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Full Guide to WIN Fortnite Season 5! How to Win Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks! (Ps4/X

Full Guide to WIN Fortnite Season 5! How to Win Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks! (Ps4/Xbox Tips)

Hey, what's going on at AT&T in today? I'm back in her tips and tricks video for you guys. And it today has been giving you guys a full guide on how to win in season 5. I have a gameplay for you guys at I'm going to come over that game play and giving you guys a ton and ton of tip that is definitely going to help you win more games. I'm going to be going over things like no location of land where the rotate good positioning how to replace morality covering everything. I can in this video. No give you guys a full guy on season 5 and know how you can win the most games. No for those you guys were looking at that first win or you already wanted some game that you'll give her some more tips. This is the video for you guys. Make sure to stay to the end of a ton of get information in here. And before we get to the video if you guys could and make sure you hit that like button subscribe to the channel. If your new animation on my post notifications to get notified every single new video in Oregon is a lucky right to the video.Okay to start off. I'm going to talk about location to land location is really important to the start of the game and choosing where the land is. No extremely important and we'll set you up for the rest of the game and personally for me I would recommend landing at these factories right outside of retail the right above it. It's a really good spot to lay in not a lot of people land here and you're going for the win you don't want to land, you know, any of the hottest places like a new areas you want to land somewhere a little bit off to the side but not too far like No Junk Junction know all the way out there. You're going to get caught by the circle but somewhere we're not a lot of people in and it's not too far out and right here is pi the perfect place to do it and all I'd like to hear a lot because no there's a ton of Matt's that's really good Lu and not a lot of people in here in this game right here. Only one person lantiere Rizzoli normal No One V one is not to harm the early game as long as you play your cards, right and right here. I'm going to go for the green tack. I got the tax papers. And right now I'm trying to read those guys. Can you live in a van der already have a shotgun I see the guy over here. So I'm going to go down to try to get the tag on a one hit to hit theLike 6 or a damage was kind of bad but no hits 50 health and I know he's the one that I did see a pic of a big Shield try to be really careful. I don't hear and pop it but I think he actually no use the ship the full show them. I'm not aware of what I'm trying to figure out ways. I hear him, but I'm trying to get the quick killing in because I don't want him to know run away and you'll get even more loot. Don't make a quick kill in-1 tag to tak3 tag and I get the killing in unfortunately. He does take out 50 health. I wish I could have killed him earlier but no less unfortunate and right here in the early game getting his Minnie Mouse as possible is going to set you up and see early game and don't align with a lot of people and then you want to your stack your mouth right? Get the loo you want and stack your mat. And for me personally, I would recommend stacking know however much, you know Matthews for a gun by out recommend and the beginning to least. I got three times the amount a pretty rough by three people. How many miles would that be for me. You know 700-plus probably so I'm going to get up to seven hundred plus at least on Matt's know make sure I'm straight and make sure I have all the guns. I want no GIFTurn it up and make sure everything's all good do it when I go into there and another gun fights a little bit later into the game. So I'm completely stack cuz I want to have every Advantage possible right we will go for the win. You want to put yourself in a position to have the most advantage over the other player trying to take out in another big reason why I like this place is right down here south of your truck outside of retail. There is a bunch of mushrooms where you can get 5 shield and there's a there's a few Chester on your tooth is one in the truck and see right now. I'm focused on my health. I only have a hundred Health. My master pretty good. I'm right at 700. I pretty good guns pretty good math. I need to find help. So right here in the truck. There is a chess board say I do get a slurp which is really helpful next. I don't want to pop yet. Normally if someone were to rush me, I wouldn't know definitely use a Slurpee as much help as I possibly can go into the gunfight, but no, I'm pretty sure I'm pretty relaxed. I don't think anybody can be pushing me right now. So I'm going to just go get my shield up try to buy a manager that I think there's another chest around here somewhere. So try to get those bandages and then pop the slurp if not know I can use a slurp and then just hit retail.So on the opposite side, there is another truck with a chest in it. I think I like your I think I do get bandages. Yes. I do get bandages. That's super helpful to have no right now. I'm going to get the bandages and it seems like there's the Bandit I can use a slurp and that's going to put me at a hundred and hundred help. So I'm have 200 health and sew in the early game. I'm coming out good weapons, you know blue blue drum gun blue shotgun 200 health and you're almost a thousand Matt's right now if I run into anybody, I mean, they're absolutely gain their cheeks clapped. They had to can't do anything about this. They're going to get the absolutely destroyed if they run into me right now. She wouldn't go in for the wind is really important that you don't run into everyone. You don't want to get pinched by anyone you want to play it smart. You want to choose your gun fights really really smart, and I'm about to share this here in a minute when I go in a retail how I pay it tomorrow. I'm able to kill two people and I don't think I took any damn it. I took no damage from killing two people and that's all from your right good positioning choosing my gun fights, right? And that's really important. Nothing. I recommend is finding Hills like this and see how I go.And I have a really good view and razor from this view. I can see everything a lot of people that know, you know, they're playing aggressive and they want to go for a lot of kills Buddha straight up brush and the best idea. If you don't want to do that, if you want to try to get a high ground like this and I like a little Hilltop or something and try to find it and you'll try to figure out where everybody that try to find the other players doing here at the High Point. You have a really good advantage on the whole map and you can see very far and I can see pretty much the whole retail for my there. So I thought I would have seen them as she got in the port of Fort right here. I'm going to show you how I was able to put this really Werks more. So keep in mind they are in a gunfight and that's really what you want to push people bothering gunfight it kind of pain that you throw a party but it's the best way to get killed right there in a gunfight. They're all trying to give up on each other and I know it's a perfect opportunity to get up on here cuz I just got what what I'm just going to kill that. I approved opportunity gift all of these guys ran out how their backs for me which is a huge Advantage. I have The High Ground I make him Logan Street Nails. I come down. No one thing cuz you in the head. Like I said, they were in a gunfight. So that's how IGoing to push I knew he was going to be low and these guys are here and he was low I hear of healing dinkin see how easy this kills were I push at the right time cuz they were both in gunfights. They were really low. So it was a perfect opportunity to push and the only guy that had helped with this guy right here and I shot at him first. I got a lot of damage on him. I made him 250 health and then the other guy he was a one top. So that's how I got really really quick kills super easy. I didn't take any damage and right on I saw my stack mat and look how much Luther is right and a lot of people look at the entire game, but I really don't think that's the best way to get to know a lot of wins. And for the reason if you don't feel challenged people at the end game, you're not going to have a lot of no really good guns and you're probably not going to have a lot of extra shield. So you always want you want to challenge before, you know, the engine only on going to the name of 2 killed unless you know, you're completely stacked note in minis 3 medkits, but you want to push people but you want to push them smart. So of course when you push her smile like that see how much Luther was with a ton of blue.The clothes that I'll taking any damage and I was a perfect example of how to push people really really smart and get the EZ Chill on them right here. I'm trying to play the circle. I look to my left eye see an opportunity to get a shower and I'll make it a shot. I get the guilt the killing them. You have to be careful when you're shooting guy in the storm that you know, he doesn't know try to ignore completely spray you out and you don't get caught in the storm. You know, you got to pick a gunfight. Sorry I know is I had a little bit of space and cheese. I were not to get the doc right there that I would have it and not enough space to get out of the storm without him completely destroy me and ripping me of all my health the right there. I got to quit telling him cuz I had a little bit of space and now I know it was right behind them and I want to be really quick about it. So I'm going to heal up and as soon as I heal up, I'm going to push my left and try to get the killing and just like me. He's coming out of the circle. He's going to be kind of low on health cuz I think he was going to go there with another guy before that. So he's going to be the one that I want to get the kill before he heals up the last time I remember he was in this room to my laptop going to check in the storm. I noticed his eyes of the storm right as you can see in the killfeed. He died in the storm.Because I know they're in a gunfight perfect on the push can get the kill. I should have Rock in there and get the EZ telling him the once again that I think that's three or four without taking any damage at all and you're playing that right. He was in a gunfight. He just got out of there. He killed the guy and that's what I push that he would have been low anyway, but no I didn't was RPG got to hide a mission on him. So I was nine people of five kills and I haven't I barely been touched his game right? I've been playing it really really smart. No barely getting touch and that's the whole idea is you want to get as many clothes as you can while taking the least amount of damage and no make sure your mouth is high to see, you know, you're going into too many build fight just playing it smart is a whole idea of this. So right here. I know there's guys were the middle circle cuz I saw them but right now I'm checking the edge of the circle cuz I don't want to get pinched right? I don't get pinched on checking me out to the circle making sure there's nobody behind me and imma go towards the center cuz there's nobody is nobody behind me. I already checked. I'm straight. I'm good and make sure I'm going to grab C4 and C4 is overpowered.Epic doesn't to patch it shootout use it bro. I'm going to use some C4. I'm about to build fights. You already know I'm going to use it. So I'm going to run up and I'm trying to find the next team and I think I hear fighting in front of me and you know, when there's money in front of me you want to push in a try to get that third party in jump in there and see he's going for their you probably made him Lowe's right. Now. I have to push up as fast as I can because I want to push him before I know right? I to get to kill and before he was up there, you know, that's the time you want to get there. And are you only going to the gunfight, you know, how both of them focus on you? So you just play it smart and he just got the killing the guy and I get them for you is right to Shillings answer get some sleep or Autumn. I'm not going down office building and right now I have an extreme advantage of the sky. I should RPG I barely missed it. He didn't really know where I was so unfortunate by me. I couldn't get the shots, and I'm so I'm going to drop down and right now I cut myself right there, but I'm going to keep going up and I want to try to get you on this guy. I know he's loading. I know he's trying to heal up no training or something.Annoying. So right now I have to play really really smart and you ought to be careful of the guy in the hill right? Even though I'm an adult bite or in the fight with this guy. I still have to worry about the guy to my left and are trying to stymie. So with that in mind, I'm trying to put myself in a position where I can get a shower in the sky will also not getting sniped in the back and right here would apply but it's got heat rash me and he pushed you out of town, but you'll barely got out of that. Look out clutch. That was I barely got out of there Supercut by me and Reyna. I'm like screw and I'm out. I'm going to get out of it and that's a good play buy me cuz I don't get sniped and this guy and he can give myself. I'm trying to get myself in a position where I can't get some from your guy. I want to get out of out of my way from that side door. So I don't get shocked by that guy. He's pretty far away. So as long as you know, I'm not saying so it's going to be a really really hard time for him to somebody that buys going to miss it or not. I'm just worried about this guy, right and I was keeping The High Ground this guy is booked up. He's over the drop and then he popped the drop and you trying to say I think you still trying to heal up from you from the gun fights.I'm worried about the other guy. I get a tag open. The only thing I can do right now is not get shot by the guy on top of the mountain and you may be just us guys Matt try to make a plate and I do something I don't have any more C4, but I don't want to run over to him cuz like he was a good player too. If I were to run over to him no jump on top of him. He's going to edit me down and put a trap and this guy he actually comes out. I barely missed my RPG. You're right on like I'm like screw it. I have to go for the gunfight know how to do a jump on top of them you in the gunfire right now if I run out of math cuz I don't want to break them. I'm at so we know I'm sure I could use our PG and he's coming down really hard fight. But once again as you can see, I took no damage. I've taken no damage since the first guy ever shot at to write your iPhone 5 consecutive kills without taking any damage from anybody and that's how you want to play right now. I'm pretty set.I've no MaxHealth attend minis. My master pretty good 700 to 800 brake. I can use a little bit more would but not going to be tomorrow. Look at this dude kicking for too long pink pop them in the head. That's what he gets for a third party in the other gun fight and the dude spectating me. So I made him a little jig know make sure he feels it make sure he thought that had shot bra should record it and send it to him to like, I don't know I do with annoying right here one V1 this guy spring on me. So I notice is a sprayer. So I have to play a little bit smarter. I have to make sure you know, a lot of my buildings are connected to this guy's going to shoot me out. And right now he drop down. I have a big Advantage right now. Can I have your math? I have good health. I have no good ones. I want it right now. I'm just going to make sure this guy can get a shot of me and you'll keep The High Ground on them and then just keep this guy below me that I have to be careful when you're done at this high that he's not going to be shooting you out. So I'm going to be careful. I noticed a circle is going to move soon to Wylie can get an early rotation on the next Circle. So I'm going to backup go get myself some room cuz I don't think he knows I'm over here.So we going to be over there looking for me and I'm going to be over here and I'm going to look up for the guy. I see him over there. He still think I'm up there bro. I'm completely clueless three things. I'm over there. I get some tags on them. I call for a beach. I'm bad bro. I'm trash on the artist who I'm going to ignore keep building up and look I just cut myself being with you. Honestly, I was just struggling right now and I didn't know what I was doing. Let me just build up and I see this guy he had to come down the server going to push him out. I seem to my right and I'm being careful not to pick 2 hours and it's got a cyber little peek go. Take care and I get the killing in Gigi their ego aside from my fall damage. I didn't take any damage to the past seven players. I went to go inside with just from picking my gun fights right and pushing them when they were in gunfights and when I can have in a complete Advantage no MaxHealth, no modern materials good guns. I put myself in a really good position to win the gunfight in Oregon that is going to wrap it up for the video. I hope you guys enjoy. Hope you have learned something.If you guys did make sure you hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you're new and make sure my post notifications to get notified every single new video hit our guys. I'll see you in the next video.


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