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What's up, everybody? Happy Monday. We upgrade and defend our Storm Shield, which is this thing right here in the middle against zombies. They're they're not too scary. So I don't get too freaked out. Did this is a sweet ass where is Damien's Fortress? It is in building for a while. Are you like an architect or so? Practice archery as a kid and it's kind of similar. That's fine. As long as you're not breaking. My building does not know. This is the second time I built this base Early Access printing so is there a boom boom stick? What does it even mean wizard? Boom? Boom stick Outlander scavenger, but mine is much more of like a zip around the map and punched the heck out of this rock kind of guy. The bills and see things really far away with the sniper rifle. What's your sniper rifle situation? That's not bad. It's a blue 100 buddy baby boy. Are you kidding me? It has a built-in zoom-in feature. That's what is the requirement and I am a ninja I can throw a smoke bomb and ninja stars and I have a sword so I can double jump come and find your red rose Santa. What would you like from weapons-grade Santa little girl by? Yes, what would you like a little more? I'm so sorry. All I've got is this Laser cannon sniper rifle? Sorry, that's cool West do you like shotguns? I have a thank you though. What a laser type. Yes. situation here Oh, yeah. What do you think? My name would be I'm going to zoom in concerned Gerald adult party accurate do look like me as a man. I am going to leave the party. Hey guys time for a mission or something. Oh, you know what? I think we should do a straight-up storm defense try to as a team stand and fight words work together. She doesn't even go here and weapon-grade set up. What's up? What you need on your boys. Someone be my friend. What are we doing? This kind of place an atlas, which is basically our own a home base on the ground. We're going to decide where to put a note in the defend the heck out of it. And then when is zombies coming to split up or don't do whatever you want? I got a situation Joven. Do you want me to be your bodyguard? Oh my God. explode You know, I don't. Maybe did you explode something? I'm doing an encampment to get us bullets. Thank you. I found an encampment. Zorica, got to save your life for all of us. I got you. Oh my gosh, this is Kevin's coming right for me. And for out of self-defense. I have to hit it. John already got him milk too late. I'm already saving your life definitely doing that on his own surprise surprise. Has been revealed job guys, so I know but I really want you to watch in slow motion this time. Look at these guys. They're coming right for me. I mean honestly one of us had to go I made a choice. What's a fragment or Outlander shoes? Have you found one for us marked on my map on a pinata? Gabba Gabba is it bad for a surgery that that pinata has voice acting and is talking to you as you Slaughter it? Now I audition to be the voice of that pinata guys guys. I'm coming to Jose. What why are you jumping? Why do you bounce a sandwich open? Did you get my super power in that was a choice? I dream of a world where you just see him as a zombie. What's this song called Warriors of evil out? What is this? This is been fun and all but game on ninja anime style theme song. Oh my God. I love that. Play-Doh eggs, literally next to you. Do I can't have anymore? Damien this weapon you gave me is really good. It's killing all of the zombies in one hit in this game. Yeah, it's really gross for the sake of just has to having fun at we say screw it to the build limit cuz you were allowed to go way over it just slightly expects experience in a negligible way. What's your damage? There is B. People boom boom sticks on come find me. I look toward your nice. pinata play overture to William Penn. So Fanta Fanta. Oh my God. That's a man. That's a big man. Oh my God, I'm building. What what the heck is that? Yeah, I love the floor launcher. Where's the thing that you found were here? Holy. Why don't you want me to wait one of those things? Bad that flying thing is bad Joven. We got three more minutes to the French folks how we feeling these guys off me for like 1 minute. Little ones you got it. Hey, I think this is a good idea for us right now 3 to 1. Make a wish and kill something happening with you. poke stick George O'Malley Final Destination, I've got 99 most realistic to what we would be doing in real life. Reborns that we saved the world Yeah, I'll do it like that. Oh my God, damn defense. Wait. What? No, I love her. Brothers Well, I didn't want to be affiliated with the game. Wait a minute. I know what you want me to be a small issue. It just refunded me all of my stuff cuz of the base I built so I literally have nothing built. So you guys are going to help me build this base, make some metal. Is this okay where I'm making it? Sure, I'm going to make like a perfect thing. I just I don't want you to like mess with it. That's what I'm worried about the project up your mat my mathematics what difference between this mission in the last mission of the stakes are high just like when he's make sure it's properly build up for the zombies attack. Yes, that's a bingo walk through this wall and no matter what direction they come from there and take damage, right? So what would it be doing is changing finish to amplify his classic before ye. We do have a voice. So I'm going to be building Wes's amplifier on top of the hill with wood more. Classic French Rococo style. Would that I just found right here. What's that? This isn't a real show. Sorry guys. Bravo is canceled. She's the big problem quickly. That's what happens when you're over here. I feel like my my Tunnel of Death is ready. You like to ride through it with me. I got a door here if they make it through what you put me like you going to sell me something. Yeah, I want them to die in here to don't do zombies in that thumbs. They can open doors fix up at all. Looks to me like a rocket launcher. What does infinite ammo, do Man Taylor here says, let's get the show on the road. What is your next day? But but low. Oh God. What are we doing on their own Wing? Yes open. It's coming from the south. Little answer OG. Where is the gym section is looking pretty good again. I'm looking over there. I got a Tunnel of Love. Oh, they're all right there. Okay, we can just tell her that I'm still building stuff. I am going to die for the objective spawn point, don't you worry? We did on our way. Oh God guys out of floor traps, that's it for us so we can sell it the next month that has the battle zombies Elsa twerking. detox tea from South what is this that I've got here? What's this? OG's what? American damn thing you've ever seen guns and fireworks. Do I get to show off this for you? Here is a classic King georgian-style. We remodeled the floor to be dirt so that you can really just feel the natural ion coming through your feet on the ground. I don't know why I'm throwing this girl is so much fun to the traps at school. Glamour laser bones at 1230 there's a lot of them. We sure would like to say that they're on the North and I took no damage. So I obviously my building was pretty strong and it was you know, they were intimidated to make it over to my side cut back to where we were attacked on the Northside. That's that's what it's from Game of Thrones that is literally for the Game of Thrones that doesn't count come back to defending the north side of our building that we play today. Still Game of Thrones. Something special just for you.


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