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WHICH CLASS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Fortnite Class Guide 2018 - Save the World PVE

WHICH CLASS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Fortnite Class Guide 2018 - Save the World PVE

Welcome back to the what's on an army. I'm lit and this is fortnite save the world. I don't know. What would look at today's which hero class suits you best, you know, so which hero is best for your playstyle know what you think? A lot of people are most people tend to just go Soldier and just a while that storm of the most Firepower. So that's the one for me but to each question. I'm going to tell you what each one does and see what's right for you to stay tuned and let's see what we find.Okay. So the first class we're going to look at is the soldier and the soldier is the most well-rounded cousin them. If you're having a really hard time deciding which ones by Soulja offense and defense any special abilities with the soldier classical usually Focus multiple large amounts of damage, which makes them difficult Mission soldiers in the mission. If you going to get overrun and you're going to have a hard time in that building Morgan of gopher construction ninja up to you, but just thought yourself off as usual. The good thing about the soldiers did the well-rounded the deal. What's the damage and you get grenades in mines of the downside to the soldier?Is quite difficult to specialize and you get absolutely no bonuses for building a look at the legend of Heroes survivalist Jonesy account. So you arranged weapon damage increase increase by 10% So if you get into a shortwave Bond and give it to Mikey McCallum is within one tile range get a 935.3 energy damage a debilitating Schultz, which is dealing ranged damaged Appliance one stack of vulnerability. So it's kind of dbol she wanted me as well. So they sold you can both and Eva and an increase in damage taken from all sources by 5% on a target for 15 seconds stacks of 2-3 time. That's just kind of a pass if you got the all the time that's always on that.Specific to each individual hero that you got to check it out overnight and if you look at that is 1259.69 degrees regenerate every 25 seconds. So you caught just spun grenades into a crowd. However, you have gone in for the amount of grenades that you can use that also buy is 18 times per second do in 13 basic physical damage does shock 10 seconds, which is awesome about those that I like and increase rate of fire on do huge amounts of damage on there as well. It was definitely worth the bonuses on that as well as specific to each hero.11% damage resistance support bonuses are plants your primary hero when this hero is in your support slots if I want to just go back one. Just go back to the heroes who would be what would you see NASA what actually be that we get the extra resistance on that. So she's going to coincide bonuses in the babies in the second slot then it means I get 11% damage resistance on each one. So that's pretty much the song Heroes and soldiers different things on that have different amounts of bonuses at the gala to you as a said that depends on your collection and what you got an extra parts as well on top of the constructors next reasons to use a crystal if you someone who really enjoys the building inspector for the construction to know any Bills coaches faster than the cost of building is also cheaper for the controller. 2040 gold base base which allows us to build a construction area 2 / juice the cost of amplify the construction of everything in its range. So it makes all the buildings around it which is stronger, which was Tyre defense offense expunged you to the lodge physical physical size of each one in the Euro causes of the good side of it is acid the pros of being the constructors. You can take a lot of damage you can build structures. I'm scripture. Don't cost you as much they don't cost you as many materials to make the downside is that they're dealing damage to get the right gear you'll find these at the construct can be extremely effective. I'll just look at the main things that The basalt is the matter of the connected building pieces affected world will do energy damage to any animated strikes the world within melee attack has gained 12% damage resistance extends five segments from the placement and only one base can be active at time Sao Paulo mode relationship to the touch the base regenerate health and it does not start with the power modulation tactical play, which is absolutely fantastic. So if you don't see my constructed Guide channel Link in the description down below, you can't foresee that in action and see how it was the hot pics of got me some music instructors. I need to 660 physical damage charges forward three tiles collecting enemies on a shield knocking them back at the end of a rush whenever colliding with a waltz by the great thing about Isaac get if you win a mess. So, you know you getting over you can just hit bulrush situation. What does a real good with building all you just do an emissions me don't want to use a pony materials that constructed you can see why you so much versatility be all pretty slow in their little bit clunky, but it definitely was a look and this last building than the construction on the way forward. So the ninjas another really popular class. The ninja class is the fastest animal in the game between the soldier damage in the hand of a ninja is an absolutely deadly weapon. But of course, it was easy to get up close since I'm in charge of the ninja go really well together. The ability cold mantas, which means you can leap and allows you to jump. but as you would at least yes, because the Outlander so they can get you to open up the things, you know special events do the fortnitemares event while ago when you want me to find puzzles and find mansions and things out. The ninja was done with the clothes to go for next my main causes the Constructor the ninjas are really good people who play ninjas that mean just because of this episode versatile having so much fun to play Let the pros do when engine is in the first stage of the real earthquake in Manta sleep ability on the super high salt damage the only downside to a ninja What you need to run as opposed to try and stand there and soak it up. The constructs can do that. If you got a Constructors working, it's kind of like a tank was taking over damage on and then you can go around the edges. That's always a great one. Ninja some soldiers go. Well on a soldier can a ninja can also be a protective style classic car. What would any of the other causes of the following Seas class actually compliments every other one quick look at the Mantis ability on that. Let me see if I can find one small while jumping to go to Mexico with one spell jump. So basically you got double jump 4.5 tiles again. So very close to upload 0.5 can be absolutely fantastic. Okay. So the Outland is the final heroquest typing format on its own little bit of strength from Scavenging supplies to the ability to find out looking for us or you looking for a particular items in the out. When does the when searching containers does a high chance of high-quality are in pieces of blue inside when compared to that what were the causes of you know you doing everything together materials and that's the only time I would really have to go in tomorrow at 1. Tell me all the classes. What is the time in a place for the Outlander don't seem to find me some missions with a lock on box. If you don't like a storm shield defense, I probably wouldn't go for not wonder if you doing so ever clothing coming. So you doing a discovery Mission, especially while the event missions we talked about the phone as mentioned earlier looking at Bay mansions in the castles and things out then this is a great stuff that goes to an Outlander is that you'll find you'll find rare illusional sometimes even legendaries you are found with the Outlander. You'll get higher higher quality of the containers and it's easy to find treasure chest with a condo obituaries for defense and offense as well, So this is kind of a giant log in the middle of the in the middle of the game on people have to watch it and they hate Sarah and then loads of like and materials. David that you can all gather. Which is quite useful to know you can still do that when I can still compliment the team that because basically dead deploy as they see that Teddy to 15 seconds are there in 4 tiles with a base of 10 physical damage four times per second is a huge damage. But you know, it's quiet go to know if you're in a situation or you finally solved it and still is quite a good way to clear out at walls or is quite good way to kind of hold you down while yet you may be feeling a little bit so I don't want to put the Outlander down because you know, I use my Outlook that we bought in these pretty awesome. That is why when I kind of got friends that great without windows Volume, okay, then sold just a quick overview on that. So he doesn't get any sort of bonuses for building. You got the construction materials and the downside is though is not great damage and you've leveled up we can then you called The Ninja to the next one really fast moving speed that you got the ninja to go to the Manta sleep which is about the double jump and they've got a huge so dumb as you know, if you're not using your your melee weapons, and that's the one to use. The only downside is the defense attorney just really low and plus other side with the whole population of justices on the class, which is better at finding Ralph. You want to find mold without Wanda and you'll also find easier a treasure chest you open Treasure Chest bit louder and how old is Daquan acquired taste? But you know, if all of them are you guys are chosen? What's your name? What's your main class, but you playing for my which one do you enjoy most and let me know why if you don't make sure you subscribe down below. Thanks for watching these guys.


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