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Fortnite WEEK 9 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - CARNIVAL CLOWN Boards \u0026 Secret Star (Battle

Fortnite WEEK 9 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - CARNIVAL CLOWN Boards \u0026 Secret Star (Battle Royale Season 6)

All right guys, welcome back to another video in this one I have for you my week 9 challenges guide for season 6 featuring the locations of the carnival clown games be secret star for this week in secret loading screen Star as well as tips for all of the other challenges including you like it 30 seconds of airtime and also like the stage challenges limited edition merch that's right guys. It's the gold foil print the 1 million prints that is only available for a limited time and we got a sweatshirt version and a long-sleeve version and I think they turned out amazing and I got a couple of other things like mugs and also phone cases if you want to check those out and those specifically are limited edition itsy to gold foil print ones that are limited edition. So be sure to check those out while you can I will leave a like down below in the description and also the pin comment to the shop. So you guys thank you so much for 1 million subscribers that some other things planned as well coming out but you guys getting back into this video. If you find it helpful. Be sure to hit that like button down below always helped me out so much and on top of that comment. What's your remorse?Physically level you guys are at I'm sure a lot of you are getting close to tier 100. So I'm curious to see what level you guys have reached so far without further Ado. Let's jump into it with a quick overview of the challenges. We're going to be covering in this video. And as always we got to cover the secret loading screen star and this week it is a star which three interesting so some free XP there, but then getting into it with each challenges themselves when they going to show you the fastest way to get 30 seconds of airtime in a vehicle as well as grenade a rocket launcher eliminations more so like the best way to find those items he locations of the different Carnival clown board that you need to get a score of 10 on Pulsar consume mushrooms and probably Shield stages. I would assume show you the best way to find items like that deal damage to opponents structures with dynamite deal grenade damage to opponents as well as deal damage to opponents with a Clinger grenade or stink bomb. So a lot of damage challenges and again, I'll show you like the fastest way to find these items and stuff so that you guys can get these challenges done as quickly as possible and get closer to unlocking that fully unlocked at the higher. So let's jump into it with you first challenge. I want to go over in this video and that is the consumer.Mushrooms plus probably Shield stages. So the main part about this is how to find shields just in case that is the extra stages for this one. I haven't quite had time to explore those other stages. But if it's similar to the Apple stages that were from last week that what made you get like a bunch of items that had to do with healing your help. I would assume these would have to do with shields. But either way if it is a different item this should still apply, but first of all with the mushrooms, obviously the best way to do that is to go somewhere like wailing Woods, maybe y'all Shifty shafts oral. So dusty divot all of those places have a ton of mushrooms. You can just land there and really any game mode grab five mushrooms and you'll have that first stage done then event at the other stages are like mini Shields are big shields right out of the best way for sure to find like Shields is to go into food fight. Now the reason for that is because of the supply drops that spawn close to the beginning like I can see in this a little video right here. They do spawn fairly close to like when the actual timer for the storm start the countdown. So if you go towards the circle windows are drops are coming in. You should probably be able to get a few of them and then like eyes can see here when you open those Supply.That's a lot of the time they contain Shields and stuff like that. So that'll help you get this challenge done pretty easily. But then after that guys moving on to the next challenge I want to talk about this one is actually the secret star for this week. And as always guys, yes, it's one of the Stars so it's more than likely that next week will be a banner and then we'll also have to figure out if completing all of these loading screens get you something special like a secret loading screen challenges specifically, but yeah, we know the exact location of the star for loading screen has been posted online like a bunch. So I've seen it going around in like Twitter and read it and stuff. So it's pretty easy to find the location of a star itself. So it specifically before we get into that as always guys. You do need to complete this week's challenges before the star even shows up on the map on top of that as we said before there is a rumor that you need to complete the previous week's challenges. I don't believe you need to complete like the loading screen challenges, but it's possible that you may need to you know, I'll go into the weekly challenges themselves and complete those for the previous weeks before the week 9 one will show up. But again, I'm not 100% sure about that yet. But yeah getting back into it with this one. The location that you want to go with you is right in the Sun.The map of the place that Kevin turned into you know, this beautiful area. Specifically where you want to go in there the section similar to a previous week when instead you want to find this grill right here. Now when you get there the Stars should show up on top of it. I'm pretty sure if for some reason it doesn't is always check the pin comment down below just in case for some reason it changes but more than likely the Stars should show up a right around this girl right here. So simply go up to it grab it and then make sure you complete the game. I believe you can't simply like quickly match. So either get eliminated or win the match and then you will have this secret star done. And also guys if you miss one of my previous video is there is actually a way for you to keep track of the difference on loading screen challenges that you completed. You simply go into the Hunting Party challenges and take a look at the check marks. The ones that have a green glow around them are the ones that you've already found so you can use that to help you know, which ones you still have to get and then you can you know, check out my previous week challenges guide for the star and banner locations open. And after that guy's you have to get 30 seconds of airtime in a vehicle now, this one is pretty straightforward, but I have an amazing way toIt is done light in the fastest way possible. Can I see a kind of love these challenges? So basically in order to get it done you first of all want to go into any game mode? It doesn't really matter. Maybe if you're doing some other challenges as well in like doubling up you can just do that one. But yeah, what's your one of those game was the place I would recommend going to is greasy Grove. This is kind of similar to last week. But you simply land at greasy Grove grab one of the quadcrashers that is our front. There's also one inside of the Center building there for one one one of those you want to Simply head over to the corrupted Zone that is directly to the east of greasy Grove. Now the reason that you want to go there is because once you're up top you can use these like launch things to obviously launch you into the air on your quad Crasher and obviously that's not the only thing you want to do. Once you get launched into the air in your ad about like the highest point that it launches you to you want to pull back a bit and use your Boost to fly up into the air if you get a good angle, you can stay in the air for like at least 9 seconds if you do a well, but either way you can just keep redoing that and you should be able to get this one done pretty easily after that. They know we have to talk about the challenge that has to do with a brand new.What is included in the game the dynamite? So this one specifically is deal damage to opponents structures with dynamite. And that is a total of $10,000 seems like a lot at first but it's actually really not that much the dynamite itself does like 800 damage to structures and I'm not 100% sure if like a structure has lower Health in that like I think the wooden walls have like three hundred help. I'm not sure if it still does like 800 damage to that and then it counts towards the challenge. But either way that shouldn't really be a big issue because the dynamite does do so much damage to structures. And again, it does have to be an opponent structure. You can just go into a game and play stuff down. It has to be an enemy that places the structure down. Now the best way to find dynamite in that is sort of like the tough part about this challenge in the first place is actually finding the item. I would say that the best way to do it is in the new Wild West mode. I mean this game mode is practically made for the wild west themed items in Dynamite fits in with that perfectly. So when you go into this game mode, you can find dynamite in chests. I believe floor Loot and then enemies carry them a bunch too. So you should be able to get them Fair.Easily now then once you have a few of them, what you want to do is you don't even have to like run into enemies you can go around the map and find structures that you didn't place and throw some Dynamite at then to get that damage done it again. It really shouldn't take that much. So you should be able to have this one done fairly quick and on top of that if you happen to find dynamite in like food fight, you could just go to the other team's base. There were a couple in there and you'll get this one done. No problem, but keep going to your guys with the next challenge. I want to go over this is the sort of similar challenge, but it's deal grenade damage to opponents and it is a stage challenge now, I'm pretty sure this one would probably move onto stage has other weapons similar to that like maybe I don't know grenade launcher to it that is the case, you know, they're pretty straightforward but the trick to them as you know, finding the items in the first place. So with that being said this one specifically this is the tough part. Unfortunately, you cannot do food fight. At least. I'm pretty sure they said that explosives are not in this mode. So that kind of makes it a little bit tough you would have been able to like find them in the supply drops and that would have made this one super easy.Personally, you cannot find them there and also you cannot find them in Wild West so you're pretty much going to have to do it in the normal mode. So if you want to do solo Duo squads, it's totally up to you. You're going to have to go through it and pretty much just play normally until you find these items and then you going to have to use the items to try and get some eliminations and there is sort of an easy way to do it. But that kind of leads me into the next challenge here, which is the grenade or rocket launcher eliminations and you need a total of three of those but again the trick to that is actually finding the items themselves. And again, like we just went over you cannot do this in food fight or Wild West because I don't even think you can find the items in those. So the other thing that I can recommend when you're doing like squads or Duo's his to one, of course find one of these items so you can actually get the challenge done, but then something else you can do is to actually like knock somebody down with your AR something else that you're more comfortable with and then you can like box them in and use that rocket or grenade launcher in order to eliminate them. As long as you are the person to knock them down. Whatever you eliminate them with will count towards that challenge that can be an easy way to do it if you're having a tough time.Play. Guys moving on here to the next challenge. I want to go over this is probably the most important one of this week. They get a score of 10 a different Carnival clown games know before we get into this one guys. If you haven't yet be sure to hit that subscribe down below because I post these guys every single week to show you guys like some of the fastest way to get these challenges done. So if you don't want to miss those the best way to know about them is to hit that subscribe button and make sure you have notifications turned on but the carnival clown games basically how you do these is they are these a little like mini games are similar to like the clay pigeons from last week similar to those ones. We have to find them on the map activate them going to get a score on them. So y'all got 5 location to show you here, but as you can see this is exactly how they works. But yeah, you simply go up to it you activate it and then these balloons start to pop up around the board and you simply go around pick Xing knows until you get to 10 and then you can just like one balloon, you know pop and that'll count your score right there. It's honestly pretty simple to do the only tough part is, you know finding that but don't worry guys. I have got 5 locations to show you when this first of which right here that I've been showing you is right now.City RV park that's to the east of retail row. So this is a very good one to go after nobody's really ever at this area. So it's a good one to start out with but on top of that and also credit to Tim set on Reddit and also night in 1723 on Twitter for finding two of these but another location you can check out is to the south of this one is sort of near Paradise Palms. It's to the west of Paradise Palms at the bridge right here, as you can see it's off to the side next to this wall sort of on the grassy area. The more desert area. So that's a good one to check out as well on top of that. You can keep going south sort of more West in between flush Factory in Lucky Landing. There's this house right here and there's one of these games next to it under a tree. So that was probably going to be pretty quiet as well. But if you want to check out some other ones, you can also do one near the quad Crasher course up near junk Junction. It's right near the start and if you still need one more on top of that you can check out the one in Pleasant Park right next to the football field. This one. However is probably going to be a little bit more busy just because it's in the middle of a name the location. So you guys those are the five locations that I'm aware of but it's plenty to get them done and you only need to get a score ofAnd at three of these locations so get into a game with like solo and get that done done in moving on here to the final challenge. I want to talk about in this video. This is the one where you have to deal damage with stink bombs Klinger's or grenades and honestly guys, this one's pretty straightforward. So I don't have a ton of tips for you except maybe to try and do it with the other stage challenge because if you use a grenade for this one, the other challenge requires you to get a hundred damage with it. So it's kind of like knocking out two birds with one stone. Also on top of that. I would probably avoid using the stink bombs simply because those only deal like 5 damage. I think it's second maybe a half second. I would much percent sure but it'll take a while to get 300 damage with those so I would stick to the other two and especially when you're just playing normally just pick up a bunch of clingers and Klinger's are honestly pretty great to do this with you know, so you could get that damage on players that are knocked down since it has to do with damaged. You don't have to be the person to knock them. So it is a bit easier for you guys that is going to be for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. And if you did we should hit that subscribe button down below on top that be sure to check out some of my previous video.Left going over a bunch of changes any recent updates such as a season 7 secret and then of course my week 8 challenges guide on the right. But other than that guy's I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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