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Hey guys, this is smart with Stephen. Welcome to a fortnight video. And today we are entering the island and simply by selecting one of the four and walking into it will put you into the area where you can build into your heart is content not be sure to smash the lock on his it does help the videos grow and the channel ground. We are so close to 13,000 subscribers Frank you so much, much appreciated today is a new day for not because we get creative mode and everything is that building's the bosses weapons and pattern that you can actually build your own llama which we will cover an entire video because it's very simple by the same time. This is the main focus every gun everything you need. So if you have a lot of friends, you're going to have a lot of fun with this, especially if you really really quick with built-in you're going to build something amazing.Now I would love to see your Creations official to hit me up in that now with this. It will take your time to ABIA trying to get used to this happen to me. I put the season pass and a fart give it a try because a lot to do with play Cinema text and 12. This is a really great opportunity to do that, but I'm not too sure how to get cinematic mode and creative. I'm not too sure if you can that's my only concern at the moment because it's not like I can reply we can go back in and Covington filed at Insight motor show how that worked by creative is what it says as much as you like until your heart is content. There is no limitations on resources, but if you go into the menu and click comoro Islands, you will say I love settings where you can adjust the time, right?You can adjust many things. So if you have a group of ten friends, you might actually want to build time and do a proper fire. Who knows what you wanted those going to that and the game mode is free play free for 5 minutes pump. I'd empty shelves infinite ammo infinite resources peacock building damage drop arms when they let me know why you to the island. This video has helped you in any type of phone. I will see you guys my baby.


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