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7 FORTNITE SECRETS I Wish I Knew When I Started | Fortnite Battle Royale Pro Tips and

7 FORTNITE SECRETS I Wish I Knew When I Started | Fortnite Battle Royale Pro Tips and Tricks

Hey, what's up? Got your second. Favorite PE teacher Denver. And these are seven things. I wish I knew when I started playing fortnite Battle Royale if you're wanting to win more games, which of course you are a game where kills right now. Make sure you watch the whole video is it's everything. I know that got me a 30% win rate hundreds of wins and thousands of kills hit like click subscribe right now. And that's what the crazy question today for the giveaway. You know what to celebrate that. I'm a brand-new dad now, it's my little man Ezra. Let's give away 2500 v-bucks. So if you want to win again click like subscribe click on and tell me in the comments down below right now. Why you love fortnite? That's it you that now I'll tell you the winter the V bucks at the end of my next video. All right, let's get started.Number 1 the importance of building you will win or lose fights depending on how well you can build if you run into someone who's a better Builder. Do you have a much higher chance of beating you in a 1D One? So you got to be that person Channel your inner Bob the Builder and know this though, it's not just who can put the objects on the fastest. Although being fast helps a toucan Place objects in the right place the fastest the first thing you need to do when you get into almost any fight is immediately play something down because it's not about just winning that fight. It's also about preserving as much health and shield as possible for the next fight even if somebody doesn't see me yet. I drop a quick set of stairs. Sometimes a wall in front of it and try to get that slight height advantage and then I start letting off shots at the enemy has time to turn around and return fire because In Bloom set my bullets all over the place then I already have cover you might only need a wall and one set of stairs pork one-by-one basis. Usually keep that one by one no more than three titles high or you risk taking that falling damage though take control of the fight.Roll Waller stairs right in their face make them wasting ammo and then flip or even take a rocket at point-blank range most importantly get them flustered and panicking first when we make bad decisions just like you would be when we see someone build up quickly over the top bus and we are already taking damage. We lose the mental game and then usually the fight and you want more tips on fighting check out my how to win anyone be one video right after this. Number to collecting resources that now you can build without resources of course, but how do we get them quickly? There was a reason Pros rarely run out of resources and in doing so I'll build their opponents Mo Speights first, you already know that if you see those wood pallets laying around they'd give you a ton of wood II don't break building walls down for resources unless you're in a pinch since you only get like one material per hit. Everything else is great though. So take your pick no pun intended and get the swinging but do it the right way trees are awesome. But just going to read a train hoping you have enough for the next fight isn't where we want to start. There's something streamers and prose do to make sure they get plenty of resources, even at the beginning of the game. Watch what I do every game when I land and even a busier place with little trees like tilted Towers see almost every single wooden object. I come across I break down but it's not only that you can do this without hard leaving slowing down or looting when you break something down quickly switch back to a weapon or just anything on your action keys and you won't have that slow little while the pickaxe swinging animation finishes even better. You can jump and swing with your pic switch to a weapon in the land without slowing down at all. I jump usually swing twice and land while switching back to a weapon all in one movement. This is how you collect resources super fast even in like a tilted Towers building where it's hard to end up with anything you might find 200 or more of what you will need. If you plan on getting out of that god-forsaken place a lot this resource only for tables and couches inside. This is for any object you pass by when you're passing by a tree or rock or anyting again, hit your jump swing once or twice switch to a weapon in land and you might end up with anywhere from 5 to 30 extra material from that one jump do this a few times on the way to your circle. You could have hundreds more materials building is winning. So make sure you're collecting as many resources as possible. Number three Shields win games always always be on the hunt for shield potion Minnie and big farts are good to of course, there is no better feeling than going into the final four five in the match with 100 shield on top of your 100 health and a Pocketful of mini Shield early on in the game drink your Shields immediately. If you have that short amount of time to get it down every once in a long while I will hold on to my big shield for a very short amount of time only if I'm 100% sure I'm safe and hopes that I find some Mini's first, but otherwise Shadow Shields down as soon as you get them. If you go to the final few enemies of the game with no she even if you have a hundred help you better hope you don't get into a close combat one-on-one situation before at they put mini shields on the battlefield only the big Shield potions exist in these were just about as rare as they are now and people were fighting the endgame just about hinged upon who had more Shield even if you were the better player like a lot of the pros they were still finding that no Shield often meant no win with mini shields in the game now, we're lucky to be able At least 50 Shield at any point in game, but it will happen. Sometimes we end up with no Shield. So if that happens here is a list of things that will take you down in a matter of seconds just so you can be careful one bullet from a bolt action, of course or a head shop in anything as destructive all the time, but with only 100 health or sometimes even just 75 after healing from bandages, you're often three or four shots away from even a white or green AR before die. Sometimes he is in one pump of a shotgun even Sitting Bull out at 100 a star can take you down in 3 shots to if one lands a headshot. So, how do we make room for shield in our inventory? What do we drive here is a list of things I drop to make room for big or mini Shields. All right, not totally everything with the only things I will keep over Shields are my AR a shotgun and a sniper. Sometimes it's even worth it to drop a sniper these days since long range sniper battles are heading out to be just kind of a roll of the dice. Also. I might keep a rocket launcher most of the time but Denver we have the choice of 10. Mini Shields are too big shields. What do we take? Hardest questions to answer and I think anybody will tell you something different and rightfully so it depends on place out how many fights both close range and long-range. Do you think you will get into over the course of the rest of the match if the answer is any form of a lot then carry those minis because minny's go down quick and being back to 25 or 50 shield in a couple seconds in the middle of a fight will save your life. Sometimes if you want to take it a little slower and have a less aggressive approach. You usually want to carry the two big shells with you and get back on top quickly. If you end up taking a sniper shot from far away or drop your sniper drop your grenades drop those impulse grenades for making those sweet ninja plays, I think about the minis and The Bigs it will win you the game number for landing first. There are many times. I'm not the person with a gun in those early game fights anymore. I hate those games that start with someone else find it again before me and before the match even really get started. I get killed the first and easiest trick to remember is to try to land in the low parts of the map the rivers The Valleys even moving a hair over. Way down and putting yourself on the low part of a Cliffside will allow you to Glide in much lower than anybody else when you're going into tilted for example aim to drop way outside of tilted since you can glide almost an entire white square on the big not try to find him out about the river. The football stadium or loot Lake to be everyone in giving you the odds on getting that gun. First. The next trick is to pick one or two of your favorite places and getting really good at knowing exactly where to drop if you guys don't know for my videos are streams. My now fatal Fields as my home and especially the stable is where I like to land. I know exactly what to drive from pretty much all angles to be able to be the first one to touch ground or roof in most cases because I'm here so much. I went out against everybody in town about 90% of the time giving me a massive star to hopefully what will be a win most importantly though mastering Landing in one or two spots, maybe good at Landing in every place I go you start to learn how the land works for you and exactly how far you can glide at. What altitude is this is definitely the You get better with practice scenarios just like everything else in life, but I'm all about getting better quicker. And this is the way to do it last name wood landing and it sound so simple avoid Landing in places where somebody else is sure. You can have your fun and fight it out, but I don't like my fun and chances of winning being solely depend on who got lucky and went to the right room in a house to get the gun or who pressed e at the right time to pick up the chest gun. I avoid this orange peel off base beginning all together, even if that means running a little ways to a separate house or area entirely it's worth it to me to put myself in a better chance of winning then risk my entire game on a 50/50 toss up at the beginning number 5 wood is best not metal. Stone wood is the best building material by far the game because of its versatility. I know I know metal has the most help someone has more Health in builds almost as fast as would but there's one thing that sets with apart from the other two resources. It has the most health when being placed so, why does that matter most of the game? Protecting yourself with your resources and having the strongest material and blazed is the difference between living and dying in a fight what can often survive more than one shot one immediately placed while metal and stone cannot in fact metal and stone are only better than wood. When you have nobody around here in this circle, you build a base that's meant to stand for a while, even then you might turn around and see somebody building up to you with double ramps of would you go to shoot it out and find out too late that it takes more than a few bullets to try to knock the ramp down and I have a shotgun in your face from above we all love building a metal base shirt, but the game is mobile and aggressive only every once in awhile is squatting in a tower the best decision plus the amount of metal it takes to build even a thin one by one metal base is nearing 200 which takes quite a while to farm as you can get that much wood in a matter of minutes not to mention how long it takes metal and even brick structures. They finish building whereas wood is the quickest Building Material no matter how you look at it use both offensively and defensively would is the best choice for building and you should always pray Fort I squat team first number 6 on the Move, yes, you can build up and make a fortress in fortnite. I'm sure we all did that quite a few times when we first started because it's awesome that fortnite is a quick-moving game. You can sitting still too long will get you killed I came over from pubg. So I started with ducking behind trees taking cover behind rocks trying to crouch down in the grass or bushes for cover man. If I can go back to my first fortnite games, I probably be pretty ashamed of myself, but that's in the past. Now. I know that if I want cover I need a build it also while talking about the movement of the game is the first game of ever played when I realized that moving and shooting is oftentimes the best strategy it still makes me mad to be honest that we can move and shoot so easily after play more realistic games grown up on Counter Strike, but with blue Mane ours being as accurate as it is right now we may as well do what works best. The most important thing to remember is that even snipers can be shot accurately while moving I never played Halo. I know. I know I sure it was an awesome game. But I remember seeing Halo players jumping around throwing out those super accurate site for kills. This game is just about like that or you can be straight thing or moving up and down in your base and still send a bullet to where you wanted to go. If after this video you still believe that sitting up in the base every game is the best way to win just remember how prevalent rockets and grenade launchers are one well-placed hit from those and you find yourself in 50 held or even Dad number seven in the last one on this list is watch the pros compared to the bigger names in YouTube and twitch for fortnite. I have about 1/4 of their total games played but I can still hang with you in the better players of game. You will always be true that the more time you put into something the better you get and I truly believe that and I told my fourth graders that for four straight years, but I also told them that the time spent matters to put your time in a what matters most to get better faster is probably pretty stupid analogy, but think of learning to play something like a guitar you can spend all your time just pressing on the Frets strumming. Things and eventually, you'll get better. It'll take a long time instead. Some people have a teacher or instructor that tells me exactly what to do and that works too. But obviously with video gaming not everybody can teach you all the time and tell you exactly what to do. So what is the next best thing watching somebody who is good and emulating it business men and women athletes Gamers and even YouTubers like me do this all the time. Why do you think so many YouTubers are started screaming and overreacting after jacksepticeye got a huge it is the best way to get good at anything quickly you take what they do and you make it your own the only way I got good at building so fast by watching myth and ninja I never would have ever thought to make a too wide low skybridge to someone's base after hitting them a couple times before watching them do it. I was afraid I would get shot down and died of fall damage, but it works perfectly every time I do it and I learn from them to make sure you get a couple shots off 470 heal or Shield up first before they know it you're on top of them. But that's just one thing. I watch the best players play in probably like most people I'm not Just to be entertained with some comedy or maybe some pain pain dances. I'm there to learn and figure out exactly how they build a base and seconds or like ninja has been doing why he takes a blue burst ovary going to scar sometimes now none of this matters. If you just play for fun, he don't care about winning a few guys who like me find the most fun in a win definitely follow this tip if you aren't so thank you guys for watching him for that. Give away of 2500 v-bucks. Make sure you hit like & subscribe right now hit that little bell leave a comment telling me why you love or nah. That's it guys. Thank you guys so much for being patient with MacKenzie as I move into fatherhood. I just I thought I'd be able to continue making videos by man. I'm so tired all the time. I'm trying to help my wife cuz poor little guy, you know, he's crying all the time obviously cuz that's what babies do but I'm trying to take some stress off her shoulders and things like that, but I promise I'll get back to a thank you guys so much for the support. I read on almost all the comments. I think I left a comment to me on my video or you're Going to on this video. I scroll through it. I read the comments mad cuz I I I don't I don't do this because I just love making videos that's only harder than I do it because I just I want to get to know you guys want to be a good influence on the youth which is why I started in the first place, you know, what's a teacher I want to just clean good gaming for for kids to watch man. So if you're a kid man, I hope I hope I'm that for you. I wish I could be all your guys's PE teachers. I love when I get those comments, but I again, thank you guys for all the supports azra and Lauren. Thank you guys, too. So I'll see you guys in the next video.


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