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HOW TO CLAW *In Depth Guide* (Hand Cam) - Fortnite

HOW TO CLAW *In Depth Guide* (Hand Cam) - Fortnite

I got. Welcome back in today's video. I'm going to be showing me how to play claw. Now. This video is extremely in-depth and this is by far the best how to close a video on YouTube is a seven-part video that talks about the following topics. What is claw and white claw, then we're going to be going over how to hold the controller and the transitional period between how you playing now and switching to Glow NYX. I'll be covering which fingers press wall button and brief gameplay examples such as jump shotgunning building and editing and lastly but definitely most important in trees and things to look out for the little mitts and misconceptions in The Gaming Community. Down a little bit of research and from my personal experience playing cool that you will be covering a selfie and I never sizes of the thought of a video just got to drop a like & subscribe. I'd really appreciate it anytime throughout the video if you feel like I deserve it credit card YouTube on the skull fully anybody without further Ado. Let's jump into it.What is claw basically? Koalas when you bring your index fingers up off the triggers and onto the datapad and action buttons? It's called fall because as you can see my index finger is shaped as a claw. So now why claw the main reason people switch to Claw is to be able to move the right analog stick while pressing jump reload and plow builds and on the left side edits inventory and take the L. The whole point of Glory is not taking your thumb of that right analog stick what this will do. It is hard. Why are muscle Memory Gardens in your brain and make your own become deadly Evan always ask me how I have such a good show, A man is always because I don't take my thumb off the right analog stick. So don't mean I get on fortnite the minute I get off you may have noticed when I stop my stream I jump and move around my right analog stick. This is me woman out mine and reactivating those muscle memory pens. Also this out of my strength. I'll jump and do flick shots while filing trays for the same reason. It's get my am ready for 5 now and I think we can keep one's like I'll try to jump L3 to edit or whatever but there are plenty of pro players that have made no unclog control of my videos to be sure to check them out. But as far as I remember this title isn't how to play Clue. Is probably the most important part of Glory extremely overlooked you just pick up a control like you always do and Chucky fingers up and you done this right here is a very uncomfortable position for my index fingers. In fact, it almost hurts as you can see I can barely press all the buttons this brings up a big misconception that people think that fingers are too small to play claw. There's no such thing as finger is being too small to play claw. What is ready if I hold the control like this and try and press the buttons. I'm straining my finger up trying to press this button. But if I rotate my wrist just slightly all of a sudden I can press everything with he's in fact if my index finger was cut in half, so I'd midget fingers. I'd still be out of press every single button. The slot race rotation is K. Now this right here is something shoes because I'm right side of my wrist if my thyroid tights with it. They would be an analog stick down here facing outwards, but there isn't so I have to reposition my thumb back up on the end. And this is going to make my Ein same off cuz I'm no longer pulling and pushing in the same direction anymore before I was pulling and pushing like this now change the angle. I'm not pulling and pushing like this, but it doesn't take long for your brain to relearn that muscle memory. It's not like you're picking up controller for the first time you just taking those movements you've learnt and recalibrating them into a different direction. I call this the transitional. The definition of transitional period is the time in which things are changing from one state to another in this instance would changing from standard grip to call grape and I'd say this last about a week considering we got playground and creative. There's no reason why common practices for a few hours a day, whether that be target practice in playground or 1B wanting you might think creative displays off an old hours at the most important thing is don't think you have to go from playing standard grip to instantly is Transitional. I told that slowly learning cloth over the next week. This means in a public match play Club when you're leading running around in farming, but when you get into a fight if you feel like you're going to choke go back to how you used to play finish the fight and then return to call Button creative and playground religiously play claw printing necessary buttons. You will need it. When you go back to the game. You don't charge is nothing worse than letting in UK Bono button buying but we all know after awake you pretty much have it down pat. That's the same with claw. Be patient patient absolute K1 learning anything new and the next this is something I get ocelot a flea which finger presses are one or what buttons does your index finger press and this is where I got a little more in-depth. So me personally my thumb size on the analog stick my index finger presses x square circle triangle and R1 and my middle finger presses are to 99% of the time 1% of the time is in rare cases in which I need to do specific tasks which involve me to have my index finger on the action buttons while pressing are one such as jumping and placing a flat. Remember the whole point of letting Chloe is giving a thumb on the analog stick so I could just jump in place Flats like this. But I can't move in the direction. I want to consistently I have to keep taking my thumb off the analog stick. Now I don't want to confuse you with finger swapping cuz it took me awhile to learn it and I'm still practicing certain things, but I'll put them all in an advanced claw tips video for we close sweats that want to get sweaty out here on screen of a few Pro players who old play claw completely different his chronicluis as you can see, he uses his index finger for the action buttons that he uses his middle finger for R1 and R2 was I use my index finger for R1 and middle finger for our two. I know a lot of plays that do this but I also know a lot of players that use the index finger for our one so just find what works for you next week have chronic candy, but he actually brings his ring finger up on 202 and move all these fingers down one. So that means he's middle finger now prices are one and his index finger presses all the side buttons. So nothing is a rotating. He's got one finger on everything that he needs. Chucky this is a very Advanced claw method and I don't recommend starting off with this. I also found a really hard to hold the controller with just your pinky concerning every other finger is busy. So you'd have to have your hands sitting on your lap to do this method side during recommended. One thing on this route ND is that he's right hand isn't hugging the controller. It's actually coming out of it which gives his index finger a more natural motion and make the buttons a lot easier and pain-free to press unlike face one. He has his hand hugging the controller and his index finger crunch. When pressing the buttons is no right or wrong way to hold a controller. It's just what works for you in my personal experience. They look more crunched up. Your finger is the more pain you're not was going to be in so the more natural motion you can get pressing the buttons the less pain you're going to be in on the better. It is going to be for claw Swan also keeps an index finger on the action buttons and lets his middle finger. Do I want to know to just like Frank Lewis? A good friend of mine. Kearney trapped does exactly what I do to his index finger is on the action buttons, but also swept out the other one when he needs. When I bring my index finger down to the action buttons, it looks like this. Where is trap has a bit more of a wrist rotation once again and old comes down to what you're comfortable with and what works for you. As long as your thumb stays on the analog stick and your index finger on the action buns. You can do whatever you want. Now, we're going to be talking about pain and injuries, but first, here's some gameplay examples. I cannot probably the most opinionated topic is pain and injuries. Now I did a little bit of research and this is what I found most articles mainly talk about carpal tunnel syndrome, which for those of you that don't know it's a swelling of the tendons in your arm caused by repetitive use of your finger is Andres. I searched up and not once did I mention the white claw, he was mainly just talkin about gaming as a hole so PC and console as far as what I read and I have to agree it's not what you doing. But how long you doing it for? Yes, of course gaming to 8 hours straight playing claw. You going to come with some health risks. He'll even I remember when I was grinding wins in season 3 5 8 hours a day my Knuckles flare up and being a little bit of pain, but I don't play that much anymore. So I got Siri issues and so many other cool place that I know and I'm always searching my wrist for arms and fingers to make sure they're not tightening and that I have full mobility. And as far as arthritis goes there is Jerry evidence sing a plain-clothed causes it in fact, no one really knows if excessive thing you use even causes arthritis. I mean, it's recommended no more than 2 hours of repetitive finger activity without a break will stretch. I mean if this and this and this and this going to cause arthritis then I hold generation is going to have fucking arthritis. We're going to be 50 years old walk around with fucking Scary Movie 2 hand avoiding everything that may potentially have me and just be smart about what I do and keep it in the healthy moderation so that hopefully concludes this long-awaited video and if you made it this far from a heart emoji in a Cummins, I'll pay for the mall. If you got a question top it off the woods. I'll be replying to all come in. And if you thought of me something let me know. I'd love to hear thanks watching this video. I hope they'll be a few of you out. I know I wasn't hiding Mond. I'm glad I could get it out there. Once again, if you got screwed up a like & subscribe on her really appreciate it credit card YouTube on ascough Flay got the fucking Legends. Thank you all so much for the support on the channel. And yeah, I'll see you in. So this song?


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