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Fortnite Save the World GUIDE for NEW PLAYERS GETTING STARTED | Beginner Tips and Tri

Fortnite Save the World GUIDE for NEW PLAYERS GETTING STARTED | Beginner Tips and Tricks

Is fortnite save the world today who plays that are new to the game. Now a lot of people coming over from power outage power outage map. NC State game huge fan of fortnite Battle Royale book. This is a completely different game and a completely different experience at the Skins. The rest of the game is totally different. There's no real skins in this one instead is Heroes Heroes that you can go and collect if we going to hear so if you're going to the actual come on and go Gyros, I'm going to manage these all the heroes that you can get some what you're actually have in here is like a hero type. Who'd you come to the level up on the get stronger now, they don't get stronger in the typical sense of an RPG. This isn't like a typical linear role-play game where this is my character. I love them up to 1:30. And that's it. He's kind of all the leveling does for a hero. He's actually opens up the actual skills for these Heroes for each individual 1.And you can come to collect them think what I got in a little bit like Pokemon, for example where you can collect things pile them up. And that kind of thing that's in vain would save the world as what it is with Bow Wow PVP experience. So there's no mold in this game where you can fight against all the players or shoot with a plays every play in this game technically on paper is your friend. So what are you going to be doing in? This one is building up friendships relationships joining disco taupe boy and things about speaking and gain the in-game just use the same as betrayal and weight count to do in that he's get through missions together. I would get together in groups, which is absolutely great open to four areas. We don't normally have a Stonewood Plankton York County Valley and then you'll have twine Peaks. Also what you do on this phone. We can you defrost my event will just start in Stonewood over here is you have a series of missions that you can complete. So if you look on to these are all different spot the storm rescue survive.You got defend the van kind of mission that always missions are going to be different. Now. There's not too many missions is only a handful of these different variations of missions. But each one will link up with the quest to be doing at the time. So if you were to the score stop over here, don't you also look different to my usual usual, probably recommend that you do. I don't do anything else just level through the actual question each Quest will tell you what to do next. So for example, if you look on here, he's actually called the course that I'm on which is a twine Peaks Quest but if you were in Stonewood it will tell you what the cost is here. So complete three-fight country to storms retrieve the date to order pet shelter missions in a 82 + Zone too old to do on the actual quit texting you got on this page for the down, which is absolutely great. And what I would do if this is juice work to do not know when you first start playing the game where you actually going to have is a lot of people are going to be telling you to you know, get new weapons to max out.You going to have friends you going to have people in game you can have even potentially concentrated tell you that you need to get these level 130 weapons. You don't need to get those assholes just whooped that you given at the store and that will be plenty enough to get you through the game. The game gives you everything that you need to get through and there's no point in this game real life that you particularly over power to even if you're holding him out of my sight level gun, or it going to someone's give you a show you can use that they don't use it. But it's one of those things you don't need it to come on top the main two weapon to look out first. It's just these two top ones. He has a girls and survivors. So he has managed. So this is just these are the Heroes that you going to be using right now because it just blocked a list of all the heroes that you got available to you that you can use and you can build this collection by using loot llamas Auto the methods Oswald doing missions an old different things to unlock them using Game a year on the hero load out to all you do.So you going to see in-game the other two heroes are just going to give you both to this hero. So for example of the master Grenadier Ramirez hear she's going to give me a salt damage down there which gives me increase the song by 24% So whenever I use an assault weapon with facial ruin the game, I'm going to get a 24% increase in damage than this one as well as his fortunes around the impact site each do 12.5 of the original damaged. So I just changed these out and I'll just click on each one and read through the Tactical bonus is down here and I'll just read what each one of these does. That's how I'll choose which one it is now anyway, but don't get hung up on that. Now what you want to do first off find a hero that you enjoyed playing get used to the skills about heroes and just run with that one to start with.The similar in the ultimate Armory time you going to find a very simple setup, but this is just relating to weapons instead. So pissed off you got schematics over here. These are the weapons that you can craft that you could make that you could see yourself that you could actually Bill know. If you go over to the butt pack, these are the weapons that you actually counting now, they don't really relate to each of these cannot sit down here. If you want to make a weapon out of here and go down to craft down at the bottom that and then that will make you a new weapon which you can actually use in game and you can do that. If you want to equip that just use a three boxes down to the bottom here so down at the bottom to me about sound Spectre Tyga and about the shovel as well. But all you need to do if I wanted to change that weapon out just grab this and then just drop it down to the bottom that nice and simple Costilla backpack smells like I am here I can start putting NEX instead of God ends here into storage which is a super useful.When you level up Heroes and only different weapons what you want to find a stick to general rule of thumb. If you even still would take only things up to level 10. If you didn't Plankton take everything up to level 21 thing that you are going to need to learn. If you go to come out here and we go to survivors is this time. This is what's going to level your power level over and I want to do. In the middle if you click the best of information that on survivors, I'm going to update that again very very soon. I'm trying to get more guys out cuz I want to say that guy pretty soon. She's kind of a store. What's the mechanics of it work right now, but it's a little bit days until what I actually want to do than that so that you knew guys have got something fresh to look up so that it's completely up today.Vbucksfree.con item shop juice the same as what they say about real one is but it's it would say again. Oh lord. It's the same with different. The current is the same so you can use your info and I said, well if that's what you want to do no events usually have a llama that you can open. It'll give you tokens. What you'll also find is that we have these so we also have the troll stash llamas and the upgrade llamas as well. I probably wouldn't go for a leon in the game. Is Pocono going to give you much of a boost or as much of a boost is what you thinking. I would hold on to your money for now until you understand the game when you can stop in point in which long as you want to pick up and which ones you feel so different favorite llamas. I mean the birthday llamas that we hide in one of the events of a fantastic but they use tokens to open the actual long as they get Eevee in GameStops are the legendary troll stash llamas with these. Yeah, but I won't do that just yet. Not one thing is sometimes overlooked my new place. If you look you got some Shoppin else's but if you look cute on the events will eventually guys an item shop in here now that she's much more relatable probably.News about Royals things in there where you can buy things in there. You can buy materials to level up your weapons. You can get new Heroes that are in that YouTube has all myself to have the heroes are like there's a lot that's how we'll get gameplay with these Heroes pretty quickly with all pretty much every single one of these new hero comes into the store and usually get a new video that he's up there that you can actually go and check out that's in the event. We all spent quite a lot recently came out about 350 gold you get more gold than what you will find is a lot of these have gold in them. So if we do this was mission, for example, one of the rewards down here is gold. So the more you play the game the most gold you going to get a just reward you playing the game.Okay, then so just to summarize what you want to be doing at first as a brand new player. Whip to the Stonewood missions. What do the Plankton missions and just keep playing the game that way she's going to do is hit me the game Mission times you going to get plenty of materials trust me, you will ever build relationships along the way if you're comfortable speaking on the mic then do that. If not use the type to text shut down in the bottom to the top down there. I need to report a group Tampa General chops to your party in that so look, so if I put hay down here, so if you look down that you can actually see a part of your group B team or whatever. Is it true that when you watch him just mean but the game will gradually open up to you. It might take you a week or two. I mean, I've seen people have been up to it but to start with if you just play the game and that way you'll do absolutely fine and you'll have a great time playing this game all the amazing things. He's got to offer.Aidan Harris, demon Joe francica reacts. I mean, it's just I don't know. Because hopefully that's helped out what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep that I'm going to be putting out some videos on individual menu. So if you want to see a particular menu, will you don't say anything in there? Let me know in the comments down below and I will make that for you guys to my place. We can play this game. But I absolutely love the father this game is growing as you go in and if you want to join a Discord, if you want give about this comment down below what income should do it on the way how to do certain things and extremely helpful and I just asking the General child and save the world shop and somebody will be there is always somebody there to help out. So feel free to come and join in that please make sure you hit that subscribe button reviews on the new stuff that comes out. But you know, it's supposed to be for you and I will catch you on the next video take Hannah. You know what? I think we're going to be friends. Oh my God.


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