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WEAPON LEVELLING GUIDE | Fortnite Save the World | Expeditions \u0026 Power Level Tip

WEAPON LEVELLING GUIDE | Fortnite Save the World | Expeditions \u0026 Power Level Tips

Omelettes in this is fortnite save the world. What would it take out today is weapon leveling. So we did a video yesterday about Hero level in Heroes and gods weapons going to go back to my room and get some guys out there for the new place cuz I think we are going to have to play it and what's going to be important for the house while you guys will have to be on this you guys who have gotten to twine County volume things that make sure that you comment down below as well to give your advice and tips cuz I know a lot of people who read through the comments and tip still and your boss is going to be my sit with my sibling volleyball to those people simple way to level up something simple. Like I don't know what if it will level just yet.No, not you. Not you. Not you freedoms Herald. What's take a Dragoon? Let's take a Dragoon. So we'll use this new level of weapons. All you do is just going to the weapon that you won't math. Click it click and inspect and then that will take it into the white police officer. Go to level up down here in the bottom, right and just click it depends on what level you are on how far you want to watch little Evelyn this I'm going to take me to level 10 and I will show you a 4y so they're level 10 utilities are the materials. I need to make it level 10 now. So I've got 20 points 20 rough mineral powder active power cells once again with change cuz I just pulled together here. You can see that level ten.How many copper to make weapons. You just seen on the weapon that would just call that on the Dragoon not if we take it to the next level with your going to show you in a second. We can do that if we take them to the next level then it's going to need you want to take up to level 20 because you're going to need silver for that. I did not going to be able to find that in the area. So if you are actually in Stonewood, you can get some silver but you're not going to get a huge amount that you might have a friend. That's all me if you want me to be relying on somebody else or other people if you take your weapons at much higher and you know, what a level 10 weapon in storm. What is more than ample to actually get you by and get you through Mission? You don't have to rush through to get these top 10 weapons. It doesn't matter. No doesn't it doesn't make you any better a person. He's not a status symbol. You know how many I want the gravediggers not State his thing is nobody thinks that you're great because she level 15 are you level 8 for example, and you're rocking the Grave Digger? It's just not cool. Everyone knows he's been given to you. It's not yours by next to me with a grave digger.If you still doubt if you stood in the higher levels with a great weapon level so you didn't plankton with a level 20 weapons that you've done it yourself from the roles we stand out and that's where I could you not swear an experienced player knows a good player from the back play all through a Trader from someone who's actually playing the game 2, that's about to take you with me to the Whole 30 for the same reason cuz you're going to go up to Malachi. If you go to comfort level again and would take that off. So once this is Max Level reached out to you click cancel that I need to involve the weapon from that. We need some schematics PPO drops of rain, which is why these are important and then weapon designs as well. If she dumped tons of those evolve. I think you look now over here. I need silver.Globalfit to any moment that would become Malachite and if you take it off again, and then I'm going to need to talk to talk to yourself that I'm going to need to build a weapon will just be mindful. Now if this if I gave you my heart, would you call the safe I could on this schematic was owned by someone in Stonewood. This weapon is not hard to make them and they're not going to be able to make it very often when they score and brakes then I'm going to take after taking quite a while. If you like scratching around trying to get different weapons trying to get silver from different places and they going to have to be used in soup to shoot weapons in the meantime and nobody wants to talk so she's not funny.Okay, then switch to Waze talk to the get the materials that you need so much to say for example, you're in Plankton and you need lots of silver. Now. You can't just go around them out. You know, some people do just stick it out on their own and just go out and farm for Juno silver for the next hour 2 hours. What I've got to do. What I would do is you going to Expedition. So if you go into squads and you go over to the riot Expeditions what you actually want to look for is ones that I've got this little fishing you actual game and what you want to do in that is a video already on Expeditions a winky down below. If you do Expeditions what I mean is not with megabase Kyle Expeditions going out laugh. It just means that you've got a great chance of getting more, you know, all that you need so things like silver the expedition's I definitely definitely going to be your friend.Okay, then I said I didn't want to keep this show up. So what do you want to work out there than just level by area again. So install what level 10 to get Papa Plankton level 20 to get silver. I mean County Valley to get Malachi anything over that once she gets you should have quite a good understanding about what you doing or general understanding of how weapons what you won't need me but this time of stuff out of that point, so you should be good from thinking I'm hoping that you're I've done it myself before as well as far as you know, if you look in my Army right now and this was me hitting the button in the wrong way or so. It wasn't even a deliberate thing. You look at this one. I've been carrying this for ages just recently bought this one piece body quotes for that. I need sleep mechanical talk, but you can do the most to get entwine you can get some of them active power cells are social Crystal didn't even want to be this thing. I didn't want it to be, you know a shadow Chao weapon, so I'm probably going to change out to a Sunbeam one later on just yet because of everything.Do that but my point is everybody knows. General some point. I think most people even the YouTubers. I'm actually doing that and got it wrong. So don't worry. If you have them. It just means I have to use that weapon straightaway. He's just a bit of a kick in the teeth. But if you got this information to start with cuz I wish somebody would have told me earlier when I was in the store with a blank said it would just help me an absolute. I was running around with that, you know with Malachi weapons and Plankton and I couldn't make them. So most of my weapons I couldn't actually make them still grayed out and I could never get enough Malachi to actually do know make the weapons that I needed. So by the time I realized I just thought I was at the limited time weapons until I got back into County and then it was about rock and use these weapons again now, so hopefully weapons for a second Expedition squads, and don't worry about to getGod roll weapons and things are personally I don't think it's such a thing as like that because a lot of people like the crit damage and crit rating combo with your toilet is not as a great humble. I use the other one of my weapons, but I've recently been leaning towards for assault rifles Is It Anyway if you can want to know Pet Shop actually was extremely well. I'm still testing at the moment is at the gargoyle for one person might not be a good role for another person. So can I get around you if you still want to watch to use, you know, if you someone to watch these weapons and damage on them, then she would you know, if you want to make your weapons. If you are a function on your weapons down your weapons instead then make your weapons put out the GoPro kind of the money is going to be different to the gargoyle think you this great roles. There's no such thing as a guardrail anymore. That's kind of an old things actually comes fromI'm used to get rolls when the roads were running them to know a government. You just got to look in all the right rolls come out that people throwing around 40 too much about the same. God role is just not needed and you not going to get the same amount of Science Fiction that you would get if you are making your own weapons and doing it that way so bring it down to you as I said.Two guys messy messy. Thanks for watching. Make sure you hit subscribe down below who lie and say I just kind of get my head around it when I look at the stops in the morning and I know the comments to get all the videos. No, the comments that you guys are making big guy in Discord be that he had to know on the channel or whatever. Maybe it's just be absolutely mental and I just want to say a massive massive. Thank you for that and then posted the patrons as well cuz you guys are actually carrying me in the middle. Meaning that I can make this a full time thing in a minute. So I do not thank you enough for me just for my entire family. Are you making it so that I can be home and I can do something that I absolutely love and be with the people that I love as well. You know, you can't put a price tag on that. So huge huge. Thank you black guys and I will catch you on the next video. Take a no.


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