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Yo, what is up guys? It's the Goblin and welcome back to another fortnite battle. Royale video. Today's video. We're going to be talking about the season 7 week 10 challenges, which will be coming out soon in fortnite Battle Royale. They have been leaking we talkin about some of them how to complete them my thoughts on them a different stuff like that in tonight's video. If you guys could drop a like on this video are very very much appreciate that lets go for 1500 like that be awesome to smack that like button hit that like button subscribe to the channel and also hit that notification shout to the notification Squad. I see all the comments section down below all the time and I appreciate all of your support So before we get this because I'm making this video in advance and of course the week 10 challenges will not come out until next Thursday when you guys are seeing this as they are scheduled to they are subject to change out or they could change and that's why I put a disclaimer on these videos because most of the time the challenges batard. I'm report on the challenges that are found and leaked by data miners in the files. However, even though they are accurate in the files up until the actual release point or evenAfter the release point it's epic games game so they could change the files up until next Thursday basically and put you know different challenges in so sometimes they will change one or two of the challenges for the most part. They do remain the same as if they're watching this after the child is already came out and you're wondering why maybe one or two of them are wrong it is most likely because epic games change the files and also credit to FM PR hq4 find these files I will leave their link down in the description. So let's get right into it and talk about these challenges. Once again a couple of these are going to be for the free free challenges in a couple of our battle pass as it is every single week. However, I think most people watching this video probably do you have the battle pass and are trying to complete all of the challenges or will at least have access to those once you do have the battle pass. I think it's a really good you're the best way to get your value as fast if you want challenges, you know to just to level up faster at the Battle pass for 10 bucks all the Skins you get I always think I always recommend that to the people that want a lot of cool skins, but I want to spend a lot of money on the game show me to use turrets or damaged.Now this one seems a very very self-explanatory and simple using turbocharge a damage trap just involves placing them down. So it as long as it doesn't say elimination right thing like that to use them. You just have to place them doubt. There's ways you can do that. I recommend just you know, if you have to see yourself with 10 traps place down five of them, whatever most likely and I can meet entrapped same with the mounted turret. I do not really like this job because you know, there's there's two things you got to think about the challenges number one how how convenient and easy are they to complete for you the number to how will they change it affect the game and if there's more people using turrets and setting up traps that is just not as exciting nothing but the traps is it I would probably find just found them early game and I was like tilted or somebody just play some down and hope they get a kill as long as that would still be in the zone and even if not, you know, you're just trying to delete that challenge shouldn't be too hard to do. Next one is to deal damage with a scoped weapon. Now out of right now, it just says scope weapon. I'm not going to I'm not sure if they're going to clarify if I have to be scoped AR or the thermal AR what or what notI think it just means any sort of scope weapon because at first I was worried. I don't want to use the you know, the thermal scoped AR whatever it does or even still in the game at this point. I don't even know because I don't weapon definitely the sniper would probably be the one to go to or I can also see them trying to recommend you to use the pistol of course because that was added in new and they want people to to do damage or get kills with that. We don't know how much damage is going to be with a scope weapon for me. Probably I would just use the heavy sniper or any sort of sniper. But if you are a fan of those other weapons with the scope and maybe I am I missing out on by not using any of those weapons to let me know but that's what that sound is going to be. Next one is going to be to eliminate opponents with an AR. And now this is one of those challenges you can complete basically naturally act like a natural challenge because just by playing the game, normally you're going to complete this challenge eliminations with an assault rifle assault rifles are probably one of the main things you get eliminations with, you know, you just shot rifles shotguns or than your other types of weapons or those are the main twoHow to get a close-range shotgun or maybe you're finishing weapon and long-range probably a ours or sniper so isn't too hard if you are still having trouble with this and maybe like I don't know you're not going to limitations from Rage just put a shock shooting with a shotgun up close switch over the AR and spray them down at that can do the job as well because it's best if you like a scar use it as like kind of like in smg4 isn't even that bad of an idea as a pretty cool thing to do next challenge is to use Boogie bombs or Chiller grenades. Now, of course Boogie bombs are the ones that make people dance Chiller grenades are of course, the new item in space can make people escaped back now. I'm not sure if you're using this one if this I'm assuming for this one using probably doesn't mean just throwing them. I think you might have to hit someone with them. So we have to wait and see one of those challenge week 2 challenges actually are out but my advice for this would just be go somewhere that's populated early game so you can get this done early because you don't want to be stacking up and carrying a bunch of this cuz you only have five slots in fortnite and every single Maxima.Snooze 5 slot especially making it mid to end game is very very important. So that's what I would say try to get an early game or probably as with most challenges. The best way to complete most of them is probably through play like whatever game modes are you independent does fortnite cost to change an evolving but if there's any respawn gaming mode 50v 15 or stuff like that are definitely ways to go with your Boogie alarm for children age cuz you're gonna grab a lot of those in those game most much more than you would in a Solo Squad would be even better. Just two more options. You have people to hit the better for that next to me to search chest in lazy links or Dusty divot is a little bit interesting because usually when they do the search chest when it's alright or like the land here land are they usually spread them out right to spread out the map and ensure that they don't really mess up the flow of play. However, search chest in Lazy Lakes or Dusty divot. They're not beside each other but they're both I mean Dusty divot is Central mid and lazy links is Topham it so they're both around the same for the area and I will probably allow because I findRight. Now that top section of the map is using isn't as popping, you know, Pleasant Park and be pretty popular but do you have other stuff at top sides map isn't nearly as popular most people like to stay around the mid area or even the bottom definitely get to the not over-the-top probably just because there's Paradise down there. There's a fatal Fields big spot that I like. There's even more burritos more Mid-South. You would be a little bit more towards the down a little bit but you know what I'm saying? So that's a little bit more unique One Church in chest in lazy or Dusty. I honestly would just go lazy. I think there's landed on the roof and getting those chess would be the best way to do that one. But of course this my recommendation for this one is always the same people going to try to complete this challenge when it first comes out, right and it's going to be tough if you're going to either of those locations cuz there's meat beef people and in their naturally and also people and their to complete the channel to my advisor go to the one that's furthest away from each Bus drop and that's because most people are lazy and don't want to stretch it to that far one if you stretch and if you can Master Landing stretches that far location you'll be able to come.A lot quicker and almost bus routes to the farther one would probably be lazy links next channel to visit Explorer Outpost in a single match. Now this one I'm not sure. I'm not sure if they're there but the Explorer Outpost Arthur on the map already if they're going to be added or if this child will be changed because this one reminds me instantly of the one we had a couple weeks ago to visit Expedition Outpost, which were those 7 Outpost with planes. I'm not sure if they're going to change those locations to explore location to change the them because at first I read that in like a challenge, but it's not the other one was Expedition. Just wanted to explore so on ad honestly as of right now, I think this child's might change or something that you will know. What does explore Outpost are the challenges out and you could probably just Google it or look it up on YouTube quickly figure out the location to as far as that because I am making this in advance and the final challenge is pretty broad as well. And I think a couple of challenges may change it is to shoot specific Target. So we don't know as far as this one I think was weak knife or or weak toAdd in some sort of a balloon child and not sure if they're going to do it for weeknight or weekend as I'm making this via kind of in advance because basically, you know the week 9 and week 10 challenges leaked together. But yeah, that's as far as these challenges. Like I said a couple of them are subject to tank to change but overall if we're looking at the scope of all of the week's this season, it has been a pretty honest and the easy side of what we've had lately 4 challenges and I haven't even been going as hard at the challenge game as I was like a couple months ago or like before summer a little bit but they're still is the date if I made a lot easier the season I think that having some difficulty wines like one or two in each one for making the majority of stuff that you can do that are fun challenges to do and added more fun into the challenges. I think should be a priority for next season also making them easy to do because it's like you have four nights already gave me a place so much to even keep up on the skill Gap keep up with your building keep up with that. I know a lot of people have lives and don't have as much time it took to play as youThings like that and that's just something that I think keeping the challenge fresh and keeping them at fairly easy, but also having some fun and a couple challenging ones. It's you. It's a lot easier said than done but I'm looking forward toward and towards next season looking forward to the theme of that and hopefully the challenges that will be good as well. As you can see here in this game player. This was from back like right when they had the the zombies right before they were taken out and I was able to win a nice little game here within the gold ice skating, but then I sell 10 killed. So I'll see you guys next one watch to be towards the end. He read it one second and I'm able to win this gun fight right here kind of a crazy battle because I was able to use the mountain and just keep hiding Vantage on this guy out. Of course, this is back when the zombies are added to those help because they're putting pressure on him and there's no zombie spawns up on me cuz it's pretty easy want to be when they're just because of playing positioning.


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