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Fortnite: FULL WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! | Battle Royale Season 6 TREASURE! Challenge

Fortnite: FULL WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! | Battle Royale Season 6 TREASURE! Challenge Tips \u0026 Tricks!

All right. What is going on everybody? It's time for another video on the fortnite challenges this time. It is fortnite week 3 as well as the challenges and what's going to be going over the secret treasure location because there isn't a treasure map challenge or anything like that in this week like to have been in previous Seasons by the rest, of course, they secret stuff with that you can get once you completed all of these 7 challenges. We're going to kick it up with the free challenges not seen different challenges leaked for this week, but I'm going to go with the list. I feel confident with the sauce. I've got a problem has always been reliable. So I am going to go with those times at the first one on the free challenges is revive a player in different matches. Now that you can do this in multiple ways always need the easiest way is probably going into soaring 50s or 50 50th outside which of the mode so you could do it even easier just go into a Duos with a friend and either play the game out under advisement or you could just go to the five separate matches. Not the very beginning of the game or in the middle when you feel like you got a little bit of time you can just jump from a height. I and then you can revive each other and stuff like that.Easiest way just to go to a game full off somewhere revive them get killed overseas. You have to die. You cut his back out of the game. Once you provide them. I don't think it will count you do after then die and then you can do it over and over again is a chest challenge out of is a stage challenge. However, because stage one is such a chest in lonely Lodge gnome see their chest everywhere, but the main thing about this challenge it only seems to be one chest. So whatever location comes up in the future stages, he's just one chest you should be able to find Delsey lonely Lodge the there are plenty of chest around there a few around the tool tower that quite a few in the house that a few in the roots on some of the smoke Shacks that's plenty of chest and how to load of laundry specially because it is lonely Lodge 1 chest should not be an issue the next free pause challenge. It's interesting. This is what I've seen disputed everybody or something with things going to be some people that I'm going with Eliquis if there's a change the challenges I speak about in this video. I'll let you know down in the pin comments. But anyway at this challenge is to ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside.A place where there's a lot of houses you're going to be 5 lbs is no different matches or anything. So you want to go to a place with a lot of houses that are quite close together. I would stay away from tilted Towers because I don't know what class is a house. I think they'll be needed that big building the skyscrapers that already has his you're going to want to go to places such as pleasant Park salty Springs and greasy Grove possibly retail row as well. Those are probably the best place to go to get this challenge completed out before we move on to the battle pass challenges. I want to give a quick shout-out to gain a Lincoln was sponsoring this video there an awesome app. You can look for a place to play fortnite with and complete these challenges with all that if you signed up using the code in the description, you'll get a custom pick salami bad. You cannot be on that. I pick a pixel. They've been supposed to talk for a long time. And I really appreciate the help out. Of course, it helps me out a ton. So yeah, be sure to check out game like using the link in the description. Now, let's get on to the battle pass challenges stage number one visit risky reels and wailing Woods in a single match now, they should be fairly simple.Age of Charles I can't imagine a future stage is Nelly either be similar difficulty stage 2 might be if it's in salty Springs in fatal fields in a single match or as two stage progressed. They could get harder by Sansone 1 Battle Star for each one. I can imagine Academy similar difficulty. It would just be two places that are near each other such as lucky Landing in fatal fields or Haunted Hills and junk Junction not so thing. You just got to be hair NASA August 8th in my opinion the best way to do the first aid, at least it's a lot of wailing Woods because risky reels can get very very busy Osborne. It'll be a lot easier to land at wailing was little bit and then just head too risky reels and see what is going on the next challenge hit a player with a tomato 20 meters away or more now. I've got a couple of different ways you could do this and I always see you're going to want the tomorrow sew-in in your remote less. I actually have mouse mouse wheel scroll up and down on my hot keys for my gun. So I kind of Sea scroll through my medicine game, so I have to have it on my first page but only sleeps 20 meters can be 20 weeks.Spell OU or above you. So the best way to do this evening, if you're lucky enough to see somebody just stood that camping, you know, and it'd be a perfect opportunity to start the most shoot them. Maybe if you feed in braids, you could let them with the Tomato Baba see the best way to do it at my pain is to go to the gyro two squads a 50/50 knock someone down then either go 20 minutes away from them or throw the tomorrow at them or if you struggle with your aim knock someone there with some of those some spiral stairs up. So you go up but stay in the same place that you just look down 20 minutes about them. I basically dropped this month you on the head and I see no reason why that shouldn't walk. The next challenge on this list is shoot three targets at different shooting galleries. I'm going to confess my ignorance here. I don't know too much about this one that we had before, you know, that would just clay pigeon station set up around the map Nacht in busy location. So that's why I will say if it's going to be shooting galleries is going to be in a place that won't disrupt too much of the normal game play Seether out by Haunted Hills across the bridge to the east of lazy links does a shooting range.Probably shooting ranges between 3C in snobby just places away from the main locations. If you're looking for shooting galleries, that is why you'll find them. He's going to shoot three targets. So, you know tonight to targets get gun, maybe an AR or possibly an SMG just to hit the target with the best possible chance again, if I will let you know down in the description hard one is basically the same as the ghost portal challenges eliminate an opponent in different matches. You just go to get a kill in 10 different games don't seem to go to school two times. You have to get full team games with at least one Kelso just play the game for that one complete each other challenges and you will get there. Does open up the secret treasure location of the week 2 loading screen is set in wailing Woods. It's a cute one. I liked it and the secret treasure star is said to be by the chimney of the house on the Northern side of wailing woods. So if it changes again with us know what is a let you know in the comments, but it'll either be on top of the chimney.Before with the treasure map challenge in Syfy. The house that it was south or near retail row treasure start was on top of the chimney. That's it wouldn't surprise me. If they walk in on top of the chimney again. It could be next to it could even be in the house. But my main guess for you guys is going to be on top of the chimney said that is going to do it for the week 3 fortnite challenges. If you didn't leave a like & subscribe to join the pick salami and check out game link as always in the description. I'll see you in the next video very soon.


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