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Full Guide to WIN Fortnite Season 6! How to Win Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks! (Ps4/X

Full Guide to WIN Fortnite Season 6! How to Win Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks! (Ps4/Xbox Tips)

Hey, what is going on guys? It is younger. And today I'm back in there fortnite tips and tricks with you guys and today's video. I'm wishing you guys a fool got how to win in season 6. I have a really good job for you guys. I miss you guys exactly where to go in a full guide to go along with it. If you guys are struggling to get winds here in season 6 just follow this guy and I guarantee you guys would be winning more games in no time. And before we get to the video Mariah to drop like on the video, make sure to subscribe to the channel turn on my notifications you're notified for every single new video and just a side note only give away that I've been doing on my channel. If you guys want to hear the winners that give away at Mayo will be announcing those Winters as soon as he hit twenty-five thousand subscribers do as soon as he hit that Mark you will be announcing the winners of the headphone giveaway. And all right. Let's do it the video in soda burn quieter solar winds going from this location and it supposed to pair. My phone is cut in the back. I'm not sure if they're called whether the house is behind a Paradise Palms and Olivia really good drop safe.Nobody will answer in this game. You don't usually there isn't that many people who'll answer and that's a really good idea. When you go for a drop if you want to go for an easy win, definitely go pizza places are not lot of people in this game. It was for people that dropped what is kind of surprising? Cuz I really see anybody ever come here. We said there's a lot of people, you can go to the gas station that are on the right where you could even go into Paradise Pawn in the reason that I chose this location to do the video on it because right here in the sand area. It's a really good spot to get a wrong cuz there is a ton of us everywhere and that's kind of why I like you're so I come here a lot of times for a lot of games because you're really never going to get screwed over by the server. There's wrecks everywhere. So if you met the circle either someone for next year ripped or you just didn't even go into the rift cuz most of time I've never even got caught by the circle. I never had to worry about the circle and no matter how bad it wasn't in the worship you get high from here that Dusty so you could take the rift pretty much all the way too salty. And then from there is really not that far over onto does if that's the worst Circle possible lot of time zone than in India.In this game, the circle was only so I have to worry about anything at all in a rift could just be really good. So if I want to push another player get to a spot really really quickly how much you guys because I really good loot location to go from here. And in this game disc player actually dink me for a telegram and I was trying to get quick pitch on try to get a few head shots. I don't want to take for too long. But this guy snipe me or something cuz he took so much damage to the best thing to do is run away to listen to TV channel. If you really want to play the hill game. You don't want you don't want to challenge people when you're low on health inspection 81st tag on you because a lot of times you going to be losing that gunfight. So the best thing I can do in the best thing that I did do in a situation was completely avoided I went to Paradise Palms and the reason I went here because there's probably a lot of things are unloaded. This place was packed Indiana season five, but now on season 6, it really isn't too many people and their the guy who made me though is to follow me. It's kind of surprising that in this game a lot of players when you ripped away. It doesn't matter how any can be near out of the way. It would be he was going to go for a quick kill. So they're going to keep following you I would just try to take the sky.I miss the rip and I thought Erasure I was going to be screwed over run is going to pop in this restaurant was just shaking this guy do anyway, I can get him off of me and then I went down and grab the hills over here. Cuz I do want to fight this guy without any proper Hills in the volume is one shower hit the guy for 85 and chances are I'm going to be dead. So I want to play the hill game. I came here. I got a truck like he places the Trap so that's why I wrote to my room cuz that's why I put an X. That's normally what the Trap was and they keep mine that I use now. I've definitely like them a lot better with the right sit down. I've been able to get drops off so much quicker. I've seen the sky right outside the door. So what I want to do is put a ramp down and think about Ramses when you edit you can see right behind it. This guy runs around he walks right to the child that I played earlier completely outplayed. You try to go for fun, but didn't even look for a trap had to get this mailed a little dance. I do a little jig on them or what are you doing? I see this guy was mad because he left Angel eating and spectating. So I'd hit a little dance toFrom this location. Usually there's going to be ribs here. But I took both of you have to just trying to get away from that player. But fortunately in this game the server wasn't too far. So I just had to run a little bit but I'm not sure exactly where I where you want to go out and see if you get a ripped or you can even run there if there is no rest is a really good spot to get lewd. I come here all the time to get stocked up on Lucas's usually there's a lot of places in this game that are really good on loot did not a lot of prayers go to the kind of boy do people like it like to go to the major places like tilted too Pleasant to retail just like his major places in there still a lot of places in between that are completely unloaded a place for that is right in front of me. I normally don't stop by here, but there is quite a bit a lunar think there's two chance you're going to fall in of course, you can find good weapons on the ground. You can find them Shields if you need it to normally after we hit that rich, I would come immediately to this house or we could easily been houses right outside salty Springs. There's one right here. There's one to my right there's one to my left and another one in front of me. So there's four of Ben house has a lot of them are completely unloaded which isIt's good to have a backup place to go to cuz they're sometimes in some games where you just cannot find any show that you get drain for all of your help. And these abandoned houses are in a really good place to go to acre in Need for some shield. And this guy was still behind the tree. I was training you edit my rampant just give the guy picked out. I would have gone for an edit play. The guy who was shooting at them was right here in this situation was a gunfight. I really just wasn't having it always just couldn't hit a shot. I couldn't really annoying because I'm trying to put around trees is always Pretty Petty does guy knocking down a little bit and you're going to see I'm choking all of my shots and I try to go for a chopper in the sky. I did not say play with me. You almost got that was a really good play. What have you almost had me in that situation with the best thing I can do is go for High Ground may be sure of how they killed but I see an open show. That's why I'm just playing really really really get a shot in the sky. There's not much I can do and I really should have paper and kill us one thing. I should have done the set of going for the play on this guy. I miss another shot. He dinks me for a lot of my health at this point. I can either fight him or try toWho tomorrow for a little bit trying to find a few minutes or try to run away run away? I didn't I forgot about the tree. Like I said, I was just joking in this gonna fight and we all have been friends like that. We're just nothing seems to work right and just that just looks really bad get a shower him with my shock and it really didn't do much and only did 17 damage release. It was something he was the only time I really high in the sky at this point my only option my best option is to drop down into parts of your heels off and I wasn't sure if it would this guy or no player throwing smoke to someone was doing smoke grenade because everything we smoked I had if I had to get out of there and it's too much. I thought I bet you there's a guy to my right so I knew I was about to get pinched by the guy in front of me in the guy to my right is right. Now. I'm rushing to work around this house. I really wanted to get my other big pot off before I challenge anybody that want to have the most about a health possible to not a ton of people shooting each other to my best option was to Turtle up in to get all of my years off and one of the guys is still continuously throwing smoker days, which is really really know because I didn't have that much house with smoke grenade really would have drained me of my health.Going to challenge out there. I could have gone for the snow because he didn't really look like a really good player too. That's the guy who I really wanted to go for it. But if I know if I ran out there to try to go for that guy with a sniper I guarantee you I would have done shopping at all who is spraying the earlier that was choking my shots on there's not really much I could do either I would have to tell him the guy at top and get dirt out of it by the guy bottom of the bottle and get their pioneering by the guy on top. What is not really too much I can do but kind of turtle. I played really patient this game. So I wanted to go for the win. Normally. I would play very very quickly and move out but I knew this guy with camping around me and that's probably the last thing you want to do is try to navigate through a bunch of buildings or a building to navigate through anything when you know, there's a guy camping in there and then be third party in the wall just 13th at wash the second you walk out that you're thinking ahead for all of your help. I guarantee it to remove it wasn't too much. I thought it is Turtle up for a little bit. I almost never play this for the guy was below me. I know I was just joking my shots left and right and also my Mac, how was it?What did I really wanted it to I had enough I had enough mats for a fight. But if I got a third upon you by any team, I guarantee I was probably going to run pretty low on math and very quickly storm was about to come in to visit how to make my play how to do something that you're the guy below me. You're kidding behind this voice. I absolutely since I got on me and then ice cream with AR-15 damage through doing a tunnel David. I have to get out of the storm right away. I risked taking a little bit more damage just where you're going to the Big Show probably wasn't the smartest I didn't have to do is Concerta considering I had a few to spare but the pop is good shirts Big Show, and I want to go fight the guys in front of me. So I didn't want to delay this by poor any longer cuz I guarantee if I would have we known this fight. I probably got would have gone third-party. So I want to make a push in the sky. I didn't have the most how so I couldn't take much more damage, but I still want to push this guy so I do it ran push on this guy. Just try to get as close to him as possible this guy with spring as horrid as he possibly could I mean, I'm really tryingA little bit angle in the sky I see and try to rip out so I get a few shots on his wall, just messing up a little bit and at this point this guy we still good a little bit. So I feel like this is my opportunity to push. So I do a rare prime rib au me in the right below me. I put a pork shoulder and I ramble on the other side and I'm going to turn around and I'm going to get harder on this guy very quickly. And at this point this guy knows that I can download him instantly, you know, he's totally up he's down below me. I don't it just jumped on there. Like I said, it's probably not the best idea to jump blindly down something if you know a guy's camping in there cuz I guarantee there's a big hit on you just one of the best option so she was going to come out and then I know exactly this guy that I can one time with a shotgun put my walls up a little bit over a hundred damaged as soon as I was good. Tell me the circle what coming in out of them pushing up I cure a ton of funny. I mean a ton of fighting selfies of Pi 3 guys over there just going ham at each other and I'm trying toBuddy's out before I push up cuz there's a solar somewhere that I don't know. I was laying on top. I see bandage which is a really good opportunity to pop advantage and get as much help as I possibly can before going into those fights your I take your lunch and I go over to the team the refining and I sit on top and this is the guy that I wanted to go for it because he was on top that was a position that I wanted. So I kind of want to rush this guy I was aware that I couldn't on third-party by 18 below me try to keep them when I do want to build up too high, but at the same time I was being as quick as I can't I wanted the in this gun fight as quick as I possibly could because if not, there's a pretty good chance that I can get shot down by other players. So I know those guys under me, I'm trying to figure out exactly where he is. I don't know exactly where but I'm just trying to figure out giving a general idea where this guy on the launch pad. So I kind of know where everybody is out and that's why I want to make my play. I want to try to go for a third party in the sky. So I got up behind them because I know he was fighting a guy in front of them. So I will try to get this guy pinched and as soon as I saw him distracted by NellyPlayer, that was my opportunity to push up to a double rainbows as well as all the way up. So I knew he was going to shoot me down the time. I got to him. I knew he was in shock. So I was kind of surprised that he turned around in time. I thought I'd like to go with my rent. I see this guy choked is good right there. So that was my perfect opportunity to get high in the sky. I go for an edit play. He was the pyramid so I wasn't able to send them down. So I wouldn't you got his ramps right here and I wasn't what I should have done in time before it got to me at this point. This guy's got The High Ground. I didn't have too many math. I had 300 math, but I didn't want to keep going to a belt because I knew after that the circle was going to come in in the circle was going to go elsewhere and I had to get down so I didn't want to burn to me math in the skies trying to go for an edit play with me. So what should I do with almond pulp try to put my wallet and if this guy has his was just perfectly fine. I just have my shotgun out. I'm trying to enjoy this guy hit me for a little bit games. I had him for a little bit of damage. The next circle is going to be in 18 seconds in the thing about these last couple circles as they move pretty quickly to and you already have guys were over that they rotated quickly.I bought a time that they're going to beat you to it and they're going to camp and there's going to Airstream you coming out of the circle. You're giving me a screwed over there. If you don't rotate early, I drop off my big Shield, but I didn't really realize that the circle is coming in in circle was coming in pretty quickly. So I just had to push the circle trying to get shot too much do they only had three hundred math, the circle takes a ton of damage. It does 5 damage to take there was only two other persons that guy in front of me by so like I try to break out by absolutely to this guy has a one-v-one. I didn't have many knots of the best thing I can do is just rush up try to do anything. I can to get a couple of those guy at this point. The circle is coming in in my opinion when the servers coming in like this. I think these person on the ground has the better Advantage because I can shoot this guy that I can see this guy down whenever get a futile and that's exactly what I did that was trying to get as much health off of them as possible cuz I don't have been a mess. I've 18 Oz total and a few times that I get some top of the barn was kind of could have screwed me over cuz I had to go around.Bored, I take even more damage to the storm and thank God the storm stop right here. Otherwise, I probably would end up dying to the storm. I know I tagged you in a few times with my pump shotgun as I was coming from the storm. I choose. This guy's rental in ice is coming down. I hit him a few more times before you could go to get through this game right here. I say, I probably got into the most different situations possible. There was so many different situations that I got to every single time. So that's what I really wanted to use this game play for the video and the right guy that died for this video you guys enjoy this video. Hope you guys learned something. If you did make sure drop it like in this video makes you describe the channel turn on my notifications are notified for every single the video and our guys. I was in the next video.


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