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Fortnite Guide \"Top 5 Beginners Tips\" Fortnite Beginners Guide

Fortnite Guide \"Top 5 Beginners Tips\" Fortnite Beginners Guide

Hey there, everyone. My name is Morgan and welcome back to fortnite. So whatever you guys today are 5 beginner tips to help you get started in fortnite and make your experience easier. These are the ones that really stood out to me as sings. Everybody should know if you guys have more useful tips. Be sure to let me know down in the comments section below also before we get started. I want to let you guys know. We have started our own official Community Discord. If you guys would like to join it talk with myself and other subscribers in our friends. You can join their talk with us about games and all that type stuff and just have a great time. The link is in the top of the description. But without further Ado, let's go ahead and get straight into this. Our first hip is utilize and game audio know some of you might be wondering what exactly I mean by this and let me go ahead and explain as you explore the world as your on your missions. There are hidden treasure chest often found behind walls and the attics of houses, and there are survivors that you can rescue who will give you rewards and various resources. Well as youGet close to a Survivor. They might not be on your map just yet, but you can actually hear them calling out for help or making any sort of noise, and you should be able to pinpoint exactly where they are. This is help me countless times as I've been looking for survivors that I heard and I didn't have them on my map. I actually listen to where the sound was coming from and I was able to locate them. There's actually been some survivors that are in Hidden rooms underneath the floors of the houses. And unless you actually know where to look you can use the sound to find them. Also the treasure chest make a very distinct sound as you get close to them. And if it happens to be a mimic you will also hear it and growl as you start to open it. So and game audio is a very important thing to use our next tip is do not let your weapons break instead recycle them before they break completely and you'll get materials back now, if you let a weapon completely break its durability reaches zero you're not able to use it anymore. You'll get next to no resources back from it. However, if youCycle a weapon before it's about to break down completely. You will get the materials back or at least a large portion of them. You'll be able to put those towards crafting your other weapons and items now, I do want to let you guys know it does not matter what the durability is. It could be a brand new weapon or it could be about to break you recycle it and he will still get the same amount of material. So don't let them break recycle them before they break down. Our next step is something I still see quite a few people confused by as it's not really explain to you. But at the same time this is probably one of the most useful items you can get through your skill tree one to advance fine after the first skill tree. You cannot unlock the skill that gives you the collections book what this is is a large book that has every type of hero Survivor Defender weapon anything you can collect in the game can be put into here, but the way this works is if you put something in here that you can not use it again. So if you've got duplicates of a hero a Survivor or Defender anything like that.Weapon schematics you can take this and put it into the book and it'll earn you experience towards your book level and you get crazy amount of reward for this you can get 500 v-bucks. You can get pinatas that are guaranteed to go gold and those give you guaranteed legendary weapons and a whole bunch of other stuff using your collection book. As soon as you get extra stuff. You don't plan on using duplicates anything like that putting them in there will get you some awesome rewards and you'll start making Leaps and Bounds in progress. Our fourth tip is searching special containers. Now as you're out in the world, you have your standard things you can search the garbage cans boxes inside a house of shelves cabinets all that type of stuff. Well, as you go into the garage has the basements and even hidden behind some things in the house, you'll find various types of tool boxes and special containers and ammunition crate opening these up will get you rare resources and potentially weapon schematics and other useful things that aren't in your standard.Table from looting regular thing. So if you guys find the big red tool boxes the short tool boxes any sort of tool box search these they have a higher chance to give you rare crafting materials that you won't find anywhere else. So when you're out searching houses and everything make sure you check every possible room every little nook and cranny for these special containers are last tip is also really important one thing. You're absolutely going to need to keep an eye on as you play. The game is your inventory space unless you pre-ordered a larger edition of the game. You're going to start out with a smaller backpack size and it'll remain that way until you can purchase these skills within the skill tree that allow you to increase the size of your backpack. So keeping an eye on your inventory making sure you constantly have enough space is very important as you'll be out in the world you be losing everything you're going to be getting a bunch of gear and different supplies that you absolutely need and it's going to suck when you don't have space. So I set up a few rules for myself as I was out exploring and the world if you fileTraps during your missions do not stockpile these instead of when you get to the base building part of the mission where you need to defend the objective use all of the traps that you found during the mission next. If you find weapons that you either don't plan on using or you don't already have a schematic for recycle them immediately. I only use weapons that I am able to craft and that frees up a ton of inventory space. If you guys have resources that you don't absolutely need right now such as flowers unless you plan on crafting things that require them go ahead and empty out your inventory keeping your inventory low will be one of the most important things you do in this game. That also sucks when you fill up your inventory and you can't clean out your backpack until you go into your home base or anything like that. So keep your inventory low get rid of things. You don't need and don't stockpile a bunch of junk. But anyways guys, those are five tips to get you started in fortnite and I felt everybody should know them. Let me know what you guys think down in.Comment section below and what other chips do you guys feel are very important? But if you guys enjoyed in his video a like is always appreciated here at the channel, and if you are new to split-screen be sure to subscribe for all things fortnite and more. Once again, my name is Morgan. Thank you all for watching split screen and I will see you next time.


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