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Fortnite WEEK 2 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - DANCE OFF, Sheet Music Piano, \u0026 Banner (Batt

Fortnite WEEK 2 CHALLENGES GUIDE! - DANCE OFF, Sheet Music Piano, \u0026 Banner (Battle Royale Season 7)

All right, guys, welcome back to another fortnite video in in this one. It is time for my week 2 challenges guide featuring the locations of the pianos where the sheet music that you have to play the secret Banner location location of the dance-off at an abandoned mansion and of course tips and tricks and secrets for all of the other challenges as well. This week's challenges are definitely pretty unique. You've also got some tough ones like with you get an elimination from 50 meters. + but again is always guys. I have you covered that you tips and tricks to help you get done with this week's challenges as quickly as possible and it'll also help you get closer to unlocking levels for Lynx zenneth and also just unlocking the Ice King in general these guys and want to support me you can use my support a Creator code the Llama sir in the item shop in s t h e l l a m a s. I r really helps me out a ton and thanks to all of you who are already supporting me. And if you do enjoy the video as well, be sure to hit that like button down below and I'm also curious what level are you guys at or more specifically?Go pass because for me I'm at tier 46, but I did get the head start at the very beginning but I'm still curious to see where you guys are at. We've got plenty of weeks ahead of us. But yeah, let's jump into a quick with the overview of the challenges in case you guys aren't home right now to check out the challenges and you want to know them ahead of time and he's also like the overview of what we're going to be covering. But again, we are going to be going over these supposed location of the banner for this week. It's not a star unfortunately, but then for the challenges themselves you got ones like deal damage to opponents with different types of weapons get in elimination from 50 meters, + which I will show you some tips. If you have a tough time getting that one done, you've also got compete in a dance-off at the abandoned mansion. I'll show you the location of that visit different locations in one match stages. And then also you've got play sheet music on the pianos near lonely Lodge and pleasant Park. I'll show you the locations of those you've got search a chest in separate named locations and eliminate opponents in fatal fields or snobby Shores show you some quick tips in order to get those done as well. So we're all guys some very interesting challenges this week. But let's go ahead and jump into it with you first of those eight sort of overalls.Challenges in that is the 50-plus elimination seem like kind of tough at first, but honestly, it's really not that hard. If you do a couple of different things, but first of all, like how far even away is 50 m into playground and did a little bit of testing and I managed to find that it's about between 13 and 14 walls away. I'm pretty sure I can just use that is like a rough estimate but that's about as far away. I believe is 50 m from what I was able to test out. So again, you are going to want to be pretty far away. So your best bet is obviously like a hunting rifle a sniper you can definitely still do it with like an AR or just going to have to hit some shots from distant. Now then what is the best game mode for that? Definitely do Close Encounters know I'm completely kidding guys. That's probably the worst game mode for this. So do not do Close Encounters, but instead probably team Rumble is going to help you out a bunch because I want to see a ton of people are going to be running around a lot of times they sit up in their bases as well as if you find a sniper and you just sit on a hill somewhere and we should be able to find somebody standing still and probably get an elimination that way.Just make sure that you complete the game after that so that that elimination counts towards the challenge and you should be able to get it done overall. It shouldn't really be that difficult. And then after that guys, let's talk about this supposed secret Banner for this week. I haven't had time yet to quite get the banner yet. I wanted to get this guy out to you guys as quickly as possible. But like the loading screen has been going around a ton online on Twitter Reddit stuff like that. And as you guys know that usually hide the clue for it in there and I'm pretty sure I know where it is judging from those Clues. So yeah, and again, it should be a banner this week. They're doing the same thing as last season apparently where it switches from a star one week to a banner the next then back to a star and so on and so forth throughout the week. So yeah, but hey, it's a free Banner. So why not go after it and as always guys is pretty much the same as last season, you do have to complete this week's challenges before the banner even shows up in the first place before you can get that. I think it like a little extra notification that you can go for it now like in your challenges menu, I have to check that myself. But yeah, you do need to complete this week's challenges and you may have to complete last week's challenges as well.Would you have to do that for season 6 so I would assume it's the same thing. But yeah, I want to have this week's challenges done the location that I believe it is at is Frosty flights and I got it for some reason. It isn't here either epic decides to move the star. I'm headed home simply check the pinned comment down below for updates, but I'm pretty sure it should be here. And the reason I think that is because if you go into this building and again Frosty flights is on the west side of the mattress take a look at your map. You'll see the name the location right there on the westside in the iceberg biome, but if you go into this building right here, you will be able to find a Linksys a little set up inside of this building and I believe the Stars should be some around here. So just walk around a little bit. You should be able to find it. It's on top of the building as well. I'm not 100% sure but I believe it should be in here and now I got it for whatever reason it isn't there simply check the pinned comment down below and I will update it if there is a new location but you guys moving on here to be third challenge. I want to cover in this video of the search a chest in separate named location. Do you need to do this in 7 different named locations, which definitely takes a little bit of time we had the same challenge last see?Should I believe but honestly it is pretty easy. But again, it just takes time is pretty straightforward yet. You guys understand but still there's some tips I can give you with this one. Like what are the closest name two locations together, if you want to get as many of them done as quickly as possible back to back in like one single game. So real quick here, we'll go through that but honestly guys, I would probably even save this until the end because if you're going to other locations to complete some of the other challenges and you will need to go to separate locations for some of them might as well save this one until the end and just search a couple of chest when you're at those locations doing the other challenges, it'll save yourself some time in the long run. So I do recommend that but if you want to get a bunch of them done back-to-back-to-back your the locations that I would recommend because they're super close together and he first of which are junk Junction Haunted Hills in Pleasant Park and then you could also had like loot Lake into that with those three are very close together, especially if you grab a quadcrasher at that race track near junk Junction that works really well on top of that. You can also do Frosty flight and then grab a stormwing from their flight to Polar Peak and then you can fly to Shifty shafts as well. Those three areVery close together and just in a straight line. And since you also have these storm when you can fly to other locations as well on top of that though, you can just land at any other location because that should be 7 chests right there. And then after that guy's you have a pretty interesting Challenge and that is to compete in a dance-off at the abandoned mansion, which definitely does sound pretty weird doesn't it is pretty interesting, but I'll walk you through exactly how to do it. So first of all with this one you obviously have to go to the abandoned mansion, but I guess even before that it definitely can help you to have a teammate to do this with you don't need a teammate but you know, it makes it a lot easier because you can directly communicate with your teammate, but if you don't have a teammate, you know, you can just go into way Phil game mode even probably going to solo if it's the release day or the day after you should be able to find people going to this area pretty easily. But yeah, the location you want to go to is on the Eastern side of the map sort of near lonely Lodge and in between on the Gus racetrack, it's the old superhero mansion that's broken down. But you land there you want to go into the basement and then you will findThis dance area right here. Now how you start it is by you standing on one side and the other person standing on another and you might have to start dancing or it'll start automatically, but I believe how it works is that when the game starts you need to go to the squares that are lit up and do an emote on those squares as soon as they light up you can keep doing that for a while until the game ends. And that's pretty much how it's done. I'm pretty sure so you guys really shouldn't be that tough. But then after that you had these stages challenge where you have to visit one location and then move on to the next location and if it's similar to last season that should be five different locations. I haven't gotten to these yet because they are pretty tedious to do they just take time. They're pretty straightforward. But on the main set that I can give you in life with the first of which it's visit Pleasant Park in snobby Shores in the same match. It's honestly not that tough. But the best way to do it by far is to grab like a storm Wing or a quadcrasher or something like that. Like for example at snobby Shores, there are some quadcrashers at the northernmost house, I believe so you could grab one of those and then head over to Pleasant Park and get the challenge down that way and so it is pretty straightforward, but another tip I can askForgive you for that is too maybe search for chests at those locations as well and work towards that chest challenge at different named locations that I was talking about earlier, but you guys done for the challenge after that. This one is pretty straightforward as well. But it kind of works in a similar way. This one is the eliminate opponents in snobby Shores or fatal fields and you need a total of 311 Nations right there. So it is pretty straightforward to be honest. You pretty much just have to land at these locations get some eliminations and that's how you get it done. So really there's not a ton of hits. I can give you guys besides maybe again similar to the previous challenges, maybe try and mix this one's with some of the other challenges. You can try and knock out two birds with one stone and just save time over also, like for example, the first stage of you having to visit different locations has you go to snobby Shores and then come over to Pleasant Park soccer at snobby Shores try and get some eliminations over there and maybe work on this challenge as well. And then you can move over to Pleasant park with a quadcrasher and you'll be working on two challenges at once on top of that maybe you land at fatal fields and search a chest there while you're going for a couple of a limit.Honestly, it's pretty easy and also the game mode I would recommend as whatever you're comfortable in. Honestly solo is probably the best but really no matter what game would you choose? It should work out pretty well for you. And then after that guys this is probably the most interesting challenge this week and it's kind of similar to one that we had last season, but it's a little bit different. Okay. So this is the play the sheet music on the pianos near lonely Lodge and pleasant Park and don't worry. I've got the locations of those to show you when actually before we get into a guy's if you haven't yet be sure to hit that subscribe button down below because I post these guides every single week showcasing some of the best ways to do the challenges and helping you guys get them done as quickly as possible to be want to be the first to know about those the best way to do so is being subscribed and also having notifications turned on with that little bell so be sure to do so, but yeah, the piano challenge which is similar to the one we had last season, but if you remember that one was actually a stage challenge so they decided to switch it up a bit and this time you do not have to search for the music itself, which is like hitting in the houses. But this time you just have to find the two pianos and of courseMusic so first of all with the one that is near Pleasant Park, this one is actually super easy because it's the same piano that was from last season. The one at lonely Lodge is I believe a new one before the one at Pleasant. You just want to land up here on this hill which is to the west of pleasant Park and you are going to need to do so in a game board that doesn't have a lot of players there because I believe only one person can do it at a time. At least. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. So, I don't know maybe something like team Rumble take turns with your teammates, but for example say you're at the one right here at Pleasant Park and you're ready to go. You're going to need to follow the symbols on the music stand and this one is pretty easy right here. But as you can see, you just follow these letters stepping on the keys and maybe like stepping off of it into the grass. So you don't press the wrong ones because you do need to press them in order from left to right but as you can see if you follow the ones right here, you'll know that you've done it if it plays the tune after you step off of the piano. So that is the one in Pleasant Park but then for the one in lonely Lodge, this one is way more complicated and this one is on the very Eastern portion of the map. It's near the big tower in lonely Lodge if you go to the east of thatSunny Hill at the edge of the map so pretty easy to find but as you can see here just follow these symbols that are on the music step on the corresponding keys of the piano Jump Around walk off of it. Whatever you need to do to press them in order. And then if you do it, right, it should play the entire thing back and that is how you complete this challenge guys. So yeah, definitely an interesting challenge, but overall, it's really not that difficult. The tough part is definitely just getting there by yourself. But even if you wait towards like halfway through a game or something that can help you out as well, but them pretty final challenge of this video. I want to go over for you guys. This is the deal damage with different types of weapons, which is honestly a another very straightforward challenge. Honestly, I would not even worry about this one. You're probably going to end up getting it done when you're working for the other challenges, especially like the one where you have to get eliminations in snobby Shores and pleasant Park you're bound to be using some different types. So, I mean really if you finish all of the other challenges, you'll maybe even have this entire challenge done by then and by different types. I'm pretty sure it means like I don't know a sniper is a type of item so probably things like that. So just make sure to switch it up a little bit and it's one won't be a problem.Open for you guys that is going to be at for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. And if you did be sure to hit that subscribe button down below for more guys coming up soon on top of that. You can check out some of my previous week 1 challenges guide if you still need it, and then on the right going through like all of the changes in the recent update including some talk about the Mythic Rarity, but other than that guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


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