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Fortnite WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - Three Ski Lodges STAR + Secret STAR (Battle Royal

Fortnite WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - Three Ski Lodges STAR + Secret STAR (Battle Royale Season 7)

All right guys, welcome back to another fortnite video. And in this one it is time to go over my week 3 challenges guide featuring the star between the three ski lodges the secret loading screen star on top of that and of course the other challenges as well which are kind of straightforward, but I want to focus on the fastest way to get them done. So that means we're going to be going through stuff light hits tricks and secrets just to help you get done with these as fast as possible. If you can get back into the game plan it for fun and that'll also help you get closer to unlocking stages for Zenith links and also overall get closer to unlocking the Ice King which is definitely pretty cool. So yeah, I got some big things to all of you who have been using my support a Creator code in the item shop again, it is code the Llama Sir with two L's, but if you're new to the channel and you appreciate these guides he want to help support me. You can use my support a Creator code in the item shop. I really do appreciate it. And thanks again to all of you who have been using my code. But yeah, I got is if you find this really helpful if you sure to hit that like button down below and also, what cheer or level you guys are at because I'm always curious to see how far along you guys are because personally I am a258 again I did get the head start at the very beginning but I'm curious to see where you guys are at as well. So comment that down below but you guys first of all, let's jump into it with just an overview of the challenges in case you're not home to see them or something and just as a recap again, we're going to be covering the location of the secret loading screen star. You guys know I have you covered with that stuff and then for the challenges themselves this week, you have deal weapon damage stages also have legendary weapon eliminations. I'll be showing you like the best way to find legendary weapons the quickest way then search between three ski lodges I'll show you the exact location of that also search chests at polar Peak or tomato Temple and ring a doorbell in different named locations. So you good ways to do that also ride a zipline in separate matches. So you like a bunch of the locations of those so, you know exactly where to go and also land at location stages. So again overall tips and tricks of how do I work on these together? And where do I get different items where to find a different things the fastest just overall help you get done with these challenges quickly. So first of all, let's jump into it with you first Challenger want to go over in this video and that isWhat is zipline in separate matches? This is a good one to start off because it's one that you can do with so many of these other challenges. And again, it is separate matches and you have to do it five times. So by far when you're trying to do some of the other challenges and you happen to be near one of the zipline simply just take it. So you get one of those done per game and eventually you'll have it done. You might not even have to actually like focus on this one at the end. So with that being said, here's a quick map of like a bunch of the locations for the zip lines, as you can see. There's a bunch of the iceberg by on there's a bunch like sort of your Paradise Palms around those mountains Hills, whatever you want to call them. But also there's a bunch, you know spread out around the rest of the mountain like something to keep in mind there generally around those, you know pop-up. I don't even know what to call them those buildings those red buildings that have showing up on the map a bunch of them like centralized around those know so they're on Hills. So if you're near a towel Hill, there's a good chance. There might be a zip line up there. So keep that in mind just keep a lookout for them. And again when you're maybe doing one of the elimination challenges simply Land close to a zip line take it and you'll be working towards this challenge.Super duper easy. And then after that guy's you have one that's sort of tough sort of not it's one of those challenges where you have to find a certain weapon and then get eliminations with it. But for this week, it's on the top or side because it is specifically Legendary Weapons. However, guys, I know it's super easy way to get this one done. It does depend on like what game modes are around but overall guys, it's super easy Once, you know this trick so you guys legendary weapon eliminations, you need a total of 2, which really isn't that many and there's a bunch of ways you could do what you could maybe just drop into solo if you're playing normally you're bound to find some Legendary Weapons eventually like a legendary assault rifle legendary heavy sniper those will help you get this done. However, the way that I would prefer to do it and I think is the fastest way to do it is to go into a big team mode. Now this is where it does get a little bit tricky because you know, it's 14 days of fortnite. Apparently DLT. I'm going to be switching in and out of bunch. So this may or may not work depending on when you're doing the challenges and what mode there is but they did say in an announcement that they will be cycling big temo it so I would assume that there's always going to beForm of big temo at least for like the next two weeks. But yeah in these types of modes a lot of the time in the main Circle a lot of airdrop spawn at a certain point in time during those games, like for example of teams of 33, once you're in the match, I think you have to wait until around eight minutes on the Storm. I want to say I know 100% sure but I was just like testing this out a little bit and like as you can see a bunch of supply drops are airdrops drop onto the map within that smaller Circle in these big team modes. So they're super easy to find you just need to go there weight look up into the air once you hear that and you know sound of the supply drops dropping and then since you also have redeploy in these moments, you can build up redeploy towards those drops open them up for a legendary item. I'm pretty sure they always spawn 1 and then use that to get some elimination if you happen to get a tough item like a minigun something you can do is knock a person down if you're able to knock them down. It depends on if those responsible not we can knock them down with your AR and then finish them off with your legendary weapon in that should count towards the challenge. We might need to test that out with a new season, but that has worked in the past. So I would assume it works now we justHave to test it out after that then though, you have a pretty interesting one which has to do with the doorbell's but it's different from the way it was done last season where you had to like ring the doorbell with an opponent inside the house. It is different from that in a pair. But you have to ring the doorbell of a house in two separate named location, which is actually fairly straightforward. If you know some of the best locations to do this and what you guys know I have you covered for so first of all, when you start out this challenge, there's four main areas that have a bunch of doorbells in our name two locations. Those are retail row salty Springs Pleasant Park and also Paradise Palms. However, when you take a look at those, there's a couple that are actually way closer than the others and those specifically are retail row and salty Springs. So basically guys, what you want to do is pretty simple. I would recommend actually going through salty Springs first because you can land at one of the houses ring the doorbell that's out front then grab a quadcrasher and go over to retail row and then ring the nearest doorbell of the houses over there is very simple as long as you can.Even really matter what Gable you go into it just make sure that you go to the two different named locations and ring the doorbell at each one pretty straightforward. But then after that guys, let's jump into it with the star location for this week. And by the way guys, if you find this video helpful Fisher to hit that subscribe button down below because I post these guys every single week showing you guys tips tricks and secrets in order to help you get done with the challenges as fast as possible. And if you don't want to miss a guide to being subscribed and having notifications turned on is the best way to know about them, but you guys getting back into it. This week is a star. I definitely do love the stars and I know you guys love them as well compared to the Batters hand as it seems since the first week was a star and sent the second week was a banner and then this week is it going to start it does for sure seem that they're going with the same thing that they did Four Season 6 in switching in between the stars and banners for each week. So I would say that next week is more than likely going to be a better and then for week 5 it's going to be a star and so on and so forth. You guys know how it works. But yeah that does seem to be the case. So yeah, if you guys do want a free tier first of all,Always you do have to complete this week's challenges. That's a very important thing. The star will not show up unless you complete this week's challenges. So be sure to finish the other ones first on top of that you may need to complete the previous week as well. I'm not 100% sure about that. I'll probably tested soon but you know, if the star doesn't show up once you've completed this week's challenges that is probably why but yeah, where is the star for this week? I haven't completed this week's challenges. But the loading screen has been going around a bunch on Twitter Reddit stuff like that. And as you guys know that usually hide a clue in there. So apparently these star is at Frosty flights, which is a little bit interesting because of the banner from last week is there as well. But yeah, I guess it's on the other side of the building if it is actually at the hangars those big red building things whatever in the one that is on the left if you're facing the entrances of them so you need to do is go inside of their then face towards the left side of their and it should be right up here again. If it's not here, I'm just judging this based off of the clue in the loading screen. I haven't quite gotten it yet. So for some reason it changes simply check the pinned comment down below. I will update you guys there, but II think I should be here. So yes, if we go up to that grab it and then you will then you to either win the game or get eliminated for the challenge to count. But yeah, I should be a free tier keeping it going here guys. Let's move on to the next challenge. I want to go over and actually there's a couple of challenges that remind me of the old Seasons. I sort of hope they keep doing these ones but you got a search chest challenge. We may have had one like this in week 1 but I like how they're doing it with two separate locations in this week is either in polar Peak or tomato Temple and you have to search through 7 chest there. So yeah, it's pretty straightforward. But honestly, what I can recommend is probably having it is tough. I would say polar Peak just because tomato Temple I feel like it's slightly smaller, but I guess they are sort of the same size. So it doesn't really matter maybe go to whichever is later on the battle bus that might you know get less people go in there. And then for the game mode, you know, you can do big temo. If you wanted super simple and your team is on that side, but honestly you can do this in may be solo Duo's solo Squad probably run into a bit less people there and it's going to be pretty simple. But yeah, I like for Polar Peak as you can see there's a bun.Chess in the big building that has just like appeared recently, especially like in the throne room a couple of can spawn also like up in the library. There's if there's a bunch of chest in his building and then you know, you got the buildings around it. So it is pretty straightforward guys shouldn't be that much of a challenge. But then after that guys we have these search between three lodges which is another battle star challenge similar to the ones we had a couple of seasons ago, but it is very similar to a couple of seasons ago where you got a clue and then you had to search on the map for a battle star that showed up. Now. This is separate from the secret Battle Star that you get from the loading screen and it is actually, you know, a part of the main challenges. So you do have to do this one first before, you know, you get the secret loading screen star if that makes sense, but this itself is a secret star for the challenge what you'll see it. Yeah, you don't need to complete any previous challenges. You just need to go to this location and the crew says you have to search between three lodges now, where is that while you guys know probably it is in the iceberg biome, but where exactly in the iceberg biome that is the question will actually it's kind of likeClose to the middle. Actually, it's between some of the locations like Frosty flights and stuff like that inside. This gameplay doesn't actually show the star I first recorded grabbing it but then the recording got messed up and it just like I showed one frame so I don't know why that is but this is Justin replay so you can see where I go. I'll tell you where the stars shows up. But as you can see it is right over here. You can see that there is one large over here another one over here and another one over here. What's a little bit odd like where the star is exactly in between those so as you can see right here, I'm just dropping into like a solo game. I find that to be the easiest and then you need to look in between the trees over here and go to this specific location. If you don't go here won't show up. But if you do go here you can see that the star comes up and then you have to just hold X or whatever use button you use to pick up the start and that will be how you complete. This challenge is very straightforward once you know the location of it. So you guys there you go that is a pretty easy challenge right there. And then after that guys, there's a pretty simple challenge. So I'm not going to spend much time on this one specifically, but it is the deal damage stages and I haven't quite gotten through theWhen I just know that the first stage is deal damage with shotguns. So I'm assuming the other ones are just other weapons and honestly guys, if you do a big temo this should be pretty easy or if you're just playing normally you should be able to get this done. I mean I use shotguns and game all the time. Just when I'm going for a win. So I mean I could at least get this first stage without even trying so I wouldn't really worry about this one. Maybe save it for the end because you'll probably be able to mix it with some other challenges and then on top of that guy's for the final challenge for this week that I want to go over you have you land at location stages challenges is very similar to ones that we've had in the past we have to land at one location and then the next game line at another one and then the next game after that landed another one pretty much the exact same thing like that. And the first location is lonely Lodge. So, you know just dropping at the start of your game land over there and then you're going to have to wait for the next game in order to even do the next stage. That's how the stage challenges work. You can't do multiple stages. I'm pretty sure in one game. But yeah when you're at lonely Lodge, maybe you can find an SMG there and do that challenge because a bunch of other people are probably going to be dropping their as well. So, you know, maybe try and knock out two birds with one.Sound but yeah guys that is going to be for today's guide. I hope you found it helpful. And if you did be sure to hit that subscribe button down below as well. Check out some of my previous videos here at such as on the left my week 2 challenges guide if you still need it and then on the right going through a bunch of the things in the 14 days of fortnite event, which is a fun one. But other than that guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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