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How To Ramp Rush 101 | Fortnite Guide

How To Ramp Rush 101 | Fortnite Guide

You say you have the pump for the heavy shotgun you can put that right next to that tack. That's a great great ramp Rush combo. So as far as Loadout goes you can of course, you can always have an RPG and you can slam dunk over the top of somebody's head with an RPG just ran it down on them. But a great ramp Rush combo is you rush on up and then you whip out either. You're a Arthur far away or if they're closed up. You can pop down some shocking shots right over the top of their head and depending on the player. It's it's very hard for them to respond to so I'm getting up plenty of maths and we're going to have to be set for doing some rap brushes here and hopefully I can show you guys exactly what I'm talking about. I'm what you should be doing on your aunt brushes and what situations you should be ramp rushing to it's all right here guys, of course as with ramp rushing you're going to want to bring out that ramp I use the ceiling if you use the stairs, of course, you can do that. But let me tell you what this ramp Rush is really hard unless you're using a seal.This is my first game on so this might be a little rusty but what you want to do, I'll show you in slow motion is Right trigger right trigger are 2 on Playstation 4 and whatever it is on PC and then so you so I went right trigger right trigger. I put two stairs down right here stare stare and then you're going to switch your wall and then switch back to your stairs switch your wall switch back to your stairs switch your Walston switch back to you stare as you can see, let me kind of demonstrated you saw I was going from so I went right to left. Then you go wall.Some went right to left with stairs and you go left to right with wall right to left left to right. There we go right there as you can see. I got multiple layers with me on this ramp rush and it works out like a charm many times. I love this build. I just wasted a ton of resources and it does eat up a lot. If you double ramp it eats up a lot. You can also single ramp it but I'd love to go for that double. It's just extra security. And if you're shooting somebody here, you can duck underneath and then go to this side if they're shooting up that side. So that is it in slow-mo. I'm going to try to show you guys more and fast-paced, but that's that's my standard ramp rush and then of course, if you're at the end of the game, you got a lot of math you can add stairs underneath the stairs. You can have floors underneath as well to just add more security. I don't typically do that because it heats up a lot of resources, but it can be a good strategy why use a wall at all so great question.So I just got a question guys that said why use a wall when you do this. So why use a wall? Why do you need a wall along? Well, if I could build a wall that would help but why build a wall with this the key is that way you have two layers between you and the person they you can shoot out one ramp just like that giving that additional layer between you helps so much. They have to waste so much more ammo and a lot of times that allow your ramp to fully get built before the wall gets built so that way they're shooting the wall your amp is going to be fully built and it's going to take them way more ammo to shoot you down and give you way more time to react to whatever your opponent's doing. The key in this game is have how do you react to when you're dealing with an opponent? And if you can do something like ramp wall that would give you more time your golden your golden. That's why it's so key. It gives you more time to react in a lot of times since your ramp rushing. It'll give you that High Ground to I see this guy up here instead of the stack.But yeah. What's not good? What we're going to get to see you this a little bit and action here. CC the ramp Rush gave me that High Ground I saw where he was camping out. He didn't build up normally a good player would be building up back at me. He did not and gave me that easy pick for the head shot. So there you go. There's an example of the ramp Rush right there live example by moving towards a circle little bit there only six people left. I do have nine nine nine would so typically a great thing I like to do is build like this and that's why you're jumping from ramp to ramp somebody trying to shoot you a lot of times a ramp can protect you so it's actually really nice really nice. Who's your favorite fortnite player me, of course not joking. I really like ninja then. I don't know. I like so many other YouTubers. It's hard to pick just one like that. There's so many guys that I respect as a content creator that do such a good job. And it's hard to it's hard to just pick one man. Like there's so many guys. I wish we had it's good to content as what they make is like some guys just do a stand-up cup. Oh, no. Oh, no. I just got trapped out in the storm. So you guys notice how I'm building up and I just keep building ramps in between him and I it's really making a mad and it's helping me get that High Ground. I could actually Focus up and hit my shots. Are we go I see I see that ramp rushing 101. I have below ground there. I I put that really bad at the start but the key is to keep ramp rushing get yourself that high ground and wall off the opponent at the same time. You can't just Ram price. You can't just go up. You gotta be ready. I'll give you guys saw I would build up and then I build ramps like that. So he was on that side and the walls would cut him off and he couldn't shoot me whenever I do that. So that's the that's a big is key with that right there is you got it. You got a wall off the opponent. Don't get don't even take the chance. Yeah. Sure. You guys are shotgun God then I'm sure I'm sure you guys play really well and but I miss shotgun shots. I'm just numb a lot. And if you want them off, you don't even give them the chance. If you guys saw that guy pump to my wall like five times you got to you got to put that wall there. So like you're building up turn up and you build that right there. Let's say the guy was on that side and you saw he did not react to that very well and he got really demoralize and then he made mistakes big mistakes there at the end at Hawk Vision guys. It's Don't feel bad. I cool. He's building. That's great. This is a ramp is a key ramp rush time. He sees me I'ma start I'mma start doing my Approach. May I get the approach going? I'm trying to get The High Ground on them. And there's a key. You guys saw me like I told that wall and built up this way this way if he shoots this and I'll fall right back down on my previous ramp. I just got is actually pretty good. So it might be a little cautious here. We did a decent amount of damage right there with that one. Reload, please. Hey, are you see how we have The High Ground the shots, really aren't that hard to hit and clean them up easy. So as you see right there, let me just do it instant. Replay. This is ESPN playing fortnite Esports baby. So he's all Tramp Tramp. I moved up this way and I build a ramp down here so we can choose Lynyrd linearly shoot my rap. Do you have to shoot these ones over here? But the base was over here. You didn't know about that and then I built my way over here put walls in front of these ramps made it very hard for him to shoot down where I was and then wall ramp wall ramp I could have well rant over here too. But that would have put me over three tiles and would have made the fall take fall damage. So what I did was build a wall right here. So I built the wall right here. Okay right here and then I switched to ramp and I built myself up like this that way if he shoots this down, I'll just fall right back down on my ramp right here without taking any fall damage and I can keep the attack going on to me from that far. It's usually a key indicator that he's a noob. countering the ramp Rush He didn't build a wall in front of his ramp right there at the start easy to shoot it out. They're going to follow the ground and I could be ready cuz they're going to have the ramps up boom down easy peasy. A person wasn't very good. So I know not the best example, but hopefully we get a good vibe from this start Voyager over here. Looks like he knows what he's doing. There we go. Yeah, he knows what he's doing. He knows he's not a rookie. So when the initial assault coming on you don't have to necessarily keep building ramps. You can just you can just Goodbye, are y'all all right. So like I was saying you don't have to initially build ramps. You can just build walls here while they're shooting at you. Just keep building them. They're going to waste ammo and once they're reloading that's when you build yourself back up. Like he saw me do he charged in I saw he was in don't don't rent. Okay. This is I should have talked about this from the very beginning don't ramp Rush with metal metal can be shot down so quick. Yes, it's the strongest one when it gets fully built, but it rarely gets fully built. So don't wrap dress with that. Don't do it. Just don't do it. I can you saw how fast I shot that down. He became phone down so fast.


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