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Fortnite In Depth: Double Barrel Shotgun Guide

Fortnite In Depth: Double Barrel Shotgun Guide

Hey guys GIF for her walking the fortnite in-depth and today's episode. We're going to be reviewing the double barrel shotgun. Yes, the good old double barrel shotgun or as I would like to call it be frustratingly inconsistent weapon that I won't be picking up when this episode is done because this is truly a weapon of extremes. It is both the best and worst shotgun on the game and your opinion of it and how well you play with it is going to depend on your play style preference and just kind of how you like to engage your enemies a quick shout out before we get started. You will see some fan clips and you will have Seattle Discord logo next to them. If you'd like to join the Discord, I take fan clips for conduct episodes and I have fans come in for testing what you will also see later. So we're very interactive there. If you want to join the community, let's jump straight into the stats the double barrel shotgun is an extremely high damage weapons with the base damage. If you hit all of your pellets that is being 143 for the purple shotgun and up to 150 for the gold shotgun, which is it.Really high and you might say well these other shotguns, you know, they did they blow me up for like a hundred Eighty-Four headshots and we're getting there. Just give me a moment on that one for comparison the base damage for all of the other shotguns is significantly lower. The pump shotgun is the heaviest in the game at 185 heavy shotgun oddly, not the heaviest at 77th and tactical shotgun. If you have a blue one is only very slightly less damaged than the heavy. The range is way way way way worse what's weird about the double barrel shotgun is that it has unique headshots the double barrel headshot is only 1.25 x damage. Whereas all of the other shotguns deal double damage. So your headshots are only going to deal a smidge more damage than your body shots. If you think somebody just Barrel stuff and put that Bear right in the mouth and pull the trigger. It's only going to be a hundred and seventy-eight damage per shot for purple or a hundred and eighty-seven for gold. So in the case of this weapon, there's not really much pressure to go for headshots, which is a newUsual because most of the other weapons in the game of headshot multipliers and all of the other shotguns deal double damage headshots. So this one is much worse for that. Do you have to kind of learn new tactics run? It is very very much so built around spammy body shots because if the base damage for the body is over a hundred and fifty or honestly before like a hundred twenty or less you can still just shoot twice of the body spam people and kill anyone who is within your optimal range. However, the optimal range is not very amazing as you will see very very soon. The spread on the shotgun is much higher than other shotguns. It's almost broken levels of high and this is the part of the shotgun that I don't particularly enjoy. It's inconsistent Lehigh. It can make it occasionally hard to use and they also added a damage fall-off range to the shotgun. That is very very short. So you don't have to be very far away from your enemy at all before not only is your spread not going to cause many pellets to hit but the damage that each pallet does deal is going to be way lower.And not very fun to use. So let's take a quick look and comparison at these rub these ranges instead of using the testing dummy. I thought playground give you a much better idea of how this shotgun performs. You can see that it very long-range. It's only going to be about 5 damage per shot or basically completely useless as I walk forward. It goes up almost 3 * 217 and 18 respectively and want to walk a little bit closer. I get a very impressive almost 50 damage per shot. I was expecting it to perform much worse than that because well, it does in game when I try to use it. But as we continue to creep closer, there's not a very significant game until a finite point. It's kind of like a stair-step fall off its got like an guaranteed murder range. It's got sort of a 50 damage range and then see it just hit for a hundred right there, which is kind of shocking but as we keep creeping closer, you're going to notice that the health just keeps getting junk more and more 132 / shot right there. And if we go up to about Barrel stuffing range, it's going to be a 140.Per shot which is shocking. So that's all the Rangers on the shotgun and those may seem pretty good overall. Those might seem better than what I'm about to describe to you an in-depth. However compared to all of the other shotguns and underperforms, even the tax shotgun good old 7 damage will have a more consistent and longer-range spread than that. And of course the heavy hits really really hard. Let's talk about DPS though. Cuz DPS is very important the rate of fire on the double barrel shotgun is a roughly a half-second delay between your shots. So you're two shot rate of fire is approximately 120 rounds per minute, which is a little bit fast for shotguns in this game, but not much faster and the theoretical DPS on this is going to be extremely high but it can't be sustained. So typically when you're doing DPS calculations, you want to ignore headshots and you want to look for sustained damage and this case the sustained is just the one mag most players inLikely to kind of spam there two rounds into people and then reload, so it's probably better to take a look at this in terms of reload time being afraid of fire because the tears on the gun 2 have minor changes on Bloom recoil damage in the lot of that stuff, which we've already covered but the double barrel reload x r 2.8 seconds for the purple and 2.7 seconds for the gold which coincidentally are identical to the akimbo Pistols that kind of threw me off when I was editing this if you'd like to spam both shots very quickly in the one person and just double tapping and get that guaranteed kill. Then the reload time on this gun is also going to be your rate of fire. Just kind of like how the reload time on the bolt action or new heavy sniper rifle is your rate of fire the same thing applies here cuz you going to pop off your two shots of very very quickly which would mean that you're effective rate of fire is way lower than that 120 RPMs going to go down to like 15 RPM know it's going to go down to about twenty rounds per minute, which is just downright miserable. So,Very very mindful of that the double barrel deals a surprising amount of damage to structures. It'll deal when a maximum of 112 her shot two structures not super useful, but you can bust it would be pretty hard with it. Especially fresh would you can usually one shot that though a lot of other guns can and I strongly strongly discourage you from using this as a base busting weapon the problem with a double barrel shotgun is you got your two shots, and then you have a long reload or your shot and then there's a delay if you swap to it and back and forth and this is a weapon where you want to keep both shots in that Barrel to get that double tap into the kill guaranteed. No spam somebody down kind of weapon. And if you use you are very precious ammunition Supply to break buildings. You're going to break the building of the guys going to fall down or fall close to you and you just won't have the Firepower of power to kill him, especially if you miss your first shot, especially if you're off or if you get unlucky or something like that, I do want to point out that there's a fair bit of kick or recoil on the shots.Weapons in this game have almost no recoil. They're very very easy to handle recoil with you just have to fight the blue. This one does kick a little bit of kicks kind of like they camo pistols. But since there is a such a big delay between the shots you fire and just generally how the gun handles with that widespread. It's not going to matter very much though. It's going to be very very playable. Even though it has some kick to it and my overall thoughts or evaluation on the double barrel shotgun is this is basically double pump the gun if they wanted to add double pump back into the game. They did it in the form of this weapon in some ways. It's like an easier double-pump the damage that you used to be dealing with headshots on other shotguns. You can now just do the body shots really easily with this one and the swap times are pretty similar. However, in order to keep a balance they decide to give the shotgun some severe drawbacks. They made the headshot multiplier useless. They gave it a very long reload. They gave it a very big spread a very limited range and they kind of wanted to keep it back within the realm of Sanity but performance-wise of youGood with the gun. It's going to be a lot like double pump my advice for you. If you want to use the double barrel shotgun is to follow these rules. Number one super close range combat only and I can't stress that enough. This gun just does not have the range of even the tactical shotgun. You just need to assume like half tactical shotgun range. You need to be very very close to people number to you need to have a backup Close Quarters combat weapon submachine gun, a P90 another shot gun a pistol. You need to have something that you can fall back to you because if you shoot your two shots and you don't kill the guy you've got almost three seconds before you can fire again, which is very very dangerous and finally know bass busting base Mustang with this particular weapon is just a miserable experience and I would advise against it and 100% of the time you pretty much anything else in the game for baseball sting and you're going to be a much happier player in general. I prefer not to use the double barrel shotgun. I do not find it consistent enough to be worthy of 1My precious item slots. I would rather carry medication a tactical item like a bouncy grenade or port a fort or an easier to use shotgun like the tactical shotgun or even the pump shotgun in my experience is easy to use. There are some players that will love this shotgun because they're just going to they're going to shrink down their entire shotgun meta fight build strategy thing and they're going to turn it into I want to get close to somebody and I want to spend them twice and guaranteed that they die and you know, my ended sometimes frustrating when I die to that cuz I know that was there only strategy but I suppose I could have outplayed him some other way personally. I don't enjoy that which is unusual for me because when I play Call of Duty, you're a lot of games I tend to like unique weapons. I tend to like goofy all-or-nothing weapons. I like weapons that Force enemy players and uncomfortable situation. However, in the case of Battle Royale games and especially in the case of fortnite, I tend to prefer the most general purpose weapons the most all around use weapons big weapons that are good clothes.Long and medium the with the guns that don't have really high verticals and you know Hit or Miss kind of things. I like consistent weapons. And for me this weapon is he is not consistent and that's why I don't plan on using it in the future guys. That's all for this episode of in-depth. I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope you learn something useful. If you did don't forget to like favorite And subscribe for throughout.


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