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Fortnite WEEK 4 CHALLENGES! - Launch Fireworks Locations, Letter O (Battle Royale Sea

Fortnite WEEK 4 CHALLENGES! - Launch Fireworks Locations, Letter O (Battle Royale Season 7 Guide)

All right, guys, welcome back to another fortnite video in in this one. It is time for my week 4 challenges guide in this week. You guys had some crazy challenges a lot of like location challenge is where you have to go to specific things and I'm going to be showing you all of the locations for that the exact locations and that includes like you launch fireworks challenge where to find those B search the Noms letters the n o m s stuff like that also the secret Banner the Expedition Outpost locations were just going to be going over all of that stuff as well as tips and tricks for the other challenges to help you get them done as fast as possible and that will help you rank up links is on it and also get closer to the Ice King. So you guys this should be very helpful and if it does help you out and you appreciate these guides be sure to use my support a Creator code the Llama sir in the item shop. I really do appreciate a guy that helps out a bunch and thanks to all of you who have already been doing. So you guys if you enjoyed today's video be sure to hit that like button down below and also comment down below what tier you guys are at currently because I'm always curious to see how far you guys are getting in the challenges in.We are Matt. Tr66 making my way there almost 2 unlocking truck. Actually, it's oh, yeah, that down below but let's go ahead and jump into it. First of all with a quick overview of the challenges that we're going to be covering in this video in case you're not home to see them. But of course, I'm going to be showing you the location of the secret Banner that's pretty easy and straightforward. But then we're also going to be going over the search Noms letters and that is a stage challenge. I'll show you each of the locations for that use the next 4 stormwing in different matches eliminate opponents at Expedition Outpost. Show me the location for those as well fuel pickaxe damage to opponents launch fireworks with the locations of course destroy itself stages and also eliminate opponents at happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park. So you guys going to be a very fun video. So let's go ahead and jump into it with the first challenge. I want to go over with you guys. And that is the eliminate opponents at Expedition outposts really guys. This one's pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of tips I can give you guys an of course. I'm going to show you the locations of the different Expedition outposts not specifically the Expedition outposts are where you findBunch of storm wings and also their the places were like a lot of the zip lines lead to our star from whatever you want to call it, but they're those red buildings with like the rounded tops and then that showed up at the beginning of season 7 of there's a bunch of them around the map. So we're going to go over the locations of those in just a sec. But first of all, what is the best game mode to do this in well personally? Well, it's one of those where it doesn't really matter, but personally I think solo would be best just because you are going to be running into a bunch of other people going for this Challenge and if you do something like I don't know one of the big team limited time modes, you may not even run into anybody at these especially if it's on your side and not the opponent's side. So personally, I would recommend solo and dropping to the closest one that is on the bus pass to try and run into other people doing this challenge. But yeah, that's where the locations of them. The first of which is to the northeast of pleasant Park on top of that hill and then if you keep going south in between the mountains and also sort of near that soccer field, there's another one down there on the ground, but then you've also got five others and if you keep going south, there's one sort of me.Polar Peak and also that weird like sled thing that wouldn't want there's one on top of that hill then if you go near fatal Fields into the desert biome, there's one over there as well. As you can see then you've also got one right next to lonely Lodge on top of the hill. I know someone in between tomato Temple and lazy links right here and if we find one there's one in the center of all of that in your dusty divot on top of the hill as you can see and that is the 7th Outpost that I'm aware of it as you can see here is a quick map for those locations as well. I'm not sure if like Frosty flights count as an outpost, but I would probably just stick to these ones right here, but keeping it going here. Let's go over the location of the secret Banner for this week. Again. This week is a banner because it's been switching between banners and Stars last week was a star. So this week has to be a banner and I'm pretty sure I know exactly where it is. I haven't quite gotten it myself, but you guys know the loading screen has been floating around on Reddit Twitter all of that stuff. They always hide clues for where the banner is. So according to this week's clue. It should be pretty straightforward, but these secret challengesAlways you do need to complete this week's challenges before going for this because if you still have like a challenge to left, it won't show up. You do need to complete all 7 of this week's challenges before it even shows up on the map in order for you to grab it. You also may need to complete the previous weeks as well still need to test that out for sure. But I had something to keep in mind in case it still doesn't show up. But yeah the location for this one should be at the new location for fairly new location. Happy Hamlet. So once you're in any game mode doesn't really matter just go over there and try to land near the clock tower that sort of in the middle. Specifically want to look at it from the East side. And then once you're there you want to turn to the right and find a Green Building as you can see right here, then you want to build up two stories to this part of the wall as you can see and I believe the banner should show up right here. So just hold you use button on it to pick it up and you should unlock the banner that way now for some reason it changes for whatever reason the location changes. Just check the pin comment down below. I will update that in case something changes, but I'm pretty sure it'sI'll be right here. So it should be pretty straightforward guys, but then keeping it going here. We've got so many more location tide challenges to go over especially like the Noms in the fireworks by first of all, this is sort of a location challenge or there's like certain good locations you can go but this is a stage challenge that apparently requires you to destroy a bunch of stuff. I haven't quite gotten to the other stages quite yet. But the first of which is to like this Troy chairs and I heard it may have to be wooden chairs another one hundred percent sure about that. But then for the other stages, they should be pretty similar to this one. So, you know, those should be pretty straightforward as the first of which is chair and a great location to go for this is right next to where the banner showed up. There's actually a little like half a right there as you can see and if you go inside of it there are a bunch of chairs on the first floor and if you are your squad need even more of these you can go to the building a couple buildings down and there's even more chairs and there's let super simple to get and then again guys or the other ones. It should be pretty straightforward. But I wanted to at least give you some tips on that first stage keeping it going here with the next one though. This one is a veryImportant one in it is the Noms letter locations, which is definitely pretty interesting. So I'm going to show you all of the locations for these and so, you know exactly where to find them. But basically guys there are five stages in the first four require you to find the letters. I'll show you those in just a second in the final stage requires you to go to you like the final signed and I'll show you that as well as of these because they can actually be pretty tough to find as I found out with the first one right away. It's not like a glowing letter is actually like, you know, the piece of the letter on the Noms sign. So the first location west of pleasant Park is actually fairly tough because it's not where you think it would be. I thought it would be on top of the hill but it's actually at this building right here the creepy building whatever you want to call it. And as you can see you want to go to the bottom floor outside next to this dumpster sort of near the side is pointing towards Pleasant Park and you can fight it right there easy to pick up and that's the first stage, but that's what he next stage after that the one inside of wailing woods and this one is pretty tough. So you definitely need the location of this one, butIs inside the main bunker area at the very center of wailing Woods Sol and their break through the bottom whatever you need to do to get inside and then you need to go over to the you like sort of control room on the opposite side of like the storage room with all the random stuff in it so I can see here you go in today. Are you going to the central area? And right behind the door is the letter S. And that is the second one that you need us for the next one after that. You need to go into Dusty divot and this one is pretty simple. You just want to go to the east side of Dusty divot as you can see right here east side of the main building and then go into this smaller building and you will find it on the right side of the door as you can see right here super easy to find right in the corner right there. But then after that for the one that's under a frozen lake. This one was pretty easy to find because obviously their main frozen lake that you think of is the one your polar Peak that is now covering where greasy Grove used to be. So if you go over there the one building that lets you go under the ice is the main building in the center. So if you go through their, you know breakthrough the top of it you can find the letter right over here in the corner super simple. And then for the final stage you just have to visit the Noms.Sign in retail row which is pretty easy. Just go there go to the grocery store on the Northside of it. And as you can see, it's right there so visit it and that is the full challenge done. After that. Then we have a couple of quick challenges to go over them with jump into it with likey fireworks. But the first of which is the used X4 storm Wings in different matches. Now, this one is pretty straightforward obviously, but I still have a tip. I want to give you guys to help you get this one done as fast as possible with the other challenges. So basically my tip for this one is to try and do it when you're going for the other challenge that requires you to go to the different outposts. That's right guys because if you're going to those outposts and getting eliminations there when you're done getting eliminations, you can simply hop into a storm win because all of the Outpost at least I'm pretty sure have storm Wings right there. So it's knocking out two birds with one stone in that should be one of the fastest ways to get it done. But then after that guy's there was another challenge that I want to talk about super quick and that is the get eliminations that either happy Hamlet Pleasant Park, and there's really not a ton of tips. I can give youWhat is one I just going to like Solo or something like that because you get your elimination right away. You don't have to worry about knocking someone and then getting revived we could also do like Squad if you really want to or if you're playing with a squad could be fun to drop at one of these locations. There's generally a bunch of people at these locations for sure so that when should be pretty straightforward as well, but personally I would recommend solo and then after that guys we had the launch fireworks challenge, so I would be showing you all of the locations that you need for this one but real quick guys before we get into it. If you haven't yet be sure to hit that subscribe button down below because I post these guys every single week showing you guys tips and tricks and secrets to help you get done with the challenges as fast as possible. And if you guys are subscribe and have notifications turned on that is the best way to know about those videos. But yeah guys getting back into it with the fireworks challenge. This one is pretty interesting because you know, you have to launch fireworks. I'm assuming this is for New Years or something like that and the only tough part about it is finding out where these are but don't worry guys. I got the locations for you right here. So let's go ahead and justInto that buddy I got is the fireworks are pretty simple to do. You just need to find them go up to them activate them as you can see here. It's pretty straightforward and honestly again, it is pretty easy to do. So that mean tough part is finding the locations of them, but don't worry. I have four of them to show you guys and since you need three you can mix and match her pick whichever ones are closer to you. Thanks to these two people on Twitter for tweeting me a few of the locations. But I yeah, the challenge is pretty straightforward. Like for example right here this first one that I've been showing you guys is obviously at the metal llama near junk Junction. So if you go up there to please find the firework as you can see hold your use button on it to activate it and there you go. Now, it's for one. That's actually pretty close to this one. You want to go over to the motel so, you know, maybe grab a quadcrasher from the racetrack go on over there and you can find one right on top of this hill as well. Then after that if you keep going to the east side of the map and go actually to the northeast corner who won your wailing Woods in your this Brickhouse, whatever you want to call it. There's another one pointing towards the edge of the map right next to it very easy toFind and then keeping it going again guys with the funnel location. I want to show you because again, you only need three but I'll show you an extra one in case you all want to land over here instead, but it's near Paradise Palms to the east of your this RV that you can see right here next to that how to know. If you go over there. It's very easy to spot again facing towards the edge of the map as a bunch of these seem to be so there you go guys, that should be another one for you and you should be able to get this challenge done easy. But then after that guy's for the final challenge, I want to go over in this video. It is dire pickaxe damage to opponents which is always an interesting challenge but dealing damage to opponents with pickaxes seems fairly hard and honestly, it's not and one thing I do want to know what I'm pretty sure you can not do this in the starting Island to like you were able to do with like a previous one. So something to keep in mind I tested it out, but I don't believe it works. But either way this challenge is really easy Odyssey the way I recommend doing it is dropping somewhere like tilted right at the start of a match and just Landing next to somebody else who's going for like a chest or something. You should be able to get like at least two or three hits on.I'm so may take a couple of games, but honestly, it should be pretty easy overall. But other than that guys I hope you enjoy today's video and found it helpful. And if you did be sure hit that subscribe button down below as well as check out. Some of my previous video series such as on the left my week 3 challenges guide if you need it. And then on the right a fun video going over clues about how is the Ice King is involved in the season 7 story. But yeah guys. I hope you enjoyed today's video and I will see you in the next one.


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