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Max Survivor Squad Guide \u0026 Mastermind Build / Fortnite Save the World

Max Survivor Squad Guide \u0026 Mastermind Build / Fortnite Save the World

Hello Dean, and yeah, it's been an interesting day with all the updates and everything else. But from day one of this game when it came out, the one of the biggest questions was how to set up the Survivor squads in order to max out your character and I was planning on doing video on this anyway, and since it did the update might as well get to it today and I'm actually going to go over three different ways. You can set up your character. There are some people who just don't want to deal with their survivors. So they want as little as possible to do with it. So I'm going to show you the quick easy way to do it.And then I'm going to show you the way that sets up basically for your highest power level, which is what most people want in the game. Cuz your power level ends up determining what missions you can and cannot get into and then I like setting up my character different than most people. I want to be a specialist. If you look at my hero, first of all, I'm using Heroes like enforcer Grizzly or heavy base Kyle or Master Grenadier Ramirez who all specialized in ability and Gadget damage. And so I ordered wrap damage and this is why my tech damage is nearly twice my resistance in 42 and almost a thousand more than offense increases trap damage Billy damage Gadget damage and healing done by 1% Now. This isn't something I recommend for most people most people when you're playing the game you want.He's pretty even and also I know some people decide to go and be a weapon damage specialist, which is great. That is awesome. And a good way to play the game. It's just I choose more of a mastermind build something some people call Summoner cuz I focus on my damage from things. I put down not what I am shooting so I will go through that also, but right off the bat to do let's get in here the new screen and also if you glowed in in your level is way way down from what it is that is because you have not applied your new research points, which I will get to also later once you apply these you should be higher in level than you were before.But you getting back into this for survivors, you can go to manage which I hardly ever ever use this except for to delete survivors go to your squads. And this is me with my current setup. I am going to change it a little bit more cuz now I have some new survivors. But you can see what the scores that I saw before. I really focus on the tech and what you have is two different categories. You have four different areas here, which is your health your fortitude your offense your weapon damage whether that is a rifle or a sword this offences you turn your weapon damage resistance, which is your shield and Tack which I already showed you was traps gadgets and abilities and that is broken down into self and then the same for slots for your team party share. But also on this when you were setting it up you want to try to get personality matches and then if you are really trying to specialize or really focus and certain areas get these additional bonuses down here. Now, the number one question I always get to ask is how can I get Maya built are my powerscore up highest the fastest and that is simply legit level up your lead Survivor. If you have Mythic lead survivors level those up first if you have legendary level those and the reason is and right here is a perfect example these to the legendary lead Survivor and the legendary Survivor take the exact same amount of experience and resources to level up but my legendary lead Survivor has a hundred and three more points towards it. So obviously if you want to be getting your account as high as you can as fast as you can focus on your lead survivors first, and then once you have all eight lead survivors leveled up as far as you can at your current level then go and level up your survivors. Now if you have Mythic lead survivors are even now they have it on to Mythic regular survivors. You want to level those up before your legendaries then do your legendary legendaries in the categories? And then I put another thing on that if you are somebody like me who is specializing then I focus on what I am at focusing on like in my case Tech now for the people who want this done and over with and all they care about is getting it basically halfway done and getting playing right now. I am level 98 trying to optimize all this and spending a lot of time on it. But if you turn on your autofill, and some people are really getting flipped out about this cuz it does not maximize your account. But even when I do the autofill All I went down was one and a half levels. That is hardly anything at level no 98 dropping down to 97 not much at all. So yes, you can do the autofill and it's much faster and easier and it makes a little bit of difference. But in this case literally about a 2% difference, but of course most people aren't like that most people want to max out their categories. So I am now going to go through that and show you both how to max it out for The power level and also how to max it out. If you want to be a specialist and going through the clear all I wish they had a clear all for all categories. It would save so much time. But yeah, we got a lot more to talk about on this and they have some new setups for the Survivor Squad. Alright, so we get it all cleared out. First of all pick the category that you care about the most weather is fortitude offense resistance or Tech as I said, I care about tech. So hopping in here you get a big bonus to get the categories, right? So like there I got the little deer thing for corpse of engineering even though this is a legendary it gives me a higher score than the Mythic cuz of the match so match that up and then go through here and match up everything by personality at higher highest level first and let's see going through And do and the reason I'm not putting in just the highest level is because when I go on to another category, she will actually get more points if I put her in that other category and you'll be seeing that as we progressed. So right now I get the personality matches and I get it maxed out. And you might notice here were pretty much as I said, I specialize in trap damage ability damage and gadgets and you can see everything leveled up here has the set bonus of something that helps that out. These are trap durability. So I have two perks that are set up towards that and then later on. Hopefully when I get all legendaries in here, we'll have this with trap damage on their also, but right there huge bonus to my text or if you don't know these scores from your Survivor squad, or you going to be the number one influencer for how much damage you're doing in the game more so than weapon or trap Rarity or level what you do in your Survivor Squad is the number one factor in the game for becoming powerful once again over here Legend. Sorry, nothing and think tank with the lightbulb get that matched up. Here we go with taking the little swirly personalities. Level those up whoops. He was not supposed to be in there and hot down here. And there we go. So got all these now you may ask to do do I have some down here? Why don't I have these leveled up and change them out. I simply didn't have these 11 legendaries when I had Survivor XP and I got these all the way leveled up at that time and prior to the update. I didn't have a bunch of Survivor XP. Now. I have a ton of Survivor XP. So we'll be changing out some of these later on to maximize it even more but I'm really going to be focusing on getting the set bonuses and if you look over here Do my score right now? I'm back up to 3000 techscore everything else. I'm going to be doing the rest of this time of leveling up a resistance offense fortitude will not change how much damage my Outlander Teddy will do or how much the turret Gadget will do so I could go into a level 72 Mission and basically I got my text score set up where it's like more of a power level 100 or 110 level and my teddy would just rip through everything in the level 72 Minotaur level 70 mission mission, but of course I would die really fast in my weapon would do hardly any damage. Also another thing on this as I was saying the weapon damage, I don't do much because the Tech score so much higher than my offense. That is true for everything except for affliction on my shotgun the damage from my shotgun is almost equal to how much damage I do with the flexion with that shotgun because Affliction damage on a weapon is not tied to offense. It's tied to Tech so, you know, you could have a person with Max offense and low-tech and another person with maxtech and low offense, but they're both using weapons that have affliction on it. They're going to end up doing about the same amount of damage. Which I just thought was kind of interested, but I go back. What is the second most important thing to me? I don't know. I kind of bounced around but kind of offense I still want if I'm in trouble to use my double barrel shotgun or Super Shredder and then RPGs also to take out stuff so we will load up that next. to do and hopefully I think I'm this one will have to actually make some decisions between being a specialist or two going for the highest possible power level and yet we're going to have to Let's see you do that guy there and on that one. I just made a choice. This is a level 42. This is a level 35 if you want your max power level you want to pick the level 42, but I'm really not caring about that cuz this is not my text score. This is offense and I'm willing to take a little bit less offense in order to get this bonus. I just got four more ability damage bonus. So once again now my teddy is doing more damage and I care more about my teddy doing damage. Then I care about my shotgun doing more damage, even though as I just said on the shotgun now the Affliction will do more damage on it. So keeping going with that. I looked down here and what else I got trap durability on there and sure enough. There's two more trap durability. Once again, I'm going to take a 7-point hit but when you're talkin about 2,000 points that are going to be in my offense. I don't mind taking that minor hit and allowing my traps to have longer durability on them that you're going to have to decide for yourself. But there we go. And this is awesome. When you get it here, you got seven different ones. You can put in some are three and some are too but like in this case every single character is getting personality match Annie every single character in here is giving a bonus of some sort. And that is how you end up our want to end up having it and let's see get Visa UPS and we just keep loading on that ability damage bonus. As you can see the Big Dipper. Whoops. I do not want that one. So let's go ahead and change that one out. Guitar Gadget, but what I was talking about is you can see a big difference where my tech ones every single one of them was leveled up to five star where offense are actually going to see in all the other categories. Some of them. I got up to five like this one. I know I'm going to have till the end of the game because its ability damage bonus. So I went ahead and five start it and then just kind of left the other ones that I knew I would probably be changing out eventually. And once again ac123 that is set up and do get another bonus on here. I'm just looking at what I can set another bonus on. And do we got trap durability there? And we got another trap durability here. here at 42 whoops my bad. Once again Got a Pea tent. Get the personality match and this one is not going to matter. I can't team up anymore. So I'm just going with whatever is the highest which in this case. Actually, I got to experience points to spend. So I'll get this one and I will level that up after I'm done with the video and now we are good on offense now. I just go from the beginning miles will load up the health. And yeah, I'm going to see I really haven't put as much into these. But right off the bat we get a trap damage bonus. So now all those lovely traps, I love thrown down or doing more just looking through to see what other bonus is I can get and it doesn't look like much all these are 35. And do what we got. All right, we got trap durability here and we got trap durability here. I will come back and give this at least all the way up to one star. And now we can't get any more bonuses. So whatever is higher. Yay team bonus. All right, get resistance up some. And do going through getting that okay, but definitely add in your own comments and thoughts Survivor squads can definitely be a pain. But yeah, I really try to Max mine out. Can I get another? Come on, give me one more there. He is. So now I got a double bonus and now we will take whatever is the highest. And actually I know that's 52 and 42. But once again, I will come back later and level that one up a little bit more. And then we got two squares to go. I still got more to show you here is tough decision time because I do have a Mythic to put in here. But before I didn't have enough experience points to level her up and also she is a duplicate of personality of another one and I don't have that many of that personality to get bonuses. So I'm going all the way down to Epic. I know some people disagree with that but I'm thinking long-term of what I want this to look at at the end. And mainly now that they have it with the llamas were supposedly. We aren't supposed to be getting duplicate mythics. Hopefully, I can fill that in with that same personality type here pretty soon and let's see, what do we want to do? Just checking out the scores. And we got one too. Yeah, we're going to once again you think that ability damage up as high as possible? And what other bonuses can I get off of this? We got hell that we can get two more trap durability and I have been taking trap durability off of my traps. It looks like that if you have trap durability on a trap and use it in a storm shield defense it for some reason doesn't reset the counter on it. So I'm taking durability off that way every time I do a storm shield defense it automatically resets it at the end of it for the next one. And let's get our matches. 1 2 3 all we do got it and do just looking down here what we can add up later. I'm sure there's more matches, but you guys don't want me staring at this forever. So let's go ahead. And put that where did she go? There she is and then the last one and we're back up to 98. I had a little bit higher before so I did take a hit a little bit on my power level, but I got a ton more bonuses. So this for me this works out amazingly. Well one thing I want to stay over here. I'm not sure how long this is been in here. But and you can see I'm going to go back and level up those that I stated. And they have the sorts of right now they start off by rating. I got it on actually, let's go over here. So whatever is the highest level ones or come first. But this is amazing. You can use the sort fersing do Rarity to show the mythics and the legendaries you have. Which allows me to see hold it? I got these legendaries here. I did not place that maybe I should go back at and look at it again, or if I never plan on using them go ahead and retire them and use the experience for him to a level up what I have and then you can go personalities so here to do this. Let's start by level and nope. We want set bonuses. So now I can see since the number one set bonus. I want in the game. Is this ability bonus I can make sure I got those leveled up and like this guy I will probably go back and level him up like crazy. Same thing with this guy here. I'm getting to a point where I'm not worried about Epix cuz I'm going to be changing him out with legendaries anyway, so I'm really focusing on those. But yeah, you can go through by the different bonuses. Which is awesome and then once again here is personality. So basically, okay personality all the ones with this little triangle thing. You can see what they are all together. And then sort by Squad name so you can also check out your squad right here. And this is great. If you just want to focus on like what I'm going to be doing is leveling up. I know I've maxed out my actually go over to here. To get it the way I want it Squad name name. Oh shoot. I did want that Squad name. It just happens to work out. If you do it with the leader, every row is every Squad. So as I said, I care most about tech all these are five star I can go and look at my other check right here all 5-star. Now, I want to start focusing on my focusing on my offense and you can see I got some leveling up to do on those. They're so by using the sort you can really focus on what you need to and it does help quite a bit in the last part of all this is heading over to research. This is what caused people to go into panic mode when they did the update because these weren't applied yet. So it made your level look a lot lower and you can come in here like me. I want to hear I leveled up Tech until it was maxed out and then I went over to off and then I split the other two, but one thing I want to say is playing the game and figure out what you want to focus on whether it's damage with weapons damage with tech and then figure out can you survive focusing that much on it? I had to learn I love and I bring it up all the time. If I'm running my Outlander, I want an Outlander with phase shift because basically my to do health and resistance is horrible. So I need something to replace my defensive means that would be my shield and help and what I use a spaceship anytime things start looking bad. I face shipped out of there and I'm much more survivable. If I don't have face shift. I would have to come back here and lower my tech and raise up my resistance in fortitude kind of like how they had it when I did the autofill sort and get them or even doubt and then my character would be much more survivable but my traps and gadgets and abilities would be doing less damage. But a nice thing about this this also helps your heel do extra healing so that helps out a little bit on it too. I hope this helps on how to set up your Survivor squads how you can set up how the autofill is not horrible. It's not great. It does not maximize maximize things. But as you said when I did our song when I did the autofill, it only made the difference of one level and a few bonuses. But yeah, and I'm you really do want to learn this as you progress in the game. And if you want to specialize your characters, you can definitely do that also. So there you go. Have a great and amazing day and I know it's kind of more boring video, but hopefully it's a definitely a helpful video. Take care.


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