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Fortnite BR | Best Controller Settings (Sensitivity Guide)

Fortnite BR | Best Controller Settings (Sensitivity Guide)

Welcome to PlayStation grenade this week to find the perfect sensitivity to endorse for people playing fortnite Battle Royale. I've tried using sent one one all the way up to 10% But I now know for certain it's impossible to say one way of playing is superior to another so instead I put together this guy to help you find your ideal settings below and about those you agree with me. Let's see what the general consensus is here. We'll look at a handful of pro players on Console tips and tricks to help you make your final decision. But first, let's quickly make sure we're all on the same page with the definition of sensitivity on Console. This is completely about how much movement and pressure we apply to our thumbs while scamming this is always split into two axis the X and Y if you're having a hard time remembering which is which a great way to remember is by using your head literallySteel, I get the idea when you were lost at school, you may have gotten an answer wrong. I'm to symbolize that the teacher would write an ex or across and they probably shake the head of you to use that to remember the x-axis. Generally. There are two trains of thought in fortnite high sensitivity will give you the edge in build battles and close up combat low sensitivity will see you control medium to long-range encounters. I will plan today is to find your settings to be able to keep a footswitch both camps.The sensitivity of a few Pro Gamers on YouTube has to get to grasp of the key differences in play style. Probably the most well-known PS4 player is nickmercs who is so good. He can be professional PC players using mouse and keyboard setting with six for both X and Y axis default settings, but most people all the time he's style developed. He's well aware that he's not the greatest build muscle in the lobby and openly admits that his game isn't anywhere near PC players. He gives away in building style. He makes up for with accuracy, which is second-to-none. His play style is offense and quick kills favoring attack shotgun over a pump. He also use a Pro Controller to jump using his left middle finger death for his right thumb never leaves the stick when aiming down sights are using a scope heat sensitivity is .5 but I've seen him use other ones in the past half the sensitive.On offer is the main point here. This ain't sensitivity is set up for Mid to long-range encounters perfect to compliment a shotgun game from all this information. We can assume that Nick is heavy-handed and most play on uses large the movements to achieve an extraordinarily high level of play. My God, thank you. Another world-class console player who recently destroyed a PC server with 32 kills using a controller is Upshaw this Beast of a player doesn't use the right thumb sticks to crouch instead. He's a little more old school and utilizes the claw technique in terms of settings Upshaw uses 6 6 sensitivity just like Nick bugs but his aiming down the sights days hayati .65 meaning again. He's building isn't his priority. Those kills are the .65 aiming sensitivity allows for Perfection at medium range with only marginal drop off at long distances. He has another trick up his sleeve for long-range encounters, utilizing the aim assist but we'll get to that soon. I promise on the flip side of those players who want High kill High Tempo games number of solo wins on Console Alex utilizes Max sensitivity of 10 10, meaning the smallest movement in his thumbs are recognized as large movements by the console. Steam controller on a mouse and keyboard, but I seen enough evidence to believe him that he's on a controller wins rather than kills. So he keeps on top that's 10 10 sensitivity is all about getting The High Ground. He said yes on scope sights are running at .65 on .65 making him accurate at all distances, especially medium-range. And of course he can jump around with a shotgun with the best of them. Tell the king of clickbait himself Ali-A. He's a DS. I'm scope sensitivity to 6.7 making them quicker than you'd expect from watching his gameplay. He appears to regularly change his settings which makes sense for a player who plays of the games as well as fortnite. Yes. It's possible to play more than one game as a quick note. Ali is another one of those who use a Pro Controller to keep the edge when in Bunny Hop bottles, you know, I'll include myself on this list to keep this skill level decreasing I favor and 827 sensitivity with a DS around .55 on scope around 6. Mine are a little funky. So let me break them down. It may sound strange having disproportionate X & Y axis what's in my previous life. I used to look at video game development and over the years. I've had a small insight into films take a look at yourself, which is the easiest motion for you moving. It left a rice on the x-axis y-axis. Hopefully you said left and right is easier and that's because a huge portion of your hand is dedicated toward supporting that motion. Whereas the Uptown motion is a little harder to control do to the muscles used since them sticks were introduced the y-axis. The up-and-down one was accelerated to feel closer to the x-axis. So before we even choose our own sensitivity always be mindful that it's highly likely the Uptown motion is already a point on the x-axis. I don't wanna go too far with that. So I hope that makes sense. Let me know if I need to break it down anymore. Anyway, let's move on before Things become too technical is the question. So how the heck do we figure out which sensitivity You should use a few drills. We can try out in playground mode or is that down pick a game mode on flights the edge of the map for some alone time. The first drill is designed to test your Xbox is movement by the tree lamp post a telegraph pole and a theoretical at it, but don't aim down the sights will get it. I promise for now move to your right and attempt to keep the courser in the middle of that object count how many times she drops out in around 5 Seconds now go back the other way. I can count the mistakes. Try this a different distances. If there is no chance that you can keep control now is a great time to try other sensitivities. Once you're settled on Happy try the whole thing with MA Pace. In fact change up your movement to truly test yourself. If you're happy now we can introduce the up-down motion into the mix which will test e r y axis skills on top of your ex. It's not easy as it don't worry though. We aren't looking for Perfection just control so stay around the target if possible. So now we're bringing hit fire on the little building. Generally. It's Accepted the highest sensitivity is needed for building. But that also reduces quickfire accuracy with weapons. So we want our sensitivity to be as high as possible without losing confidence in our shot. Now. We going to build up a little before taking shots, but I didn't muscle memory training attempt to jump from a ramp and a with your shotgun to destroy items in the world. When I say aim, I'm referring to be like the motel at the north of the map of these power cells to practice with if you're using a if you play claw or use a Pro Controller at still give this to go and try to count how many shots you land in a row. So now we're getting a feel for our sensitivity at any point. You want to switch up the sensitivity but keep in mind whatever you said so long will take time to learn. I will probably change in the future. He's a crucial points. Make sure you are aiming both left and right. It's important. I just see which is your dominant side. He's like handwriting right or left one always feels more comfortable learn which is your favorite position in Basel try the whole thing with different weapons such as a spy thing to know Tia is that the aim function is set to pay the right side in place is an example of the right hand side of my ramp. But if I try this on the left, it's simply impossible to always keep that in mind your strength is your right hand side. So at this point, we can't even move we can build on fire from The High Ground we can jump and flick shot with the best of them. But at this point we still shooting inanimate objects. Now's the time to figure out our IDs setting sadly. We can't do this alone. Plays a huge part in a me on Console. Let's quickly outline aim assist resist as many people call it without a doubt. We need an assist on Console it basically acts like a stabilizer. Is the single Advantage a console player house and keep in mind everyone in the server has it switched on so you may as well utilize it to the reason why I call it an issue. We looked at a few months back. If you start shooting just behind an opponent the aim assist kicks in and actively prevent you from Catching back up with your enemy. I'm completely dense your confidence mean tweets and updated many times in the last six months making it now possible to reacquire y'all Target to buy disengaging for a split-second taking your finger of both the A9 fire triggers than a millisecond lace-up reapplying them instantly your target should be back in your sights going back to Old shawl. He's trick is to almost found the Aintree go for Ultra quick Target acquisition to maximize first shot accuracy accuracy and aim assist all-in-one. He's got so good at it. He's been accused of using Aimbot just look at the schedules. Go back to aiming down sights on sensitivity. I'm sure you've already noticed the aim assist randomly kicks in when someone jumps passed you in the lobby the reticle almost follows the tire for a split-second. This is the key to finding your aim sensitivity for drills. You'll want to invite friends into playground mode or I prefer to get behind the enemy in a 50 vs. 50 match to practice aiming. I'm following a Target. Are you able to keep your reticle on a running anime order running and jumping enemy or a building enemy like always try different distances, but here's the kicker just before you shoot release and re-engage the Aintree got to add a smidgen more accuracy to your shot at the edge in a fight with a few tips and tricks to consider aim assist is Godly but there are other ways to find an advantage going back to Ali-A. He uses button remapping to change the aim and fire trigger. From the typical R2 and L2 bring them forward to our one-on-one. This theory is pretty damn simple. The amount of time your finger takes to push. The trigger down is considerably longer than using a button. You can literally shoot faster by switching the tree got to the button in front. Similarly many players change all three to jump to allow them to Ain whilst jumping in the air as we saw Aurelia jumping on the aiming on a standard controller is nigh on Impossible unless you use a Pro Controller or use the fabled claw technique speaking of pro controllers. I recently reviewed a Scuf impact to see how it gives an advantage in fortnite. It's worth the watch if you want to see what's all the hullabaloo he's about. There's also a small advantage to be had by turning off vibration, especially if you use high sensitivity to move away from the term sensitivity now, so I'll bring the video to one end. Hopefully this has given you an insight into your perfect settings on Console. Please keep in mind it can take up to 600. Hours for muscle memory to be perfected. So don't give up after an hour. I'll to keep tweaking your inputs over days weeks out of the month until you're completely happy with your decision and always remember play style will dictate your sensitivity, Iowa master builder or shotgun bunny. Are you a mid-range Barcelona or sniper? Do you rush or do you play Slow? There's so many ways to approach fortnite and to approach console sensitivity. We did it. Thank you for your time from PlayStation grenade. I hope that's helped.


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