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Yo, what is up guys? It's the Goblin and welcome back to another fortnite battle. Royale video. Today's be at work early talking about the weekly challenges and more specifically the season 7 week 9 challenges, which have been leaked basically talking about what you guys can expect how to complete this and different stuff like that. If you guys could drop like a very very much appreciate that lets go for 1500 lights that are new and I already subscribed I would appreciate that as well and just a disclaimer. I'm making this video on a Sunday and I add these challenges for week 9 are set to come out next Thursday. So in about 5 days from time, I'm making this video. So I have to put a disclaimer because he challenges are leaked. These challenges were found by data miners in the files and I cried to fnbr H, Q Link in the description of for these leaked challenges, but basically even though these are correct in the files from a reliable source is the facts are that because he challenges don't come out until next Thursday anytime between now and then I'm basically epic games can update the files change the files or do any sort of stuff.Like that. So if Wednesday's child is do come out if one or two of them are different or maybe a couple of our changed that is why I put that these ones are for the weak Challenger. Sorry to drop like I wasn't ready to it. Now, of course when it comes down to the challenges this season, they been generally a little bit easier than in the past and week 9 challenges, of course Ogden be something that also is going to be very important just for the fact around getting challenges done. What do you want to go for the snowfall with you want to hear people are still completing all the amount of challenges skins an extra rewards. The season is pretty decent especially since they've done that the Christmas a band that they did the fortnite the 14 days with the zombies and stuff like that, which is in right now. So it has been a decent season as far as free rewards and upgrades. Let's talk about it. Now. These are the week 9 challenges don't know which one of these challenges are going toThe three challenges and which ones are going to be the battle pass challenges. However, I think most people watching this video on trying to do the weekly challenges are going to have the battle pass because of course only three are going to be available for free at 4 available with the battle pass and the battle pass is definitely you know, it's whatever ten bucks but it is if you if you're some of them want to get skins for the best value for your buck death of the battle pass the best thing to buy every season self the first night, of course, these are linked and could change but I'm the majority should stay the same. I hit three trash bins with an ice pack. Now this one is interesting because we had the one we had to slide Deepak across 150 M. Which of course you would have to do across the ice and different things like that at greasy Grove or where the former greasy Grove was talking throw it out of trash bin, like in tilted Towers, there's tons of trash bin now, it says ice packs. I'm not sure if that means you have to slide it on the ice and then hit the trash bin. This is where that I am a little bit confused about of course when this challenge.Come out. It will be a lot more clear because I am making this video in advance, But that's what the first challenge is going to be to hit the three trash bins with an ice pack next challenge going to be to use a sneaky snowman. This one is very simple, but they do this when they throw in the new items, of course, the sneaky snowman is a new item in Sevierville. Still really don't know what it does. It's a bush right but you also can make yourself turn into the bush and you could also pop out of it and you can drop other ones around you and sort of play a guessing game with the Enemy show that challenge is honestly super duper easy this want people to look for the snowman's and the people that haven't tried out. Who are you ignoring the newer items to give it a go for this weekly challenges complete 3 time trials with the storm Wing playing now, this is similar to ones we've had in previous Seasons with on the ground vehicles with time trials. I'm now this is going to be with a plane. So I'm time trials in the past have been kind of annoyed. I definitely not the easiest part of challenges, but I think the fact that this one is going to be inPlay this could be really interesting because he's starting to be time trials that most likely take place in the sky. I'm not sure if you can be starting from the the bottom flying up and completely trials on on this one. I would recommend look it up a guide for it because the facts are we really don't know where these are going to be or how hard they're going to be until these challenges are actually released on but they are leak down some give me that one. Next is going to be a very simple one eliminate opponents with a shotgun. This is one of my favorite child is because there's certain challenges. You have to go out of your way to do you know it in three trash bins with an ice pack. You're not doing that in a normal game. You're not completing time trials with a plane. If you do get a plane going to be flying around trying to go for kills or trying to move around the map or some like that would eliminate opponents with a Shotgun If You're a good player and if not every game at 11 a.m. People with a shotgun is a very easy Challenge and one that I would say is going to be natural to complete and won't be too difficult at all. Next one is going to be to the eliminate.Now in these ones in the past they have done it where was like eliminate opponents in one location? However, they're getting more they're being much more smart with these challenges and what they're doing if I even have proper grammar there is they're basically making it so your multiple locations here so that the game is spread out and then locations here as you have to eliminate opponents at either junk Junction or retail row so you can see how those two on complete separate sides of the map a my personal opinion junk Junction. I don't go to too often. This will definitely hype it up and make it a little bit harder of a drop spot. But retail row is where I already go quite often and special with the bus route to stretch to retail. You can land come through comfortably their loot up and still be able to get those pills and different things like that. Next year is going to be a stage one, which is going to involve landing at different places. The first stage going to be to land at retail row then land at Frosty flights land at Haunted Hills land at Shifty shafts and land at Dusty divot. So just another one that kind of a TDI.Very very easy channel to do it'll take you whenever five games to complete the five stages, but it could be kind of tea is because you know, if your plant you probably can go in solos and land alone in those different location as far as it's known in the files as we don't know exactly. There's a possibility that it's going to be a dance challenge but there is a possibility that the three locations could change where the dad is going to be or of course the whole town could change and I was looking like it's going to be to dance at three locations. Now the rumors are that those three locations are going to be an oversized clock face a cup of coffee and a metal dog head. I'm not sure if that's true or not or if he's locations will change. What is that is true. The oversized clock face is basically on a on a mountain right between paradise and fatal Fields where there's a bunch of debris that looks like a clock face. The cup of coffee is pretty self-explanatory at Dusty Diner smack that cup of coffee and it is supposed to dance on top of the Sun in the middle dog head is located right at the start of junk Junction soap.Does remain the same. Should have helped you guys out? If not, a person challenges will change you got to look up guys understand things like that. But people like to see these leaked challenges in these channels guide for me. Hope you guys didn't join if you guys very much appreciate that like I said, of course at if you guys want to watch to the end of this game is a pretty interesting game because I realized I have the Zone ad for people that want to know like a good way to win endgame. Basically I set up here with a steel base and eventually get knocked out or Mabel to I think I landed on like a quad pressure. He's you know damage would kind of end up getting lucky with that and I'm able to win this game. So if you want to see how to play Endgame smart as a good RPG in the face, but you'll see me I recover from that. I'm a basically play it while you're under pressure and different things like that are there was also a horrible move for me to use the campfire just because of course they're going to keep spam the RPG I should have dropped back down and used it as they did. America's got the win.


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