in a separate video cuz I don't want people to get confused with all the challenges that I have mentioned till now. How many did we mention one? Two, three, four, five six seven eight nine 10 challenges and challenges to for this one which has to dance at like be certain locations like, you know, like whatever that those locations are whenever we have the information. We're going to post it on this channel. So if you don't want to miss out on that information on that challenge, Make sure you guys like this video subscribe to the channels to stay notified whenever we post a video click on the notification about to be notified is very important when you guys are subscribe me click on the notification, but it's super important for you guys who stay notified check out the video on the screen right now. I hope this tips and tricks are helpful in completing all your challenges for week 9, and as always, I'm going to see you guys soon on my next video. Goodbye. Have a fantastic day.


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