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Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 5 Challenges in Fortnite -

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Challenges GUIDE! How to Do Week 5 Challenges in Fortnite - Tutorial

Week 5 of fortnite Battle Royale is on the horizon and with it the new week 5 challenges have leaked early. So we are back again to give you guys the rundown of all the latest weekly challenges and the best ways to complete every single challenge in the easiest and most efficient ways possible of course was season 7 here. We have yet another secret skin that can only be unlocked by completing the weekly challenges call the snowfall skin. So if you guys want to get some easy challenges completed towards ultimately unlocking the rarest skin in all of season 7, make sure to watch all the way through the video so you can complete all of his season 7 week 5 challenges. What's up guys? Welcome back to the simplyvital channel. If you're new around here, feel free to subscribe with your channel notifications turned on by clicking that Bell icon. That way you'll never miss another upload. And if you guys are excited to see the snowfall skin revealed make sure you drop a like on the video and leave it a thumbs up. Now without further Ado. Let's jump back into the world of fortnite to take a look at Aldi season 7 week 5 challenges. Keep in mind because these ChannelIs duly curly there is a slight chance that one or two of them I changed so it is always a good idea to double-check the challenge list on Thursday when the challenges go live officially to make sure that everything lines up accordingly just like every other week, we've got seven total challenges 3 hard ones and four regular ones with the hard challenges being worth ten Battle Stars or 1000 XP and the regular challenges being worth 5 Battle Stars or 500 XP. Our first challenge this week is going to be deal damage to opponents structures now as it stands because these challenges are leaked early. We don't have an official number for exactly how much damage we have to do to opponents structures in order to actually complete this challenge the same thing actually happened last week for the lynx challenges to and what was Ben didn't have any numbers associated with them, but they were still correct. So chances are the games you just trying to hide the total number in order to keep the challenges a little bit more vague and mysterious either way dealing damage to opponents structures isn't too hard. But after we reveal all of the week 5 challenges here, it will be given you guys beBest tips and tricks to complete them. Also make sure to stay tuned for the bat moving on our Second Challenge of week 5 here in season 7 is going to be a stage challenge now, we don't normally get all the stages sometimes when the early but this time we did however do keep in mind you can only complete one stage per match. So even if you can complete more than one stage, it won't count as you are limited to one stage per game. Anyways stage one is going to be dance on top of a water tower. Now, the only water tower that I can think of is the one located at retail row. So just laying there and dancing on the tower will complete stage 1 and Stage 2 is dance on top of a ranger Tower and I'm not 100% certain on this but I do believe that the ranger Tower is going to be the tall wooden structure that is located in lonely Lodge. I really can't think of anything else. I would honestly classify as a ranger Tower so lonely Lodge should be home to stage two here. Then in the final stage for this challenge stage 3 is going to be dance on top of an air traffic control tower, which I believe should beFrosty flights of course for these challenges all that is required is dancing on the location. So it this definitely is not too difficult Challenge number three this week is going to be a laminate an opponent to from closer than five meters away know this challenge is kind of interesting because typically we see something like eliminate an opponent from more than 50 meters away. But this one has to do entirely with being up close and personal with an enemy. Once again, there isn't an official number associated with this challenge, but typically the challenge requires anywhere between 1 and 3 eliminations according to the lease. So just getting a few killed from closer than five meters away will complete this challenge for you are first battle pass challenge. This weekend's fourth challenge in total is suppressed weapon eliminations. No, unfortunately, once again, we don't have the exact number of illuminations that we need to complete this challenge. However, I think in the past we've seen somewhere in between 3 and 5 in order to complete the challenge in full suppressed weapons shouldn't be too hard to get kills with as the silenced scar is obviously a heavy hitter and even the suppressed pistol is decent if yourAmazon Point V challenge this week is going to be search chests at wailing Woods or Paradise Palms. Once again, no number is placed here, but pretty much every single week. Do we have a chest surgeon challenge requires us to search 7 total chess in order to complete the challenge. I do really like that. They are giving us the option now to search between different areas like in this case wailing Woods or Paradise Palms some of you guys might actually remember the old blue chest challenges Tomatoes search 7 chests in like risky reels or just salty Springs and they were an absolute nightmare to complete since you literally have like 30 people landing at the same point the one match just a search chest and it takes forever to complete. So I definitely am glad that they're bringing some variety in the chest surgeon Department Challenge number 6. This week is actually kind of weird as there's been two reported searching challenges. Either way though. They actually both result in the same location for the Battlestar the first lie that I found actually said search between three giant rocks Within These second league said search between a giant rock man a crowned tomato and answer keyTree which I believe the second one. There is actually the official Challenge and I believe the location for this battle star is actually going to be right around tomato Temple where you have that weird rock figure that's been changing positions recently that of course is the giant rock man. Then you also have the crown tomato and encircled tree just nearby I think the spot I've narrowed it down to was actually just east of tomato Temple to the left of the south side of a little Bridge that's their there's actually a little spotted dirt that typically symbolizes where the Battle Star is going to spawn and lo and behold right on the edge of the Hill there. There is a little dirt spot. So chances are that's where they Battle Star will be then we've got our seventh and final challenge for week five here in season 7 and this challenge is to land at different locations. And this is once again a stage challenge. So unfortunately, you can only complete one stage of it per match is going to be lands at polar Peak stage 2 is land at fatal Fields stage three is land at tomato Temple so you could actually complete that and the previous searching challenge in one match if you wanted to stage 4 is land at leaky Lake.And then the final stage stage 5 is going to beat land at snobby Shores and there you have it. Those are all these season 7 week 5 challenges, but we're not done yet. Just like every other week with you week challenges. We like to not only give you guys the information about what the leaked challenges actually are but also the best ways to complete them. So starting back at the beginning dealing damage to opponents structures easily the best way to do this is either via Dynamite if you can find it as it does a ton of damage to structures or a deagle as it one hits a lot of structures and can rack up the damage count pretty quickly. Also the new Boombox item or Boombox grenade whatever you want to call. It is also super good at taking out structure. So if you're able to find that that could come in handy as well the second challenge the stages of dancing on the water tower Ranger Tower and air traffic control tower is actually super simple since all you have to do is land of the locations and dance in order to complete the challenge. So just make sure you know where to land and the challenge is basically complete challenge number 3 eliminating an opponent from clothes than five meters away. This is honestly probably going to happen.Naturally sent a lot of close-quarters situations spring up throughout the game anyways, but pretty much any shotgun engagement will happen within 5 Mi or you can always try and pickaxe but if you really want to ensure that you were thin that 5 me to range but like I said, I think shotgun combat is the easiest way to do this challenge suppressed weapon eliminations probably won't be too hard after you actually find a suppressed weapon. I honestly think that the hardest part about that challenge is going to be finding the silenced pistol or the silenced scar but the elimination part of it probably won't be too difficult then searching chests at wailing Woods or Paradise Palms. I would say the easiest way to do this is to land at Paradise Palms just because there's a lot more chest spawns there than at wailing Woods. I'm pretty sure the tall tower in Paradise Palms has like five chess pawns just inside of it alone. So this challenge shouldn't really take too long especially since you have the option searching it either location the searching between a giant rock man Crown tomato and encircled tree is about as easy as it gets simply land of the location and search the Battlestar to complete the challenge.If you are still unsure about exactly where to land, just Google or YouTube search a location guide and I'm sure multiple people will be able to help you out there. And then finally landing at polar Peak fatal Fields tomato. Temple leaky Lake and snobby Shores is also it's super easy as all you have to do is simply land of the locations to advance the challenge. Keep in mind though, since it is staged. You can only do one stage per match as I mentioned earlier completing. All seven of these challenges is going to add 7 more challenges to the total list for unlocking the super-secret snowfall skin, which will be unlocked after you complete 60 total weekly challenges. And since we do only have 7 challenges per week. This means that we won't actually be able to unlock the snowfall skin until the week 9 challenges release. So you guys are definitely going to want to grind out all the challenges that you can now so that you have less to worry about later not to mention completing the weekly challenges also gives you a ton of bonus XP as completing for out of the seven challenges this week is going to give you 5000 bonus XP right away and IFrom here on out every single week that bonus XP is going to increase by a thousand so next week for week 6 actually give you 6,000 XP if you complete 4 out of the 7 challenges in week 7 7000 XP week 8 8000 XP so on and so forth. Anyways there you guys have it. Those are all these season 7 week 5 challenges here in fortnite Battle Royale and the best ways to complete every one of them in the quickest and most efficient way. It is video helped you guys out be sure to drop a like on it and give it a big old thumbs up. If you're brand-new here to the simply viral Channel. Feel free to go ahead and subscribe with your channel notifications turned on that way. You never miss another upload. Once again. Thank you guys so much for tuning in until next time take it easy. Have an awesome rest your day and we'll see you guys on the battle bus. Peace out.


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